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Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 Dare to Stand Alone

hahah i'm glad you liked the videos i sent you! :) i'm glad that you laughed pretty hard dad, it always feels nice! Sounds like the week has gone really well for you guys! except for Maleah, i'm sorry Maleah! When was the last time you saw Ponyo Maleah? :) I will always remember the good times we had watching that movie! Nice job on your talk dad!! I really wish i would have been there, I like the title a lot! haha Thanks for the tips dad! These guys are really good missionaries and i know better than to do stupid things. I didn't even know you were an AP??? This week went by really fast!! They aren't kidding when they say that days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. It's weird how it works but it feels like i was just emailing you guys. It was a good week! a lot of finding time, GOTTA BUILD THE AREA UP!! So we found two investigators that want us to come and teach them. The very first one was a women who's name is Stacy. We were tracting at night and we saw her get out of her car and start walking to her house so we ran caught her. she works at dominoes. at first she didn't want anything to do with us. we asked her about her religious background and what she believes in. she had a very bad experience with churches about ten years ago. she was kicked out of like three churches because she wasn't baptized as an infant. and now she has a very extreme hate for churches now. it was very sad but it was a perfect opportunity to bare testimony of the true church and to talk about baptism. she seemed very interested and we handed her a BOM and gave Moroni 8. she said that she would read it and now we have an appointment with her tomorrow so wish us luck! :) went on exchanges with ZL'S  a couple of weeks ago. I went with elder moffit. I really like him, we have the same personality so we get a long really well. we were out tracting and we knock on this door and this guy who is a native answers. and he called us elders! so that kind of threw us off and so we asked him if he knew us and he said that he would go shooting with the bishop ten years ago. they were apparently really good friends but he's never talked to missionaries before(bishop has told him about missionaries that's all) so he said "come on in, come talk to my kids. i have to go pick up my granddaughter." hahah so he left and we talked to his daughter and son about the book of mormon and how much it can be a blessing in peoples lives. they are in there 20's and they want us to come back!! we will see them Wednesday! hopefully the grandfather will want to sit in as well, it was pretty fun though how he just let us in and told us to talk to the kids! It's definitely  a shock when you get let in. it's only happened to me two times! so it was a miracle! i'm getting really excited about this area! i can see it progressing! the other day were driving to a lesson and we see this older man in the middle of road! he was very very drunk, he was stumbling and he really didn't look like he knew where he was. a police got out of his car and started to help him! ohh sudbury! :) i love it here, it's so much fun! These past couple of days have been pretty warm, the snow banks have decrease significantly! the other day was 11 degrees oh my gosh it felt so nice! we sadly had to drop some of our returning members that we have been working with. so long story short Rose wants full custody over her child. The mother of Rose takes care of her, but Rose thinks that she can take the responsibility of taking care of her. The mother does not think she is capable of doing it. She got very angry at her too in the lesson that we had.  So Rose decided to get a lawyer for this whole thing and she wants bishop and us to help her. And so we obviously can't be a part of that. So we dropped them both. We don't want them thinking that we are choosing sides in this whole thing. Well today my thoughts turn to the confidence and bravery of my sister B! Way to take a stand on what you did at school, it's hard sometimes and you will even get some fight back in whatever case or situation that you are in but it's all worth it in the end. You're experience reminds me of the talk the President Monson gave "Dare to stand alone!" On my mission i've had countless times where you are have to take a stand for what you believe in. It can be scary sometimes but if you look at it in a perspective that Jesus Christ himself is standing right next you, you will find that a boost of accelerating confidence and courage will come to you and the feeling is wonderful! I love you guys, it's hard to be away from you for so long, it really is, but I know that this is where i'm supposed to be. AND I'M LOVING IT!! The mission is fantastic, i'm learning so much and I can say that i've changed a whole lot for the better. :) God bless you guy's! Have a wonderful week!! 
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Colteyboy    

Me and Elder Herbert when it was 11 degrees, it felt very nice!!

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