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Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 Farewell Stoney Creek

Sounds like you guys had a good week!!! Is there anybody good on the Celtics even? I heard so much about the all star game that was happening because it was in Toronto!! ahhh I love the all star game so much but hey serving the lord is sooooooo much better. Yes I believe I did receive the valentines package, thank you so much!! it was the package that had the gloves? hmmmm for my birthday just a nice electric razor, and some nice skinny ties!! haha i'll let you know if there is anything else I actually need!That was really nice of you to buy those missionaries their lunch. It honestly makes our day so much better when someone buys your lunch for you. Seems like yesterday that that nice man at the airport bought me and Elder Kohl our lunch, it felt so good! He was a nice Man! We eat out every once in awhile. usually on Mondays though. me and elder b like making weird things at our apartment, i'll show you a picture of one of the creations I made. :) we have about 3 or 4 dinners a week with the ward!! It's pretty good, better than Georgetown! I love this ward so much, I've built such a great relationship with them. it's to bad that I'm leaving! haha surprise, I got my transfer call yesterday!! I'm going to Sudbury Downtown! Apparently it's really really cold up there. it's five hours north of where I'm at right now!! I'm going to be with Elder Herbert. I have no idea who he is, but he's from Mississippi which is cool! We might be opening the area actually so we will see how that goes! But other than that, that's all that I know. :) Wish me luck! I don't like change at all but it's good for me. I hate packing too!! I thought for sure I was staying one more with elder b but I guess not! Elder brand is staying in stoney creek. I love that guy so much, we had so much fun! I wish I could stay at least one more with him! He's taught me so much, I think if I were to say one thing that I learned from him is how to be loving and kind not only to the people that you work with but to everybody including your companions! he's the perfect example of that, and I've tried to be more like him and becoming the best disciple of Christ I can be! This last week I feel like I've learned a lot about faith and positivity. This week has been one of the hardest ones for me! It seemed like nothing was going our way! I don't want to talk about it all in great detail but none of our investigators want to meet anymore, and our potentials turn out not be interested or they just hide from us haha. Some of our returning members dropped us as well and our new converts don't want anything to do with us. It was quite saddening. I remember crying a couple of nights in bed cause I just wish I could show them how much the lord cares about them and the blessings that they could receive. I wish I could just babysit them and tell them whats right and what could help them, but others have there agency. I always think about the Atonement and Christ when something disappointing happens. It's so nice to relate to someone who has gone through this. it's hard sometimes but I think I grow the most with times like these! Now for the good news, there is an excommunicated member who recently wants to come back! So we have to teach her all of the lessons and her baptismal date is march 20th! She is awesome and it so awesome that she has a change in heart and wants to come back! I wish I could be there for the baptism but I'm so proud of her! We had a very powerful lesson with her about the restoration, the spirit was so strong!! We found a couple of potentials this last week so who knows how they will turn out!! I've learned a ton being here in Stoney Creek. It doesn't seem like I did a lot to be honest and it wasn't very successful but I've grown the most here. I don't think there is anything wrong with planting a ton of seeds!!! I just wish sometimes that I could see them grow! :) It'll happen though and when it does it'll be a glorious experience. :) Oh Jeremy, long story short, he is going to his cabin alone for a month and half to escape the city and drugs. he is leaving his family and his phone to be up there. we gave him some material to read while he is up there! it's to bad that he is going to be gone for awhile but hopefully his plan works for him. I wish him the best! Anyway I will let you guys know how this week turns out and I love and miss you all so much!! Remember not to send anything to the stoney creek address anymore!!! thanks for the letters!!! and thank you momma for the ones you sent me!!!
I love you guys,
Elder beddes, coltey boy, coco 

I call it Gentile Tacos

Transfer call night

Feeding the Elders (look Ma, I'm holding the broccoli)

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