Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 29, 2016 Happy Easter and Merry General Conference!

Hey thanks for the large amount of pictures!! I loved them! I really do think I could play the violin, whenever we sing hymns I know what fingers to use for each note, so I know I haven't lost it which is really cool. :) I don't know anybody that plays the violin here.. :( oh well thought it was worth a shot, it would been pretty cool to play the violin for my free time! But it's alright! I do write in my journal everyday actually and speaking of which my journal is about filled so I don't know if I should just by one here? Or do you have one in mind that you want me to use? I have given a total of three talks for about 15-20 minutes, I'll be giving another one in Manatullin Island branch next week! I've given probably 5 priesthood blessings so far, and I haven't blessed the sacrament yet but might have to in the branch! :) sounds like you guys had a fantastic week! Seems like yesterday I was huntin eggs in our backyard with the kiddos, how time flies! I was just thinking about last Christmas and I can't believe it's been three months???? what the?? Something cool that's happening is Tyson is leaving on his mission tomorrow! I'm so proud of that guy, he's going to be such a great missionary. I remember that day like the back of my hand, so many emotions! haha I remember saying goodbye to you guys and it's weird that Tyson is going to be doing the same thing! It was extremely tough to say goodbye to you guys and I wish I could of hugged you guys longer. I don't think I ever told you guys that but I regret not doing it. But I know you guys love me and miss me haha! Thanks for the Easter Card guys, it was pretty funny! You guys are the best! This week was a great week! It was a seeking out the less actives week. We didn't have much success with finding investigators and meeting with the ones that we already have. It was just a busy week for them I guess, but we met with the A...'s and the D....'s who are less active families! We helped Sister A who was baptized a long time ago with taking down a sign! I'll show you pictures of it. She is single and has two kids, after service for her she wanted us to come to her house so that she could feed us dinner to say thank you. We started a conversation about the gospel and it turns out that she is very spiritual and she loves the bible. The only reason she hasn't been coming to church is that she has done some past stuff with her boyfriend and she feels very guilty and knows that was she was doing was wrong and so she didn't want to come to church. As the conversation went on it turns out that she has some very sincere questions that she wants answered. One of them is that she is confused whether or not she feels the spirit or if it just her having good feelings and same with the thoughts she has. so we told her that we could help her found out how she can know and teach her about the spirit, and she just got so excited. I've never seen some one more excited to learn about the gospel ever! She shot out of her chair and she shakes our hands and says, "Wow, March 26th of 2016!! It has finally come!" hahah it was pretty funny but we have an appointment with her this Wednesday and I'm excited to teach her! We stopped by the D's. They are an older couple and they told us to come over for dinner another day. We had a wonderful turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, oh it was delicious! And we had a wonderful lesson on the Atonement and the Resurrection, the spirit was very strong. We committed them to come to church and they ended up coming!!! The first time in years and now they want to start coming back! The Lords hand is in Sudbury, I just love seeing what is happening to this area and the way the people here are wanting to taste of the fruit whether it's their first time or they are coming back for more! It truly is a blessing to be a part of this great work. We had dinner and lunch on Easter with the B's and the M's they are such kind families. The B's are crazy but they are very nice, they did this Easter Egg hunt for me and Elder H, brought me back! :) I loved going around sharing the Easter message to everybody! We went downtown and just sang easter songs and found some potentials there, it was a blast! Funny story of the week: We were singing downtown and we see this very drunk lady come walking towards us. She stops and just looks at us and starts mumbling, I couldn't quite understand all that she was saying but I picked out some stuff. She said, "I promise I don't drink, I just need a couple of dollars." "What time is it, do you have a clock on you?" hahaha she just kept mumbling some stuff and I gave her an Easter Card and I said, "Merry Christmas!!" Just to see what she would do, and she just looked very confused and just looked around and saw all of the snow and she says merry Christmas back! hahahha it was pretty funny! Had some more funny experiences like tracting into this crazy old lady who thought all Mormons are sex slave drivers and we have horns that we are hiding! That one was interesting! We also had Zone Conference, three zones came so it was a full house! It was a very spiritual time. We had to give an instruction and we related it to basketball and we played a little bit of trash basketball and threw out some candy! Everybody loved it, it was a fun time! I'm excited for General Conference coming up!! I can't believe it's already here! Come with questions, sincere questions and it's interesting how they are answered! I've experienced it myself and I can't wait to feel of same spirit that you guys are going to be feeling as we watch the same general conference, just in different countries! ;) I love this Gospel with all of my heart. God loves us all, he knows and he wants the best for us. The Restoration is a fact! He called Joseph Smith to be a prophet to restore these precious truths. I'm glad and it does my heart good to know that the Priesthood has been restored to the earth! God Bless you all and I wish you a Happy Easter and a merry general conference!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes coco and colteyboy     

 This is that sign I took down!

