Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 25, 2016 The Undeniable, Soft Spoken, Heart Warming, and Mind Calming Holy Ghost

Well hello there! 
I'll go ahead and answer the questions that you guys asked first! I'm getting a lot of glory from going out and working! It's pretty rewarding when you look for the blessings and miracles of each day! We cover a branch in Manatullin Island but we usually go to the Sudbury Ward! I'm not sure how long the church has been here in Sudbury, i'll ask! Average sacrament meeting attendance is 112. :) We did get a new ZL, his name is Elder Bengzten! He's really funny and we get along very well! He only has a couple of months left. I do still have my gps momma and i'll put my name on it! Elder Herbert is the designated driver but sometimes I drive depending on the circumstance. Sounds like sports is going well, i'm sorry to hear that you got a fat lip M!! Don't give up and keep being tough! I'm sorry that you got Christensen, Brooke, as a drivers coordinator haha but it shouldn't be a big deal especially if you have friends you are going with! Alright now for the week! It was a slower week sadly but there were still miracles that happened! Sunday we had the H's come out and also brother j! We were planning on having a ton more people coming out but something got in the way. Stupid satan (see how I didn't capitalize his name? He doesn't deserve it capitalized! Grandma Beddes taught me that one!) Turns out that we are working with three couples that are wanting to be baptized but they have to be married first!! Can you believe that? lol six potential baptisms but they first have to get married! My favorite miracle this week was finding Alyssa. We were going through our new ward directory and we notices someone that we haven't gone by or called that was new on there. So we called her and we asked if we could come by sometime. She asked if we were missionaries in Ottawa and so we said no! So we meet her at a public library. She's 22, she joined the church only a couple of years ago in Ottawa! She went less active a couple of months before she moved to Sudbury just last year and the whole time she has been here she never knew there was an lds church. Funny thing was when we called her she was really feeling down and really felt like she needed a spiritual boost and lo and behold she gets a call from the missionaries! She's so sweet! She's had a couple of set backs that have really weakened her testimony but when we were teaching her about the Atonement of Jesus Christ she had a boost of confidence and faith to press forward. She came out to church with us for the first time in a long time and she loved it! She wants to start coming out every week and wants to meet every week at the library! Miracles! She's really strong and i respect her fully. She is the only baptized member in her family of three including the parents. She's joining the army as well! I'm so excited to start working with her and help her build her testimony! We found Randy the other day tracting! We knocked on his door and he answers and just stares at us while we were talking to him. He then looks at our tags and says,"Mormons!! Come on in!!" hahaha so that doesn't happen often. We were quite surprised really. i think that that's happened to me only twice on my mission so far! lol so i was a little on edge as to why this guy invited us in but he told us to sit down at his table. He said that he loves Mormons and he has a couple of friends who are Mormons! Next thing he says was, "So convert me!" hahaha so we talked to him about what we do as missionaries and taught him about the plan of salvation. He wants us to come back "whenever" so we are very excited to start working with him! Also had another one of the most powerful lesson with Sister Gascon. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ which mainly consists of having faith, repenting, be baptized, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end! She started crying pretty hard when we were talking about enduring to the end. She asked how she could keep this feeling cause she has never felt this way ever in her life. She said she felt as if Jesus was sitting right next to her putting his arm around her. The spirit was strong in that lesson, I loved it! I have a strong testimony of the spirit being present and how key it is lessons. You can have all of the intellect in the world and even the best talent for speaking but nothing compares to the undeniable soft spoken, heart warming, and mind calming Holy Ghost. I've been trying to memorize scriptures on my mission and there has been one that has stuck out to me all of these months. It's Deuteronomy 31:8. It goes something like this, "And the Lord, he it is that doth goes before thee, he will be with thee. He will not fail thee, neither forsake thee. Fear not, neither be dismayed." I think that might be my favorite scripture! I had the opportunity to bless three people in the Sudbury hospital the other day. Some had serious conditions. To have the spirit work through you is an amazing experience. The whole time I walking through the halls of that hospital I couldn't help but imagine Jesus Christ walking the same halls. As i started tearing up i thought of Jesus performing all of the miracles it talks about in the New Testament. He sure did heal a lot of sick! I know that he is still doing the same today. This church is true my friends. I wouldn't be proclaiming it to the world if it wasn't! I love you guys and miss you all. 
Forever and Always,
you already know ;)  

