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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 16, 2016 Wanna Play Some 21?

I loved your testimony Mom! Brought tears to my eyes! I'm so glad to have parents that truly care for each other and love the family that they are raising!! I have such a testimony of the Plan of Salvation and how families can be together forever!!! I love you guys so much and am so grateful for you!!! This week has been fantastic!!! I have grown so much this week and there have been many miracles that have happened that I wish I could tell you all of them and all about them!! I guess I can start with the man we saw while tracting!! We were tracting in this ghetto apartment complex and we saw a black man around the age of 21 playing basketball outside, so I thought to myself what a perfect opportunity!!! So we went up to him and I said "Wanna play some 21?" and he said yes and we started playing and we were talking about life! He is from Haiti and he moved to Canada about 3 years ago for a better life. He actually is a JW, but he was so nice and he being himself around us and it was just a good time. We talked to him about the gospel and we talked to him about the restoration and the plan of salvation! He was the nicest and coolest JW I've ever met! He invited us back to come and teach him and his family! It was such a good experience and my type of contacting!!! ;) I dream about experiences like that, but I feel that he is more comfortable around Mormons!! And we became really good friends, it was just a great experience. Me describing experiences like I've had don't do it justice, trust me. During the middle of the week we received a call from the zl's saying that they met a man on the street that is in our area that is interested in what we have to say. So we went by and he let us in. He is around 30 or so and he has a cute 2 year old kid and is married. He is a drug addict and he just lost his job, so it's a bit of humbling time in his life. He really wants to quit because he wants the best for his little boy. He has so much real intent it's crazy. He was just absorbing everything we said. We taught him the restoration and it was one of the most powerful lessons I've been in. He said that he has never felt this good ever and that he has a lot more confidence and will power to quit now, cause he really does want to. He said that it is ruining his life. He said that he would read and pray and we invited him to be baptized and he accepted without hesitation. :) We followed up and he said that he has never prayed this much in his life and it's making all the difference and he read the things we told him to the day we met him!! This guy is so sweet!! He said that he has never had so much support from anybody and he knows that God sent two missionaries to  him to teach him about the Gospel and to change his life. :) His name is Jeremy! Miracles are happening here in Stoney Creek!! We made a bunch of cookies for the members of the ward so that we can build better relationships with them so we can build the member missionary work!! They seemed so grateful!! We actually can see a huge difference in our ward dinner calendar!! There are a lot more people having us over for dinner, so that's awesome!! I think the ward is trusting us a ton more!! Another good experience that I had was when we were walking, this women walked right past us with her dog and so I tried to stop her so that we could talk to her but she said that she knew who we were and didn't' want anything to do with us. So... I just said well alright have a good day. So we were walking behind her this whole time and the dog would stop every once in awhile and we would catch up to her. So it was awkward cause she pretty much just dumped us haha. Then she started talking to us and she opened up. We ended having a conversation for an hour and a half.... hahaha we talked about her life. She has gone through a ton. She was raped twice as a young adult. She lost her parents at a young age. Her foster parents physically abused her. She lost her husband at the age of 40 when he fell down a flight of stairs, and her kids hated God for allowing something like that to happen. She also thought the same thing. So we got a lot of gospel doctrine in our huge conversation and you could tell that she was intently listening to us. :) it was her birthday as well and she was lonely so she was a bit down. She said that we were extraordinary young men and very respectful. She said that she was very impressed with us when she told us that she wasn't interested and how we didn't keep pestering her like other religious people do and she said that instead of us coming to her, she came to us and she will be thinking about us all the day! haha so we told her that the only birthday present that we could give her was the BOM and she was so excited and grateful and she accepted it. She didn't want to meet sadly but she said that she would get ahold of us if she would ever be interested. But it was such a great experience, we definitely planted a seed in her heart and she likes Mormons now is what she said! hahah so it was awesome. We found a couple of more potential investigators which is awesome!!! Laura and Manny as well told us that we could come back tomorrow to talk about church stuff!! so I'm way excited!! Miracles do happen!! We just got to keep our head up and to have faith continually!!! There are a lot of let downs as a missionary but it only makes you stronger. I just wish that I could babysit everybody we are teaching and to make their decisions for them, but you have to respect other people's agency. :) I love you guys dearly and hope you have a great week!! xoxo
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes    

Me and Elder Brand


Stoney Creek

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