My first zone leaders. they are going home really soon and they are some the best friends that I've made on the mission. I'm going to miss these guys so much

Manatullin Island abandoned something... I don't really know.

Forever Young Elders haha

Happy Easter!

This is my game face! Doing missionary work in Sudbury, Canada!

 President Clayton: "Last week we met with the rest of our zones and had a great time learning how to PLAN! These missionaries are wonderful and they do marvelous work. First picture North York, Oshawa, and Kingston Zones. Second picture Barrie, Sudbury, and Ossington zones. We had an ice storm for the last one which made getting to and from an adventure!"

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 21, 2016 Honestly One of the Best Weeks on my Mission!

I'm glad you guys liked the Cadbury chocolates! I have only tried the oreo one and it's delicious. Thank you in advance for the Easter card and the package, it's greatly appreciated!! No surprise letters really. Grandma sends me a ton and love it, and I have gotten one from you a couple of days ago! Thank you for it, I love that talk so much and yes I used it in my Farewell talk. :) It's been warming up here in Sudbury. Still jacket weather but it feels good to actually feel heat waves coming from the sun every once in awhile. :) sounds like you guys have had a good week! I really like what Elder Oaks said as well about being choice spirits. It should be talked about a lot more I think. If everybody knew that, especially the people we are working with as missionaries and even the afflicted in general, I think people would be more happy and accepting! Easy as that! I can't believe you are going to Thailand again! How's Atom's English coming along? I didn't know you were an AP dad! Now I feel like I don't know anything about your mission... haha. This week has been full of miracles. Honestly one of the best weeks on mission! I don't even know where to start and I could literally right a 20 page essay about what happened but I'm going to have to condense it down! First I want to start by saying that we found 4 new investigators!!! Errol, Dominque, Earny, and Justine. They are all so nice and are willing to learn more. We taught each of them lessons after they either let us into their house or they heard us out on the street! They all asked us if we could come back and to teach them more about the Gospel, we didn't ask them! They seemed so prepared. Dominque was a media referall. We met with him a couple of days ago and he has had some life changing experience happened to him that really opened up his eyes to God. He requested a bible and we brought it to him and he let us in so that we could teach him about it and also the Book of Mormon. He was so excited to hear more about the Book of Mormon as well. He has a ton of real intent and he wants us to come back and to teach him tomorrow. He's a very smart fella and was really in aww about what we were telling him, such a nice guy. We had a lesson with Tim and Wendy! Holy cow most spiritual lesson that I have been in. We talked to them about the Book of Mormon and Eternal Families. Wendy was tearing up the whole time. They said that when we left the last lesson that they could feel the spirit so strongly and really didn't know what it was but they wanted us to come back. Wendy was shocked that Tim (apparently a easy to anger type guy) was responding to our questions and was sincerely interested in what we had to say. I've never seen Tim so happy ever, they were so excited for us coming and for the lessons that we have taught them. They excepted baptism and we told them that we are going to be there every step of the way to help them. :) they are so awesome! We taught a guy named Errol who was found tracting. He's a very very nice black guy who is very religious. Our lesson that we had with him yesterday was so spiritual. He loves his bible! He first started the whole lesson with a prayer, he offered it! he said a really good prayer, he prayed correctly too which shocked me! He asked some great questions and was very interested in the Book of Mormon. This guy is so nice and kind. he's really knowledgeable of the bible! He loved it when we said that we loved the bible. When we arrived to his house he had already read a ton from the Book of Mormon and thought it was awesome! We hit standards of excellence this week!!! That means that we found 2 new investigators, 2 new returning members, 2 investigators at church, 2 returning members, and all new converts at church as well!! It hasn't been done for 6 months in Sudbury so we had a pretty sweet celebration when both companionships hit it in the ice castle!!! We had exchanged with the sault st. Mary elders. I was with a guy I came out with in the mission, Elder Lundberg, he's a good Elder. We were out tracting and contacting when we received a call from president Clayton! he wanted to come tracting and contacting with us, so that was quite the surprise there! Elder L was freaking out the whole time but I just didn't care and was myself the whole time. We found two really solid investigators with him. I've never seen President so excited ever. He said and I quote, " I'm just so pumped right now!" hahaha it was pretty funny. he told us that he could feel the spirit really strongly when he was around us and he had a fantastic time. He told me that I was a really good contactor and that I am very personable, he was really excited about it. I thought it was really nice of him, it really was a fun time with him. :) He loved talking about families with those that we tracted into or contacted. He was a baby doctor, and he delivered I think 9000 babies in his life time, so you could tell that he had a firm testimony of families. I learned a lot from him those couple of hours we were with him. I told him about Sudbury and the miracles and success that we have been having and how we were expecting to hit standards, he was so excited!! We had stake conference yesterday and it was very spiritual. I learned a lot about missionary work, something that stuck out to me that a speaker said was that Success shouldn't be measured upon how many investigators you have at church or how many baptisms you have, but where your intent is. Are you truly concerned for the salvation of souls? Are you going to go talk to that guy across the street even though you are having a not so nice day? It's all in your attitude and how much integrity you truly have and if you trying your hardest. :) I liked it! Very good week, I can't even tell you half of it because of time. But the other investigators are great and we have appointments with them this week! the house that we got into that told us to go talk to the daughters hasn't been home everytime we go over sadly. But we will catch them don't worry! Something funny that happened to us that I thought you might like was a 1:30 at night I got out of bed and hopped onto Elder Moffat right next to me and I started wrestling him! he woke up and was very confused as to why I was wrestling him and he kicked me out of his bed and hit the ground and I woke up fully and asked him why the heck we were wrestling? He of course says I have know Idea and that I just jumped on him and started wrestling him! hahah funny thing is is that I was half awake and I could remember wrestling him! Why? I have know idea but we had a pretty good laugh afterwards when everybody woke up! :) hahahahah I love you guys! I know the church is true, I have seen many miracles and blessings from being on a mission. There is so much true happiness that the Gospel brings that you just want to keep sharing it with others so that you can see them taste of it. I have never cared so much for people I really don't even know! God bless you guy's.
Forever and Always,
Coco, Colteyboy, Elder Beddes     