Car ride!

what happens in mcdonalds stays in mcdonalds

 Tracting out an apartment!!! 

anybody want a kiss? hahahaha

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 18, 2016 Take it Step by Step

Thanks so much with birthday gifts! Great ties, and everybody is jealous of the socks! haha tons of candy as well, i have to share with everybody cause i don't want to get fat! Where did you get those socks? Sounds like you guys are busy as always!! And yes i'm still interested in the journal entries, i print them off and read them and find great enjoyment out of them! Thanks for sending me them and continue please! I wanted to thank everybody for the birthday gifts that you sent me! I had a wonderful birthday! Didn't feel like a home birthday but it's to be expected! Well this week has been amazing once again! Lot's of miracles! We have never taught so many people and so many lessons ever! This area is progressing rapidly! Here are a couple of things that have been happening: 1. We hit standards once again! We've hit three times and are expecting to hit it every week from now on! The area hasn't hit standards since it's reopened! We were the only one's to hit it in all of the zone so we are pretty excited. 2. We found 5 new investigators! 3. We have 2 progressing investigators now, which the area hasn't seen since it's reopened! 4. We set 4 baptismal dates, which has also not happened since it's been reopened! 5. I can now eat green beans, corn, beans, tomatoes, pie, squash, salad, celery, and so on! lol i know. And yes I did say corn. Do i like it yet? No, but i can eat it without gagging though! hahaha Erro was founded tracting mom. He has two little girls, he is from the Caribbean and things are going well with him. We haven't been able to meet with him sadly cause he has been Toronto all week but we will be seeing him this Sunday. We did text him though and he said that the materials that we gave him have been really good and the questions that he had have been answered and everything is going well he said! So our next step is to set a baptismal date with him. We had a wonderful lesson with Jamie (the Hell's angel who was found when we thought we were going to see a less active who ended up not even living there). He has come a long way, and sadly is getting sicker and sicker. He has a big smoking problem but he thinks he can overcome it. He wants too. We taught him the Restoration and read a little bit of the Book of Mormon and he loved it. He believes in it all, and he wants to be baptized May 28th! He has a potty mouth as well, it's total chaos where he lives though. People are coming in and out all of the time. I'll try and get a picture of him next time! Victoria who is the investigator who comes to church with Dawn (active member), we had a good lesson with her. She is doing really well, taught her the Plan of Salvation and set a baptismal date with her after she gets married in August. So it won't happen anytime soon but she is looking forward to it. Had a lesson with the Houston's! The non member boyfriend and Sister Housten came to church yesterday! They want to keep coming every week! They are getting married as well in August, so then we can baptize the daughter and non member boyfriend! They are really nice, i'm excited to work with them! Brother Jone's(less active father of the active family) and Brother Devost (in active member who was active 10 years ago) have come to church the last three times!!! And they want to continue to come to church!! I'm soo happy for the guys for wanting to come back and to taste of the sweet fruit again! As a missionary, you try and look at what the people that you are working