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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 29, 2016 The Frozen Tundra of Sudbury!!!

Such a cute lil guy!!! Congrats Tara and Dan Stewart!!!!!!!!! It's going to be weird when I come home and see another Stewart in the house! Well I'm in my new area with my companion!! Elder Herbert holy cow we are the same person, it's really weird. We are getting along so well!! He loves sports, specifically football baseball and basketball. He was pumped that we lived in Hattiesburg hahah he's never met a missionary that's lived in Mississippi! I live in a three story house that the missionaries call the "ice castle"! haha it's very nice it's the biggest missionary house in the mission so I'm blessed! Sudbury is very cold.... and there is snow everywhere literally. The snow banks are as high as me and I haven't seen any cement or road cause it's just constantly snowing and freezing. hahaha I live with the Zone leaders Elder Mckinnan and Elder Moffet. :0 They are really nice and cool, I love them to death. I hate to say it but the area is slower than the other areas I've served in. Elder Herbert has been here for 5 months and he hasn't seen any success but we are sooooooo excited to turn the place around! it hasn't seen a baptism for over two years, but we have received revelation from President Clayton that we can baptize in this area, so we are going to get it done!! We only have one investigator but a ton of less actives that we are working with!! I'm awful with names, so I'm still trying to adjust from the stoney creek area! haha the stoney creek ward was so sweet!! I made a lot of people cry apparently when I left including sister hobbs! I loved the hobbs family!! There's so much I want to tell you about Sudbury but I can't, it's just so much!! Sudbury is very ghetto, there are a lot of crazies here!! The ward isn't the typical ward..... but they are still really nice!! There are a ton of drugs, I never knew what weed smells like until I came out on a mission and I smell it all of the time here!! there were 2 people that died yesterday literally the house right next to us from a drug overdose. There are prostitutes on the road right next to ours that are out all of the time. It's a bit scary, we've met a lot of interesting people but it's all part of the experience!! We had a couple of sketchy guys offer us crack, some other sketchy people pull up next to us and offer us a ride. ITS AWESOME!!!!! I love it here though it's going to be so fun here with Elder H!! There was a lot of time this past week to go out and to find some people that want to be baptized!!! Lots of contacting downtown and a lot of tracting and we have four new potentials so that's sweet!! I change up what I say to people momma. Just depending on what the spirit brings to my mind. Maybe it's eternal families, prophets, jesus Christ, repentance, Book of Mormon. :) We have district meetings on Skype here cause the missionaries are so spread out, it's kind of fun but kind of a hassle! I've learned so much over this past week! I'm not very good at adjusting when I transfer areas and I really have to turn to the lord to receive the happiness and the relief of stress that I have and I can say that I've been blessed this past week with those. I know that prayer works and that god wants to help us but we just have to reach out and say I need help. This past week was very good and happy for me! I'm still not good with names, but that'll come over time. :) I love you guys so much and thank you for all that you have done for me. Thanks for all of the great emails as well, it really does mean a lot!! have a good week, and keep up the good deal searching at harmons and at di. ;)
oh and I cover Manitoulin Island as well. we were supposed to speak in church yesterday but the roads were icy. it's a branch of 8 active members and it's about two hours away from us so we don't do a lot of work there sadly. But it's pretty cool!!!
forever and always,
coco elder beddes colteyboy

The Frozen Tundra of Sudbury!!!

The street I live on

My regular proselyting clothes. just kidding! pday at a waterfall!!

Hobbs Family

 Some of my buddies I got to see at transfers!

 Elder Herbert

 The zone leaders, I love them to death

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