A Freezing Waterfall

Family Photo!

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 Dare to Stand Alone

hahah i'm glad you liked the videos i sent you! :) i'm glad that you laughed pretty hard dad, it always feels nice! Sounds like the week has gone really well for you guys! except for Maleah, i'm sorry Maleah! When was the last time you saw Ponyo Maleah? :) I will always remember the good times we had watching that movie! Nice job on your talk dad!! I really wish i would have been there, I like the title a lot! haha Thanks for the tips dad! These guys are really good missionaries and i know better than to do stupid things. I didn't even know you were an AP??? This week went by really fast!! They aren't kidding when they say that days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. It's weird how it works but it feels like i was just emailing you guys. It was a good week! a lot of finding time, GOTTA BUILD THE AREA UP!! So we found two investigators that want us to come and teach them. The very first one was a women who's name is Stacy. We were tracting at night and we saw her get out of her car and start walking to her house so we ran caught her. she works at dominoes. at first she didn't want anything to do with us. we asked her about her religious background and what she believes in. she had a very bad experience with churches about ten years ago. she was kicked out of like three churches because she wasn't baptized as an infant. and now she has a very extreme hate for churches now. it was very sad but it was a perfect opportunity to bare testimony of the true church and to talk about baptism. she seemed very interested and we handed her a BOM and gave Moroni 8. she said that she would read it and now we have an appointment with her tomorrow so wish us luck! :) went on exchanges with ZL'S  a couple of weeks ago. I went with elder moffit. I really like him, we have the same personality so we get a long really well. we were out tracting and we knock on this door and this guy who is a native answers. and he called us elders! so that kind of threw us off and so we asked him if he knew us and he said that he would go shooting with the bishop ten years ago. they were apparently really good friends but he's never talked to missionaries before(bishop has told him about missionaries that's all) so he said "come on in, come talk to my kids. i have to go pick up my granddaughter." hahah so he left and we talked to his daughter and son about the book of mormon and how much it can be a blessing in peoples lives. they are in there 20's and they want us to come back!! we will see them Wednesday! hopefully the grandfather will want to sit in as well, it was pretty fun though how he just let us in and told us to talk to the kids! It's definitely  a shock when you get let in. it's only happened to me two times! so it was a miracle! i'm getting really excited about this area! i can see it progressing! the other day were driving to a lesson and we see this older man in the middle of road! he was very very drunk, he was stumbling and he really didn't look like he knew where he was. a police got out of his car and started to help him! ohh sudbury! :) i love it here, it's so much fun! These past couple of days have been pretty warm, the snow banks have decrease significantly! the other day was 11 degrees oh my gosh it felt so nice! we sadly had to drop some of our returning members that we have been working with. so long story short Rose wants full custody over her child. The mother of Rose takes care of her, but Rose thinks that she can take the responsibility of taking care of her. The mother does not think she is capable of doing it. She got very angry at her too in the lesson that we had.  So Rose decided to get a lawyer for this whole thing and she wants bishop and us to help her. And so we obviously can't be a part of that. So we dropped them both. We don't want them thinking that we are choosing sides in this whole thing. Well today my thoughts turn to the confidence and bravery of my sister B! Way to take a stand on what you did at school, it's hard sometimes and you will even get some fight back in whatever case or situation that you are in but it's all worth it in the end. You're experience reminds me of the talk the President Monson gave "Dare to stand alone!" On my mission i've had countless times where you are have to take a stand for what you believe in. It can be scary sometimes but if you look at it in a perspective that Jesus Christ himself is standing right next you, you will find that a boost of accelerating confidence and courage will come to you and the feeling is wonderful! I love you guys, it's hard to be away from you for so long, it really is, but I know that this is where i'm supposed to be. AND I'M LOVING IT!! The mission is fantastic, i'm learning so much and I can say that i've changed a whole lot for the better. :) God bless you guy's! Have a wonderful week!! 
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Colteyboy    

