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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 29, 2016 Happy Easter and Merry General Conference!

Hey thanks for the large amount of pictures!! I loved them! I really do think I could play the violin, whenever we sing hymns I know what fingers to use for each note, so I know I haven't lost it which is really cool. :) I don't know anybody that plays the violin here.. :( oh well thought it was worth a shot, it would been pretty cool to play the violin for my free time! But it's alright! I do write in my journal everyday actually and speaking of which my journal is about filled so I don't know if I should just by one here? Or do you have one in mind that you want me to use? I have given a total of three talks for about 15-20 minutes, I'll be giving another one in Manatullin Island branch next week! I've given probably 5 priesthood blessings so far, and I haven't blessed the sacrament yet but might have to in the branch! :) sounds like you guys had a fantastic week! Seems like yesterday I was huntin eggs in our backyard with the kiddos, how time flies! I was just thinking about last Christmas and I can't believe it's been three months???? what the?? Something cool that's happening is Tyson is leaving on his mission tomorrow! I'm so proud of that guy, he's going to be such a great missionary. I remember that day like the back of my hand, so many emotions! haha I remember saying goodbye to you guys and it's weird that Tyson is going to be doing the same thing! It was extremely tough to say goodbye to you guys and I wish I could of hugged you guys longer. I don't think I ever told you guys that but I regret not doing it. But I know you guys love me and miss me haha! Thanks for the Easter Card guys, it was pretty funny! You guys are the best! This week was a great week! It was a seeking out the less actives week. We didn't have much success with finding investigators and meeting with the ones that we already have. It was just a busy week for them I guess, but we met with the A...'s and the D....'s who are less active families! We helped Sister A who was baptized a long time ago with taking down a sign! I'll show you pictures of it. She is single and has two kids, after service for her she wanted us to come to her house so that she could feed us dinner to say thank you. We started a conversation about the gospel and it turns out that she is very spiritual and she loves the bible. The only reason she hasn't been coming to church is that she has done some past stuff with her boyfriend and she feels very guilty and knows that was she was doing was wrong and so she didn't want to come to church. As the conversation went on it turns out that she has some very sincere questions that she wants answered. One of them is that she is confused whether or not she feels the spirit or if it just her having good feelings and same with the thoughts she has. so we told her that we could help her found out how she can know and teach her about the spirit, and she just got so excited. I've never seen some one more excited to learn about the gospel ever! She shot out of her chair and she shakes our hands and says, "Wow, March 26th of 2016!! It has finally come!" hahah it was pretty funny but we have an appointment with her this Wednesday and I'm excited to teach her! We stopped by the D's. They are an older couple and they told us to come over for dinner another day. We had a wonderful turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, oh it was delicious! And we had a wonderful lesson on the Atonement and the Resurrection, the spirit was very strong. We committed them to come to church and they ended up coming!!! The first time in years and now they want to start coming back! The Lords hand is in Sudbury, I just love seeing what is happening to this area and the way the people here are wanting to taste of the fruit whether it's their first time or they are coming back for more! It truly is a blessing to be a part of this great work. We had dinner and lunch on Easter with the B's and the M's they are such kind families. The B's are crazy but they are very nice, they did this Easter Egg hunt for me and Elder H, brought me back! :) I loved going around sharing the Easter message to everybody! We went downtown and just sang easter songs and found some potentials there, it was a blast! Funny story of the week: We were singing downtown and we see this very drunk lady come walking towards us. She stops and just looks at us and starts mumbling, I couldn't quite understand all that she was saying but I picked out some stuff. She said, "I promise I don't drink, I just need a couple of dollars." "What time is it, do you have a clock on you?" hahaha she just kept mumbling some stuff and I gave her an Easter Card and I said, "Merry Christmas!!" Just to see what she would do, and she just looked very confused and just looked around and saw all of the snow and she says merry Christmas back! hahahha it was pretty funny! Had some more funny experiences like tracting into this crazy old lady who thought all Mormons are sex slave drivers and we have horns that we are hiding! That one was interesting! We also had Zone Conference, three zones came so it was a full house! It was a very spiritual time. We had to give an instruction and we related it to basketball and we played a little bit of trash basketball and threw out some candy! Everybody loved it, it was a fun time! I'm excited for General Conference coming up!! I can't believe it's already here! Come with questions, sincere questions and it's interesting how they are answered! I've experienced it myself and I can't wait to feel of same spirit that you guys are going to be feeling as we watch the same general conference, just in different countries! ;) I love this Gospel with all of my heart. God loves us all, he knows and he wants the best for us. The Restoration is a fact! He called Joseph Smith to be a prophet to restore these precious truths. I'm glad and it does my heart good to know that the Priesthood has been restored to the earth! God Bless you all and I wish you a Happy Easter and a merry general conference!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes coco and colteyboy     

 This is that sign I took down!

My first zone leaders. they are going home really soon and they are some the best friends that I've made on the mission. I'm going to miss these guys so much

Manatullin Island abandoned something... I don't really know.

Forever Young Elders haha

Happy Easter!

This is my game face! Doing missionary work in Sudbury, Canada!

 President Clayton: "Last week we met with the rest of our zones and had a great time learning how to PLAN! These missionaries are wonderful and they do marvelous work. First picture North York, Oshawa, and Kingston Zones. Second picture Barrie, Sudbury, and Ossington zones. We had an ice storm for the last one which made getting to and from an adventure!"

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