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Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016 You Guys Mormons?

Hahaha I don't know if I've ever had Lemon Meringue, but it sounds disgusting!! I will stick to the Chocolate Chip cookies momma! haha speaking of which, I made some of "Dan's Special Cookies" for Elder Brand and they turned out great!! Thanks for sending the recipes to me awhile back momma! Well this week has been a slower week for us. We didn't teach as much lessons as we wanted to but we did find a couple of potential investigators! We will see how they turn out because a lot of the potentials that we find either turn out to be not interested or they give us wrong numbers and addresses. :( oh well though, maybe they will regret it someday and want to join the only true church in the world! We are working with a returning member right now who has had some smoking problems along with coffee as well. His name is Sean, I might have mentioned him in some earlier emails. He smokes 30 cigarettes a day, he knows the church is true and we have been meeting with him every week! He committed to stop smoking cold turkey but he hasn't been able to do it. He lacks the confidence in himself and he seems to be very negative all of the time. We keep trying to help him but he just seems to getting down on himself. So we made a calendar for him and he said that he will cut down little by little!! We have had good success with getting alot of less actives to come to church! We have been getting on average 7 coming every sunday which is fantastic! We are meeting with the desrosiers tonight so we are excited for that!!! Also we are meeting with that part member family who's husband isn't a member this thursday. they had to cancel last thursday sadly. we received some bad news from our new converts. :( we called them yesterday to set an appointment with them but they said that they no longer want to go to church. They didn't want to give any reasons why but they said that they would call us back and tell us why later. It's sad but we are going to get them back!!! I had some funky things happen to me this past week tracting!!! But it's ok because they are going to be stories that I'm going to tell my children!! So the first one was we were tracting in this neighborhood and we weren't having any success and my companion(we were on exchanges this day, his name is Elder Cassins) said "let's knock on one more door, I feel like this one is a good one!" hahah so we knock and this guy opens the door and  pokes his head out. We ask how he's doing and we say that we are missionaries and we are sharing a message about Jesus Christ and as soon as we said that he swings the door open and to my surprise he wasn't wearing any pants or shorts but was wearing a thong.... and he says that he is gay. So i was staring at the ground cause I didn't want to look at this guys manhood and he said that he believes in the devil and screams at the top of his lungs "777"! and he slams the door in our faces!  hahahahah it was the most disgusting think i have seen on my mission!! It was awesome though!!!!!!! hahah another experience that we had was when we were going by some of our potential investigators and we were knocking on this door and all of a sudden we hear from behind us in the distance "hey!!!! You guys mormons?" and we say yes, what's going on? and he yells back well can you come over and preach to me?" so we walk over, kind of scared cause nothing to this effect has ever happened to me. He was smoking and he seemed a little off, mentally off. And keep in mind that this is an apartment complex and he lets us into his apartment. And it is trashed, it looked like there was a stampede that just ran through! And on the ground is porn magazines, and porn dvds. :( Beer everywhere, he's smoking, and the first thing he says is "The devil himself possesses me, there are voices in my head that tell me that i'm going to be crucified because my initials are JC. I've spoken to aliens. Do you guys like porn? Look at these videos." And he pulls out this hand held PS4 thingy, i don't know what you call it, but he shows us videos of him crying. It was messed up..... but he said that he wanted to change his life and wanted us to perform in exorcism. He definitely wasn't all there, I could especially tell from the things he said and the way he was acting. We shared a quick spiritual message and invited him to church and he said that he wanted to come but he didn't show up yesterday. Honestly I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible, it did not have a good spirit to it at all. I felt bad for the guy i really did, and i hope for the best for him! Anyway those were my worth telling experiences this last week! haha I hope you enjoyed them! The spiritual experience that I want to share this week was when I was meeting with president clayton in skills and interviews! It's where the missionaries in the zone meet with president and sister clayton individually. I felt the spirit so strong when i was with president. We were both tearing up the whole time from what we were saying to each other. The spirit was so very strong there, and words can't express the feelings I felt there. Something that he said that was very kind and took me by surprise (and I would prefer this not being read to others cause I don't like the brag at all), was that he told me that there are very few people that he knows that the spirit illuminates so strongly and he said that I was one of them. So i thought that was very powerful and kind of him to say that. And I can't help but thank you guys for raising me in the way that Christ would. I owe it all to you guys for what you have taught me. And I love you dearly!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes 

Advice From Dad:
I remember a few times on my mission meeting people that were at a bad place in their lives.  I do believe that people can be possessed by evil spirits because of choices they make in their lives.

I also know that trying to teach people or even talk to people in places where the spirit will not enter is a very bad idea.  There are some places where the spirit will not dwell and you will be wise to just leave those places, quickly.  If you go to places where there is porn or other bad pictures or where people are doing something wrong just leave those places immediately and tell the person that has shown interest that you would love to talk to them but someplace else.  There is no go reason to ever enter a house that has porn or other questionable material.  If the person is interested in talking to you then have him step outside or come to the church or to a park or to the mall.

The devil wants you to see certain things because he knows if he can plant images in your mind many times they will stick for a long time and the spirit is unable to enter your mind and heart when you have the wrong content replacing what is suppose to be good clean wholesome thoughts.

Many missionaries are intrigued by places such as the one you described but you need to remember to run quickly.  Nothing good will ever come from being in bad places. 

If someone is naked or is not wearing enough clothes just turn around and walk away.  Don't listen to what they have to say or allow them to plant bad images in your mind, it's never worth it!

Keep up the good work, work hard, but work smart!

I love you,


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