Me and Elder Herbert when it was 11 degrees, it felt very nice!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016 Holy Cow, I Love These People So Much!

This week has been a good week!! We have seen a ton of miracles since I've been here! Me and Elder Herbert have been having a blast and getting the work done! It's so fun here in the ice castle! So the highlights of this week have been the three new investigators we found!! Two were found tracting! Tim and Wendy are very nice people, they are in there 40's and they have a handicapped child. They are super humble and they want us to come back after we had a powerful lesson about the Restoration. They work for this company called Zeal which is apparently really good for your health. They gave us a couple of bottles of it, and it taste pretty funky but it's good for you I guess. Anyway they are super nice and we dropped off a couple of BOMS yesterday cause we forgot them to bring them in the first lesson that we had and they were really excited to read it and they told to come back. So they are awesome and we are so excited to work with them! We had a lesson with Victoria who is a friend of a member in the ward, and Victoria is in her 20's and she just a her new born baby! it's a cute little boy. She has been coming to church with the member periodically and she is interested in it and she loves the feeling that comes from going. so we had a very powerful restoration lesson with her. It was one of the most powerful and spiritual one's that I've been in. she was just absorbing everything. she was committing to read from the Book of Mormon pray to know if its true and she wants to be baptized! She is so solid, the only thing that is holding her back is she living with her boyfriend. But we are praying that everything will work out! We had zone council pretty far away from where we live! It was about a two hour drive from where we are. half of the zone was on Skype so I think that that is pretty funny!! It was great though! We had dinner with a family in the ward yesterday and it was pretty good, we had nachos! There is a 16 year old who plays on a competition basketball team and he has challenged me on a one on one match. Apparently he is pretty good from what I hear so I'm excited to break his ankles. The ward is pretty nice, I think I could have gotten a little more of a warm welcome but it's ok. Jesus Christ really didn't have a warm welcome for the majority of his whole ministry. I'm building relationships with them though! We have dinners about one or two times a week. it's kind of hard with other missionaries in the same ward as well! haha we have been working a ton with less actives and a lot of them are progressing! We have a couple who are wanted to receive their patriarchal blessing and even endowment so I'm super excited for them! We do service at this one place where we pretty much sort out food donations from grocery stores and then send them off to poor places! It kind of reminded me of the times I worked at Harmons! Don't really miss those days at all... haha it was weird though cause it was taking me back! I can't believe it's been six months, time is flying!! There is a pretty good weight room in the basement that I can go and get jacked so it's pretty nice!! We all sleep in the same room and it's a blast! I'm having a fantastic time here and I'm learning so much. Before my mission I would hear all of the time from dad that you are going to love the people that you serve. And I can testify that that is 100% true. Holy Cow I love these people so much and if you think about it we should because it's souls that we are trying to save here! :) It's been pretty cold here in the tundra but I've been staying warm. :) I've only fallen on my butt a couple of times. ;) haha I love you guys so much and wish you guys a good week!! zip code P3C 4G5!! Sister Erickson called me the other day and told me, so thanks momma!! as of right now I don't really need anything, thanks for thinking about me!! always in my prayers.
forever and always,
Elder Beddes coco colteyboy 

