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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December 29, 2015 This Mission is Making Me a Man!

Hey Guys!
I wanted to thank you for the great presents that you sent again! It was a superb Christmas! I was so excited Christmas morning to open presents and then to Skype you guys! I loved the letters as well and the money that I received from Family and wanted to thank you for whoever sent me presents and whoever thought of me this Christmas! It truly means a lot!! This last week was a pretty fun/slow week. We didn't get the opportunity to teach as much as we would like due to appointments being dropped and investigators disappearing and also of course the Christmas Season. We did get to have a dinner appointment everyday this week which was very kind of the ward! I think I gained 25 pounds with how much food I've been eating and also the candy that I have! haha and yes momma we give a spiritual thought for every dinner appointment we go to! :) It was so good to see your guy's faces and to catch up on some things! I thought for sure I would go through the whole Skype call with you guys without crying but mom got me at the very end. haha the whole household (a total of like 10 people) were of course quiet so that they could hear me crying haha. We got Sister Hobbs to cry! She reminds me a whole lot of you momma. She tears up every time she thinks of her son going on a mission and is very nervous for him! I am so glad that I was an answer to their prayer, we truly do click. He loves sports and we have some good conversations about basketball. I want to invite some people in the ward to play ball but it's so difficult with everyone being so busy and our p day is always stacked. It also doesn't help with the new rule with playing sports with people, I'm still bummed out about that but oh well. I haven't shot a basketball in a long time! haha the weather here has been of course funky. I showed you guys on Skype a little bit of what I've been experiencing so it's been pretty much warm this past week. We actually got a lot of snow yesterday and it actually felt like I was in Canada for once. I think it was -4!! We received actually some bad news yesterday. We were at the Mandarin with a very kind young family talking about Laura and Manny and how we were so excited for them and their future when we get a couple of text messages from them. The messages were very shocking to us. They explained how they didn't want to continue down this path and how it doesn't feel right. They thanked us for our devotion to God and how much we helped them open their eyes to religion and faith but it isn't right for them. So we of course responded by asking the why's and the what happens. We think they ran into some anti. they were not able to go to Church last Sunday due to some unexpected family showing up to there house to have a last minute Christmas. We were trying to get into contact with them but they weren't responding at all until we got those messages at the mandarin. We think the family scared them and made them question of few things about Mormonism. Manny continued to say that Laura wanted to meet with her Pastor to talk about some stuff. They said that they felt rushed in this whole thing and feel overwhelmed about it. So I'm a bit mad, sad, and confused right now. They said that we could come over tonight around six and to have a conversation about it. So wish us luck tonight! I don't know to much about the Anti that's out there but I do know that Anti means absolutely nothing especially when you have gained a testimony of this church. I know the spirit leads all conversation about the Gospel and me and Elder Ditty will rely completely on him as we try and help Laura and Manny back onto the path to Baptism. Missionary work definitely doesn't come easy! But I can say that the challenges that I've gone through and am going through will be rewarding. Obstacles are there to signify how bad you want something. So WE AREN'T GOING TO GIVE UP!!!! hahah and we are going to keep working hard despite the hardships!! THIS MISSION IS MAKING ME A MAN!!!!   So yeah that's the news of Laura and Manny. Sorry for those of you that are a little depressed about reading that so I'm going to renew that happiness with this next story that I have. So the other day we were out tracting and we receive a message from the zone leaders saying that they found us a new investigator! This woman called the zone leaders crying. They couldn't really understand her so they were able to get her address and they went over to her to teach the restoration. They came to find out that her son was a new convert to the church and was baptized last year and I guess they got into a fight about some things and the son basically said he wasn't going to talk to her until she met with the missionaries! What I just said made it sound like they hated each other but we came to find out that the mother is very proud of her son and his pathway to Christ. She was very curious about the Mormon church and why her son was so happy. So she really excited to learn why her son joined the church and she herself wants to join. She said she's been waiting to be baptized for two years and was hoping her son would become religious! The Zone leaders taught her in Niagra falls cause she was staying for Christmas at her dad's house but she lives in Stoney Creek so we will be able to teach her so we are very excited for that! So those are the big things that happened this past week. There are a ton of little things that I could talk to you guys about that would take 10 pages but those were the biggest! :) Well I love you guys dearly and hope everything is well back at home. I pray for you guys every day and night and  I love the support you guys give me! xoxo
Elder Beddes

Merry Christmas 2015

Skype with the Fam 2015

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