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Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016 Small Miracles

Sounds like you guys are busy as always! It's good to be busy though, it makes time fly! I know that that's the case for me, I can't believe either that I've been out for five months, where does the time go? Do you like home care momma? That's good that you are getting more patients... I think? haha that sucks that A was sick! I hate throwing up so much, I don't know if you remember but we were at Eric's cabin (our old Idaho neighbor) and I had the flu and I ended up throwing up in some closet cause I couldn't find the door to the hallway! haha one of the worst days of my life! We get weekly emails that say how much you spend on your card, that's how I keep track of my money. I don't have a lot more for the rest of the month though since I kind of spoiled myself the first couple of weeks this month haha. I need to do a better job financing my money! We both do the dishes and we sometimes clean the bathroom when it needs to be clean. Sometimes I drive on exchanges but other than that not really. I haven't gotten my gloves yet, if you sent it to the office I probably won't be getting it till our next zone council or zone conference sadly. haha I'm glad you liked the horn story! I laughed so hard when you said to do that horn thing to that guy!! That was sooo funny! I totally want to do it, but I better not. We actually were tracting in that same neightborhood and we came across that same house unexpectedly and we decided to go and knock on the door again just for fun. I recorded the whole thing but the wife or somebody answered the door and was a lot more kind but was not interested. I was kind of sad it didn't happen again! Oh well, I was glad to play a part in Pete's baptism as well. He truly is an awesome guy, one of the funniest old people I've ever met as well! This week was kind of a slower week for lessons and meeting with people but we did have some small miracles happen! Some unexpected less actives showed up to church yesterday and we were happy to see them there! We set up some appointments with them! There is an excommunicated member who wants to come back and so we are going to teach her the lessons so that she can be baptized! We have a couple of former investigators that want us to come back as well! it's cool to see how people want to come back again after some time and to be able to teach them and have them feel the spirit! We had a cool experience the other day when we were getting gas. We received a referral from church headquarters, his name is Aaron. So we thought that was cool and we were planning on going over to his house, but then we received a call from him like five minutes later. He said that he was told to call us, and so we were confused on how he even got our number and who told him to call us. Any way, he said that he wanted to meet at church yesterday but didn't show up sadly. So we go over to his house after church and he answered the door and he was acting really suspicious. haha he said that now wasn't a good time and he was putting his finger over his lips to tell us to be quiet. So I just gave him the sign with my hand of give us a call later and he gave us the thumbs up. Felt like I was part of a drug deal! hahah so we were extrememly confused about this whole thing. He ended up texting us on his friends phone saying sorry about earlier. My dad doesn't really like Mormons so I didn't want him getting furious at you. He said that he had forgotten about church and said that he would come next week which is cool. We then told him that we can meet as well sometime during the week, and he said "wait you guys just work on sundays right?" haha so we told him that we work everyday for two years. Then we asked him why he was interested and he said that Mormons are the happiest people on earth and he wants to give it a try! SO SWEET!! He said that he would love to meet up and said that he would text us today and tell us when he could meet! So really cool experience! We also got a referell from the Welland elders. This particular lady moved to Stoney Creek from Welland a couple of months ago. And they forgot to give the info to us a lot earlier. So we gave her a call and she said," Where have you guys been? Let me figure out my schedule this week and then I will give you a call so we can meet up!" So blessings!!! We had a powerful lesson with Dan the other day about God. It's really cool to see his eyes opening up! He gets so interested in what we have to say, he definitely loves us and is astonished at we do! Cindy fell off the face of the earth, so not sure what happened there. :( We are seeing our new converts tonight and also our new returning member who has two kids that haven't been baptized! So we are going to try and get them baptized and them start coming out to church! Another cool experience that I had was when we were out contacting. I was prompted to go and talk to this person from india, and I was a bit hesitant cause every person I've ever talked to says that they are seek. hahah so I thought there was no point but I decided to do it anyway. I told her something that I really wasn't expecting! It was one of those moments that people talk about how the spirit takes over and its as if you are watching and listening to yourself talk but it's not really you, if that makes any since. I told her about the Book of Mormon and told her how it answers a lot of questions that a lot of people have like where do our spirits go after we die. And she got really interested, "And asked WHERE??" haha so we said we would love to come and teach you, and she said that we could come by this week! I've grown so much spiritually this week just from the small little miracles and experiences that I've had! The lord really is by our sides every step of the way! I love you guys so much, and I think about you everyday! I try not to think to much about the past and the great memories that we had because I get home sick really easily! So that just proves how much I care about you and love you. :) I hope everything is alright, and it sounds like it is from what I've been hearing, I pray for you guys everyday! Thanks for the emails they really do help! Thanks for keeping me updated as well! Thanks for everybody who sends me emails and letters as well!! I really do apprecitate it!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Colteyboy 

I thought this day would never come where I would be the one teaching kids in Primary about what missionaries do and having to take off my missionary coat so that the next future missionaries could experience somewhat what a missionary feels like. :) flashback to when I was in primary and the missionaries let me try on their clothes! :')  

Random Picture

 Me, Elder Vargus, and Pete

 Niagara Falls does a fireworks show every Friday, so it was cool to see that! Really pretty!

Elder Brand

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