with are like personality wise, what there concerns are, what their hobbies are, what they cherish in life, then you try to do your work based on that. So for example, Brother Devost was a ward mission leader awhile ago and after he was released he felt like he wasn't having an impact on anything or on anyone. So me and Elder Herbert try and ask for tips and try and have him come to lessons with us so he feels included. He started off not wanting to do anything with the church and now he comes and feels included and feels like he is helping other people now. He listens to The Book of Mormon, he's decorated his house with religious stuff, and his countenance has brightened. It's amazing to see really! Brother Jones wants to be a better example for his family. We had a lesson with him awhile ago that really opened his eyes. He wants to attend the temple now with his family but he still has a smoking problem. But he's taking it one step at a time! We walked to and from church yesterday cause it was glorious out and we talked to a lot of nice people. On the way back we ran into Sean and Franchesica who were doing yard work. Franchesica remembers when she was 9 years old sitting with her family and with some missionaries talking about "Smith". She says that she remembers "Golden plates, and Israelite's." hahah so i thought that that was really cool and pretty impressive that she could remember that! They want to start meeting with us! Funny story of the week! We were walking to church and we see this guy walking across the street from us and we yell, "Hey how's it going?" He looks at us and he yells back pretty angrily, "We are all going to be extinct you (bad words), open up your eyes you stupid Mormons!" I wanted to say a lot of things to this particular person but i bit my tongue and didn't say a word. I just clapped and walked away hahaha, he was pretty frustrated at that. You know the world is going down hill when you constantly get people yelling at you for just asking how your day is going! But whatever! We have had some wonderful weather lately! I love hearing the birds chirping, the kids playing, and all of the people doing whatever they are doing outside. I love the smell as well, it's a specific smell of spring that really enlightens the mood! I hope all of you had a good week! Thanks for the emails and the letters, it really is much appreciated! Thanks for those that have been praying for me and the area. You guys are making a huge difference in the success of the area. God really does prepare area and people for the Gospel! I have experienced it first hand and I have a firm testimony of miracles! They really do happen! I can't see this gospel not being true! I have been blessed with so much because of the church. If there are those that are somewhat doubting the faith, i ask that you take a step back and think of all of the good things that have happened in your life. Realize that there is a God out there that does love you and knows you perfectly. And maybe life doesn't go the way we want it to and maybe it's getting tougher and tougher. And it may be hard to see God even having an impact on your life whatsoever. I know I might be a just turned 19 year old and haven't even started college but i know without a shadow of a doubt that he does love you and cares about you. He is there. He and his Son's arms are spread out to embrace you and to love you. There is always a way back, always. Take it step by step. I love you all, you each have had a tremendous impact on my life and i can't thank you enough for it.    
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helping a kid across the street from us with his car. :)

