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Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016 -13 Degrees and Loven it!

ahhh I feel so bad for Grandma! Tell her sorry it's my fault! lol how did you like the Canadian food? haha I actually like the ketchup chips and the Cadbury chocolate is my paradise here! Looks like you guys had fun in the snow! I loved that hill we used to go to! I remember running over momma and giving her whiplash. The stupid things I did that I didn't think beforehand about lol. That whole L thing gave me the chills. I don't want to think about marriage right now at all!! It's weird to think that that is the next step... ugh. well this last week has been a ton better. the laura and manny thing was disappointing but I didn't let it settle with me. We had a great lesson with Cindy that new investigator that you were wanting to know about. We taught simply and powerfully and she loved it. She said that she will pray to know if the things we talked about were true! She's an amazing lady and wants to know the truth. We are going to meet with her this week sometime since she is coming back to her house in Stoney Creek. She said she wants to be baptized and wants to continue on this path which is sweet!!! Her son isn't talking to her, but hopefully he'll start talking to her since she has been meeting with the missionaries. It's a weird way to get her to talk with the missionaries.... but I guess he gets  it done. lol I went on exchanges with Elder Lao the other day, he's from hong kong. His story is really cool. He met missionaries about 3 years ago and got baptized in hong kong. He was a member for about a year before he came out on a mission. He's been a missionary longer than he's been a member of the church. He didn't know English very well at all when he came to the mtc. He is an inspiration to me and to all of the missionaries in this mission. he's soo spiritually strong and is such an example!! we went tracting all day and placed some book of Mormons and got a couple of potentials but no one let us in. But that's alright, I love planting seeds!! We met with Dan our new investigator that we found and had a wonderful lesson about the restoration! He is starting from ground zero. He doesn't know if there is a God, what a prophet is, never prayed in his life, and so he wants to know and he loved the lesson! he's in old trucker guy that has a big heart! He's going to go to church with us next week and is going to pray to know if there is a god! He's such a nice guy!! We have been doing a ton of tracting and contacting  lately, I'm enjoying the cold actually. I think people will be more willing to let us in if it's negative something out there. ;) For New Years Eve we went to a members house to have dinner it was really good. But we had to go back to the apartment at 7 to weekly plan. I woke up at 12 with the fireworks going off! New Years Day, it was a ghost town here in Stoney Creek. Everybody was sleeping in and hung over! lol so we tracted for a little while then we went to Bishops house and played some games over there and had dinner! :) do you keep in touch with Sister Hobbs momma? Just wondering. Well that's been the highlight of the week. Oh yeah.. we are going to be in a tripan this week with Elder Vargus who is a chubby Mexican and is hilarious haha is coming into the companionship! His Elder is going home early so we will be running both Stoney Creek and St. Davids this week, so it'll be fun!! :) Apparently there might be someone who could potentially get baptized this week in St. Davids. So we will be meeting with him and teaching him a couple of lessons before Sunday. He has to stop smoking and then I think he is set. That's all I heard though. So it'll be pretty cool if we taught him and baptized him! lo I love you guys so much! I miss you and hope everything back at home is going good!
Forever and Always,
Colten, Coco, Elder Beddes, Colteyboy  

*** Colten asked his Dad for advice and I wanted to post his response:

Here are my thoughts:  I didn't have the opportunity to reactivate anyone on my mission like you have.   I think the Lord rewards us for everything we do on our mission to bring souls back to him and that includes reactivation work and temple work.  

My first four baptisms were not mine they were the hard work of my senior companion.  Then I went probably four months or so without another baptism.  The lord then rewarded my companion and I for keeping all the rules and working our butts off and having faith.  I know really good people that did the above and did not have a baptism all mission or only 1.  

You have already helped many people and like we talked about last week you will probably never know the fruits of your labors until you reach heaven and receive your reward.  Missionaries get frustrated and throw their hands in the air and say it's not worth keeping all these rules and working hard like this.  It's so much more fun to just have fun.  Don't be like them.  Even if you don't baptize a soul you have already made large positive effects in many people life.  If the son of the Bishop goes on a mission because of you, you will have served a beneficial mission.  

Think along the lines of planting seeds and just helping as many people as you can.  I really think you will baptize some people but don't have mind set of I am not a successful missionary unless I baptize.  You will be miserable.  Count your successes the way the Lord does, one good deed at a time!

Love you Coltey Boy!  Choose to be happy, people will wonder why you are that way and want what you have, which is the gospel.  If you are bummed no one will want what you are selling!  


Exchanges with Elder Lao from Hong Kong

Cold day here in Canada. -13 to be exact

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