PS- I really liked this. :)

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof"-
It speaks of His greatness, it sings of His love,
And each day at dawning I lift my heart high...
And raise up my eyes to the infinite sky...
I watch the night vanish as a new day is born,
And I hear the birds sing on the wings of the morn,
I see the dew glisten in crystal-like splendor
While God, with a touch that is gentle and tender,
Wraps up the night and softly tucks it away
And hangs out the sun to herald a new day.
A day yet unblemished by what's gone before,
A chance to begin and start over once more,
And all I need do is to silently pray
God, help me and guide me and go with me today.
-Helen Steiner Rice

Just chillin in the ice castle :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 29, 2016 The Frozen Tundra of Sudbury!!!

Such a cute lil guy!!! Congrats Tara and Dan Stewart!!!!!!!!! It's going to be weird when I come home and see another Stewart in the house! Well I'm in my new area with my companion!! Elder Herbert holy cow we are the same person, it's really weird. We are getting along so well!! He loves sports, specifically football baseball and basketball. He was pumped that we lived in Hattiesburg hahah he's never met a missionary that's lived in Mississippi! I live in a three story house that the missionaries call the "ice castle"! haha it's very nice it's the biggest missionary house in the mission so I'm blessed! Sudbury is very cold.... and there is snow everywhere literally. The snow banks are as high as me and I haven't seen any cement or road cause it's just constantly snowing and freezing. hahaha I live with the Zone leaders Elder Mckinnan and Elder Moffet. :0 They are really nice and cool, I love them to death. I hate to say it but the area is slower than the other areas I've served in. Elder Herbert has been here for 5 months and he hasn't seen any success but we are sooooooo excited to turn the place around! it hasn't seen a baptism for over two years, but we have received revelation from President Clayton that we can baptize in this area, so we are going to get it done!! We only have one investigator but a ton of less actives that we are working with!! I'm awful with names, so I'm still trying to adjust from the stoney creek area! haha the stoney creek ward was so sweet!! I made a lot of people cry apparently when I left including sister hobbs! I loved the hobbs family!! There's so much I want to tell you about Sudbury but I can't, it's just so much!! Sudbury is very ghetto, there are a lot of crazies here!! The ward isn't the typical ward..... but they are still really nice!! There are a ton of drugs, I never knew what weed smells like until I came out on a mission and I smell it all of the time here!! there were 2 people that died yesterday literally the house right next to us from a drug overdose. There are prostitutes on the road right next to ours that are out all of the time. It's a bit scary, we've met a lot of interesting people but it's all part of the experience!! We had a couple of sketchy guys offer us crack, some other sketchy people pull up next to us and offer us a ride. ITS AWESOME!!!!! I love it here though it's going to be so fun here with Elder H!! There was a lot of time this past week to go out and to find some people that want to be baptized!!! Lots of contacting downtown and a lot of tracting and we have four new potentials so that's sweet!! I change up what I say to people momma. Just depending on what the spirit brings to my mind. Maybe it's eternal families, prophets, jesus Christ, repentance, Book of Mormon. :) We have district meetings on Skype here cause the missionaries are so spread out, it's kind of fun but kind of a hassle! I've learned so much over this past week! I'm not very good at adjusting when I transfer areas and I really have to turn to the lord to receive the happiness and the relief of stress that I have and I can say that I've been blessed this past week with those. I know that prayer works and that god wants to help us but we just have to reach out and say I need help. This past week was very good and happy for me! I'm still not good with names, but that'll come over time. :) I love you guys so much and thank you for all that you have done for me. Thanks for all of the great emails as well, it really does mean a lot!! have a good week, and keep up the good deal searching at harmons and at di. ;)
oh and I cover Manitoulin Island as well. we were supposed to speak in church yesterday but the roads were icy. it's a branch of 8 active members and it's about two hours away from us so we don't do a lot of work there sadly. But it's pretty cool!!!
forever and always,
coco elder beddes colteyboy

The Frozen Tundra of Sudbury!!!

The street I live on

My regular proselyting clothes. just kidding! pday at a waterfall!!

Hobbs Family

 Some of my buddies I got to see at transfers!

 Elder Herbert

 The zone leaders, I love them to death