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Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016 So Many Miracles and Blessings

Well good afternoon family and friends!
This week has been one of my favorites by far. So many miracles and blessings this week it's unbelievable. There are so many great lessons that were so powerful and spiritual that I could tell you about but it would take forever so i'll pick out my favorites. :) We had a wonderful lesson with the G's. We followed up with her from the last lesson we had about the Holy Ghost. We committed her to read a couple of scriptures and to pray over certain things. She ended up not doing it sadly but we prayed with her and it was such a good experience. She felt so good, but she still couldn't understand the concern that she had determining whether the spirit was putting thoughts into her head or if it were just hers. I don't know if you remember this or not dad but I had the same question and I asked you! It really is a sincere question so I commend her for her real intent to know. We showed her a couple of Mormon Messages that talk about the spirit and other people's experiences with the spirit. Her son was crying and she was feeling the spirit so strongly! It was such a great lesson. We had a lesson with Erro the other day. He is from the Caribbean and he is married and has two little kids. He has the most real intent i have ever seen in my life. This is the guy who loves the bible! He's so nice! He had read Mosiah, 3 Nephi, and Mormon when we arrived!! If there is something that makes a missionary happy it's when someone goes above and beyond with the commitments you leave with them! lol he also may have the most intent i've ever seen but he also has the most questions out everybody i've met lol. To some it up, he wants to "join the Mormon Church" and he wants to start coming to church every week. We left him a card and told him that all of your answers can be answered here haha. Gave him a couple of scriptures in the bible that talk about the Book of Mormon. And he asked if he could start from the beginning of The Book of Mormon and so we of course said YES!!! He has a lot of homework to do but he is so very excited! This last sunday was the best turn out ever! I got a last minute call to talk at church and so I threw something together and talked for about 15 minutes about President Uchtdorf's talk about Not sleeping Through the Restoration. It's such a good talk, and I would recommend it. :) Anyway, 8 of our less active members showed up to church!!! We were shocked to see like half of them!!! One of them was a sister who said that she wants to start coming to church every week and would love us to come by and teach her the lessons. She hasn't been active since age 18! She has a nonmember husband and daughter who loved church! So we are pretty much going to baptize them! A couple of less actives who showed up told us that they want to start coming to church from now on!!!!!! Holy cow it feels so good to hear that from our less actives. Brother Jones who hasn't come out to church for a long time wants to be a better example to his family and wants to attend the temple by the end of this year!!!! lol also a member invited a family out to church!!! We were so pumped!!! They said that they really enjoyed church and want to start coming every week. Something that shocked me was when the father of the family told me that something I said in my talk really opened up his eyes and he started crying. The Gospel is True! haha Holy cow ok ok what next? So we were dropping by some less actives in the ward and we decided to stop by to see a particular person. He wasn't home but someone yelled from inside to come in, so i barged in lol. Definitely not going to let that go haha and their was a bigger fella sitting on a couch watching tv! Anyway he told us to sit down and we had a great discussion. He was part of the Hell's Angels. I'll try to sum up what he's been through: He's been shot 3 times, been in jail most of his life, his son died in Afghanistan, he's gone into a building with a bunch of other members of the gang with two grenades and threatened all of them because they stole all of his money. He pulled out two glocks and shot up a police car after police started shooting at him! There were so many other stories lol. This guy has completely changed his life around. His story brought tears to my eyes. He's found God, loves the Gospel, wants to be baptized, and he was sooo excited to read the Book of Mormon. I told him about how Jesus Christ appeared to the people in the Americas and he just lit up and couldn't believe it! This guy is so sweet and nice! I loved listening to his stories and how he changed his whole life around and found God!  Transfers were yesterday.... drum roll please... i'm staying!!!! We all figured though, i'm stuck in the north for heavens sake. Elder H though.... he's been here for 6 months and it's pretty much unheard of that you stay for longer. So, he is also staying lol! SURPRISE!! we were so pumped that we are staying, the area is progressing and the companionship is golden! Elder M left sadly but one of my favorite people in this zone became zone leader and now is in the ice castle. so pretty much three of some of my favorite people are in the ice castle... we'll see how that goes. haha anyway I love you guys a ton. The Atonement is a real thing. Jesus Christ suffered for all of us, not only our sins but all of the afflictions and heartaches we experience. I have seen other people change for the better because of the Atonement and it's amazing. I've used the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ and it's changed me. I know this to be true because I have experienced the true joy that comes from it. God Bless you all and have a wonderful week! Thanks for the cute pictures guys and wonderful emails and letters! Much appreciated. 
Jojonator, cocojo, Elder Beddes 

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