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Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015 In The Spirit of Christmas

Way to go A!!!! Good job making the jr high team. It's too bad that you can't play at Farmington but that's ok!!! At least you know that you made it! haha Good job B with more playing time!! Keep up the good work!! M that is great shot form!!! You are a good shooter!!! Keep it up!! Well this week has been a really good week!! I've been working harder than I have been and it's paying off!! We've taught over 15 lessons in a week to NC RM and INV!! We've even set a baptismal date and marriage date for Laura and Manny!!!! They are so solid!!! They are in there early thirties and they have two little kids that are just adorable. The daughters name is Eva and she is like 8 months old and the sons name is Sawyer and he's so cute!!! They want the Gospel in their lives so that they can raise their kids in a good environment. They are keeping all of their commitments. We have taught them The plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, the word of wisdom, the restoration, families can be together forever, prophets and the book of Mormon!!! And they love it so far!!!! They only have one more lesson and that's the law of tithing!! So wish us luck with that lesson and I pray that it'll be alright!! Laura has been watching Mormon messages and has been reading The book of Mormon and another book by an apostle called Our Search for Happiness. It's a really good book!!! She also chats with other Mormon Moms and asks them questions about things!! She loves it so far. Manny is awesome too!!! He is a man of many talents. He is a UFC fighter and plays the guitar and is good at it!! They are both so kind and I love them!!! We bring members over to teach with us and they get along with them, so they are being well fellowshipped!!! Manny has come to church twice now and loves it. Laura has had so complications with the kids being up all night so she had to stay home and watch them which is sad but she is going to come to church the next three times for sure. The marriage date is going to be January 8 and the baptismal date is going to be January 9th so we are way excited!!! They came to the Ward Christmas Party last night and loved it!! Everything so far for them is running smoothly!! Momma if you could bear your testimony in email and talk about how the Gospel has blessed you and the family and send it to me as soon as possible that would be great. I'm going to get back on the computer later tonight and print it off and give it to Laura. If you wouldn't mind doing that, it would be great especially coming from a momma who has raising four kids and has a lot of experience. :) Make it all heartwarming too. ;) YOU'RE THE BEST!!!! So yeah that's what's up with Laura and Manny so far!! Keep them in your prayers cause the date is coming up quickly!!! If you guys have any advice for me in teaching this family I would greatly appreciate it. Like good Mormonmessages they would enjoy or good talks they would enjoy or just advice in general, let me know!

We have found three new investigators this last week!!! We taught Kim who we found contacting on a road. We met up last Wednesday at Tim Hortons and we taught The Restoration. It was such a spiritual experience. We asked her to say the closing prayer and she accepted. As she was praying she started to cry. When she ended the prayer I asked why she was getting emotional. She said that she had such a good feeling and that it felt good to pray to God. And I said That's the Holy Ghost telling you these things that we just talked about are true and the God loves you and knows you. I explained to her the feelings you get when the Holy Ghost is present. It was such a good experience!! She wants us to come back and teach her. She also accepted baptism so we'll see what happens! We also went to four family dinners this last week which was really nice!! There was one in particular that I liked the most. We went to a young family for dinner and the father was way cool!!! He was a bit fried and exhausted from working so much. He had barely started his own business and has to work all of the time and he has a new born baby and so he's way stressed out! But still he took the time to have us over for dinner and we really appreciated it. As we walking to our car after the dinner appointment I felt in my coat pocket money. I pulled it out and there was fifty bucks!! I immediately turned around and knocked on the door and they answered and acted like it wasn't their money but I'm pretty sure it was them!!! But they kept denying and I couldn't help but start tearing up!! The kindness and the spirit that I felt in that home was profound. And the hospitality of that young family even though they are really stressed about they're new work and the new born baby they thought about us and gave us money!! Blessings!! We didn't keep it though. We decided to put it in an envelope and put it on Laura and Manny's porch and drove away. They have a smaller house and they have really small kids and they needed it more than we did! So those were the highlights of my week!! There's so much more to talk about and I wish I could tell you every detail but I'm running out of time!! You may be wondering what kind of food that I've had to eat so i'll tell you a little bit of what I've experienced so far. I've eat mushrooms, tomoatoes, egg soup, fish chili, fish, pudding, onions, corn, beans, eggs, and other disgusting stuff. When it comes to dinner appointments with families, I pray that it'll be something good. If it isn't, it's making me a man. :) I'd like to bare my testimony cause I don't do it as often as I should. I know that my Savior lives. He loves each and every one of you. He knows the challenges and the struggles that we experience here on Earth and he wants that anguish and turmoil and heartache to be gone. All we need to do is allow him to do it. We must pray, we must have faith, we must read the scriptures, we must be a good disciple in order to receive peace, revelation, and guidance throughout this big storm that we are constantly in. I know that the Plan of Salvation is a Plan of Happiness!! I couldn't imagine the Celestial Kingdom being what it is without my three beautiful sisters M, A, and B, and my wonderful parents Kristie and Matthew. I'm so very grateful to be part of such an amazing family that supports me and loves me to the fullest!! FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER!!! I love being a missionary and sharing what I know to be true to those that need it. Especially to young families like Laura and Manny. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
God Bless,
Elder Beddes

P.S. I forget my cable thing for my camera so I can't post pictures right  now but I will try and do it tonight when I print off your testimony momma. :) I love you guys

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  1. Hmm. I'm posting as anonymous because I'm not sure what my google password is. Let me see if this works. I love Colten's's amazing how much he's grown already. I hope you publish your letter, too, Kristie. It's a wonderful blog. Oh...this is G'ma Berry, I'm really not anonymous ;)