chillin in the car

Just posing for the ensign magazine ;) haha

Kind of blurry but we ate at a pretty nice restaurant for my birthday! I got fettuccine Alfredo! mmmmm

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016 So Many Miracles and Blessings

Well good afternoon family and friends!
This week has been one of my favorites by far. So many miracles and blessings this week it's unbelievable. There are so many great lessons that were so powerful and spiritual that I could tell you about but it would take forever so i'll pick out my favorites. :) We had a wonderful lesson with the G's. We followed up with her from the last lesson we had about the Holy Ghost. We committed her to read a couple of scriptures and to pray over certain things. She ended up not doing it sadly but we prayed with her and it was such a good experience. She felt so good, but she still couldn't understand the concern that she had determining whether the spirit was putting thoughts into her head or if it were just hers. I don't know if you remember this or not dad but I had the same question and I asked you! It really is a sincere question so I commend her for her real intent to know. We showed her a couple of Mormon Messages that talk about the spirit and other people's experiences with the spirit. Her son was crying and she was feeling the spirit so strongly! It was such a great lesson. We had a lesson with Erro the other day. He is from the Caribbean and he is married and has two little kids. He has the most real intent i have ever seen in my life. This is the guy who loves the bible! He's so nice! He had read Mosiah, 3 Nephi, and Mormon when we arrived!! If there is something that makes a missionary happy it's when someone goes above and beyond with the commitments you leave with them! lol he also may have the most intent i've ever seen but he also has the most questions out everybody i've met lol. To some it up, he wants to "join the Mormon Church" and he wants to start coming to church every week. We left him a card and told him that all of your answers can be answered here haha. Gave him a couple of scriptures in the bible that talk about the Book of Mormon. And he asked if he could start from the beginning of The Book of Mormon and so we of course said YES!!! He has a lot of homework to do but he is so very excited! This last sunday was the best turn out ever! I got a last minute call to talk at church and so I threw something together and talked for about 15 minutes about President Uchtdorf's talk about Not sleeping Through the Restoration. It's such a good talk, and I would recommend it. :) Anyway, 8 of our less active members showed up to church!!! We were shocked to see like half of them!!! One of them was a sister who said that she wants to start coming to church every week and would love us to come by and teach her the lessons. She hasn't been active since age 18! She has a nonmember husband and daughter who loved church! So we are pretty much going to baptize them! A couple of less actives who showed up told us that they want to start coming to church from now on!!!!!! Holy cow it feels so good to hear that from our less actives. Brother Jones who hasn't come out to church for a long time wants to be a better example to his family and wants to attend the temple by the end of this year!!!! lol also a member invited a family out to church!!! We were so pumped!!! They said that they really enjoyed church and want to start coming every week. Something that shocked me was when the father of the family told me that something I said in my talk really opened up his eyes and he started crying. The Gospel is True! haha Holy cow ok ok what next? So we were dropping by some less actives in the ward and we decided to stop by to see a particular person. He wasn't home but someone yelled from inside to come in, so i barged in lol. Definitely not going to let that go haha and their was a bigger fella sitting on a couch watching tv! Anyway he told us to sit down and we had a great discussion. He was part of the Hell's Angels. I'll try to sum up what he's been through: He's been shot 3 times, been in jail most of his life, his son died in Afghanistan, he's gone into a building with a bunch of other members of the gang with two grenades and threatened all of them because they stole all of his money. He pulled out two glocks and shot up a police car after police started shooting at him! There were so many other stories lol. This guy has completely changed his life around. His story brought tears to my eyes. He's found God, loves the Gospel, wants to be baptized, and he was sooo excited to read the Book of Mormon. I told him about how Jesus Christ appeared to the people in the Americas and he just lit up and couldn't believe it! This guy is so sweet and nice! I loved listening to his stories and how he changed his whole life around and found God!  Transfers were yesterday.... drum roll please... i'm staying!!!! We all figured though, i'm stuck in the north for heavens sake. Elder H though.... he's been here for 6 months and it's pretty much unheard of that you stay for longer. So, he is also staying lol! SURPRISE!! we were so pumped that we are staying, the area is progressing and the companionship is golden! Elder M left sadly but one of my favorite people in this zone became zone leader and now is in the ice castle. so pretty much three of some of my favorite people are in the ice castle... we'll see how that goes. haha anyway I love you guys a ton. The Atonement is a real thing. Jesus Christ suffered for all of us, not only our sins but all of the afflictions and heartaches we experience. I have seen other people change for the better because of the Atonement and it's amazing. I've used the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ and it's changed me. I know this to be true because I have experienced the true joy that comes from it. God Bless you all and have a wonderful week! Thanks for the cute pictures guys and wonderful emails and letters! Much appreciated. 
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Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016 Keep Loving, Keep Trying, Keep Trusting, Keep Believing, Keep Growing

Dear Coco,
I miss you so much. Wen you get home can we resel? I love you so much. I hope you are having fun at canida. I miss woching fox and the hounds. Wen you get home lets play hid in go seek. I have so miny things to play oh and we code take jojo for a wok. I miss you. Be a god mishanarey.

