Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 7, 2015 Serving in Stoney Creek

Why hello there family,
I am glad that Grandpa and Grandma Berry are more at ease with moving to Utah. I love Utah so much they are going to love it. I can't believe Grandpa was in the business for that long!! Holy Cow he's had tons of practice!! Well you are probably wondering how everything is going for me here in Stoney Creek! It wasn't very hard to say goodbye to Elder Johnson but I kind of miss him though which is weird. Something about living with the kid for 3 months did something to me. haha it took about an hour and half from where Georgetown is to get to my new area! White lightning is pretty sweet!! We are getting along and we're having a good time! He is a very hard worker. We tract and contact a ton.... a ton more than what we did with Elder Johnson. I don't know if Elder Johnson was being lazy or just worn out cause he's about done with his mission but he kind of brainwashed me into thinking it was normal to particular things. Not bad things but just things we could have done a lot better. We could have tracted a lot more is what I'm trying to say. It's definitely different and it can be awkward at times talking to random strangers on the streets!! But that's part of being a missionary. Elder Ditty is a little trunky hahah he talks about home and girls a lot but that's ok. He stills works very hard. He has a fun personality. Our teaching pool is smaller than Georgetowns hahaha so the area is a ton slower than Goergetown's hahahah president must be trying to make me a man or something cause he sure does like putting me in hard area's hahah. There's only about four investigators that we have. Elder Diddy has only been in the area a transfer so he's still pretty new in the area and his old comp was in the area for six months and he found absolutely no success whatsoever which is kind of depressing but we have taken it as motivation to turn this place around!!! The area hasn't seen a baptism for two years so we are about to change that!!! I go to bed everynight feeling more proud of myself for working so hard and though we haven't found much success so far I'm taking it as a learning experience for me. I've come to learn that failure and disappointment is a passageway to success and happiness. Though the people here are crazy and the ward is about 120 people, I'm stilling keeping my chin up and having a good attitude!! It's kind of hard going to a new area and not knowing anybody in the zone or your comp or in the ward but I'm getting more used to it. I'm actually glad that we moved so much thoughout my life cause it's gotten me more used to change. Sorry had to log out and log back in again, the computer was going to shut down. Anyway, so yeah that's my area. Something funny that happened this last week- we went by a returning members house and he let us in. It was a bit ackward cause he was really quiet and he was working on something on the computer. Then he turns around and looks at me and just stares at me for a couple of seconds. Then he says "Are you a model?" hahahaha I was quite shocked and so I said no and then he said "Are you sure you don't do modeling? You are a very good lookin young man." hahaha it was quite weird. He's like in his 60's and is 300 something pounds and his house is a dump. StoneyCreek isn't the best area.. hahah lots of weird people. But it's all for the experience!!! The apartment is more ghetto than Georgetowns but it has a roof and we have heating so that's good!! Trying to count my blessings!! Niagara is thirty minutes away and we are going to try and go soon. A member has to take us though which is kind of dumb but it's a rule. So it's a lot harder to try and get someone in the ward to take us but we are going to try. Highlight of the week: We found two new investigators!!! Their names are Lauri and Manny!! They are awesome, they have two little kids that are 2 and 2 months old. They want to raise them in religion and we had a good lesson with them!! We have taught them about the Book of Mormon, the restoration, and about families and how they can be together forever!! They love it so far!!!! They have read alma 32, moronic 10, 3 nephi 11, and 3 nephi 27 already!!! Manny even came to stake conference yesterday and loved it!!!! They want to baptized and want to join the church!!!!!!!! They are not married though.... so we can't baptize them till they are married. But that's ok cause Manny already talked to bishop about it and they are going to get married soon and then baptized soon after!!! Hopefully we can get them married and then dunked in the month of December, it would be super sweet!!! So we are going to set a date for the marriage and for baptism very soon and we are going to keep teaching them the lessons and hopefully they will still have the desire to be baptized!!! Elder Diddy says that this is the most exciting thing that's happened here in Stoney Creek for a loooonggg time hahaha so I think we are getting blessed for our hard efforts!!! It's not a for sure thing though and I'm still a little hesitant because of what happened last time I set a baptismal date with Joe Thistle... but it's still something to be excited about!! So that's been my week!!! Hope you guys are doing alright!! I love you forever and always.
Elder Beddes 

New Address:
Elder Colten Beddes
90 King St. East Apartment 707
Stoney Creek ON L8G 1K7

Oh one more thing... Sister C is in my zone...... NOOOOOOOOOOOO Hahahahah it was ackward when I shook her hand but that's ok!! haha I love you guys!! I'll tell you more details about the phone call thing on christmas next week.

New Companion, Elder Diddy from Oregon

A nice restaurant we went too last p day. my favorite now!!! it's called the mandarin

The apartment. on level seven. there's cockroaches every where in the apartment haha

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