Dear Maleah,
Holy cow maleah you are making me cry! haha of course we can resel and watch our favorite movies Fox and the hound, ponyo, all dogs go to heaven, and even more! I bet you couldn't find me when we play hide n seek. ;) remember when we were playing hide n seek and you hid in your closet in the shelves and you scared me really bad? ;) hahahah super funny! I miss you so much Maleah, keep being a good girl. And I will be a God Missionary, thanks for the reminder. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Dear All,
Indeed they did call my mission president to be a 70 which was quite shocking! Everybody was so very confused haha! He disappeared for a week, (Most missionaries didn't know that) the AP's had no idea where he went either which i find pretty funny! He had to keep it a secret from everybody even his family. He found out early February apparently. I'm pretty sad about it, i love this guy so much. I don't know what other mission presidents are like but I think President Clayton is one of kind. He's taught me so much. Especially how to be be yourself when you are doing missionary work. His love from the mission and the missionaries is so very powerful. You can just tell by looking at him that he has the light of Christ illuminating from him. I'm going to miss him a ton. He's leaving June 1st. I'm excited to see who our next mission president is! We had a pretty good week this week! We wish we could have taught i lot more investigator lessons! We did a good job teaching the less actives and a lot of them are progressing!! Tim and Wendy aren't responding to our text messages and every time we stop by they aren't home so I'm not sure what the deal is with them. They said that they would come to church the last three times but never end up showing. So I hope everything is OK with them. The rest of our investigators couldn't meet and set up times for this week. We did get to see Victoria (one with the new baby). She came out with Dawn to General Conference and she loved it! It's one of the best feelings when you are listening to the talks and you know that they are applying to your investigators and there eyes are fixed on the screen and can just tell that they are feeling the spirit! We just need to teach her one more lesson and she will be a progressing investigator!!! It'll be the first one since the area was opened which was last september! So i'm getting excited! The Gascon's who we found last week(helped take down the signs) watched General Conference as well and they really enjoyed it! We had a wonderful lesson with her and her two boys who are twins! She brought up the concerns of her not being able to discern whether not it's her own thoughts or the spirit. And we had a powerful lesson on that and the spirit took over. We reminded her of the time she was baptized and the miracle that happened to her when her back was killing her before the baptism and then when she was baptized the aching was gone! Talked about the Gifts of the Spirit, shared with her many scriptures. And now she wants to put everything that we taught her to the test! It's also one of my favorite things to see that people are so willing to do there part so that they can come closer to Jesus Christ and to feel of the happiness and peace. I'm so proud of Sister Gascon! Denny is progressing well and he's getting excited for his patriarchal blessing! HOLY COW so i could ramble on about the work that we did (which was great by the way and things are going well in sudbury) but i want to talk about general conference!!!! This one was probably my favorite of all time! I feel like a lot of the speakers talked a lot about families and marriage and the importance therein. I couldn't help but think of my own family and how blessed I am to be in it with such loving parents that care about me and beatiful pure sisters. I love you guys so much and i thank you again for the things that you guys have all taught me and will continue to teach me. I want to follow up mother and father lol how is the kneeling and praying together coming? ;) Elder Ballard brought it up so it must be important! I'm so very grateful for the "Family Councils" that we had as a family, as a parent and child, and even the ones parent to parent. They truly do help. I will never forget the days when we had "Special Days" and I got to spend time with you guys!! Ever think about doing it again? I will say that the one that stuck out to me was of course my favorite speaker of all time Elder Holland!  Something that he said that stuck out to me was that we need to remember tomorrow, and all the days after that, that the Lord blessed those who want to improve!! If you stumble in your efforts, so does everybody else!!! The Savior is always going to be there with you!!! Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever!! I love it so much! We went to a less actives house that we have never been by before right after the after noon session on sunday and this lady opens the door and she starts speaking in french and me and elder herbert just look at each smiling and we say yeah we don't speak french! hahah and she turns around and calls someone and it's a ysa girl in our ward and she says Oh hey guys! It turns out that this ysa girl is the daughter of this less active mom! So she let us in and we talked about conference with her and she said that she would watch the last general conference session and she really loved the lesson that we taught her and she want's us to come back and teach her. General Conference blessings! haha she is super funny! she hasn't come to church for a long time but she said she wants to start coming out! I love it!! Oh I just got an email from my old companion. Here is what he said, " So that guy who went up to the cabin, Jeremy, he got back and we met up with him the other day. He's still super elect. He even came to the Sunday morning conference Session at the chapel.  Jeremy liked it. I think the Sunday morning session was a good one for him to watch." so i'm super pumped about that! Well time is running low sadly but I love you guys with all my heart. Remember to keep pressing forward no matter what! And please remember tomorrow and strive to keep the same feelings you have when you do something right and you taste of the fruit! The Gospel is true, and I can not deny it. I will not, and I can not. No never, no never! haha 
Forever and Always,
Colteyboy, coco, Elder Beddes

"Hast though not known? Hast though not heard? God giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increases strength. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, for the Lord God will hold their right hand saying unto them, Fear not, I will help thee" -Isaiah

Canadian Pride!

President and Sister Clayton: "We are excited for the changes occurring in our lives and grateful for your love and support! We are blessed to able to serve in the Canada Toronto Mission until July 1st. We will post the name of the new CTM president as soon as we know! We love Canada! We love Ontarians! We love, love, love our missionaries!"