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Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015 Going to Miss Georgetown- First Transfer!

Hey guys!!
Pretty good week this last week!! sister tapley is doing a whole ton better!!! She's been strugglin with the alcohol addiction just because she's been drinking for a long time now. She's met with the bishop and is going to start attending church every week with her two daughters that 9 and 14. They haven't been baptized so hopefully they will get baptized soon. :) i probably won't be baptizing them though. You may wonder why I just said that, well here's why. I got a transfer call yesterday indicating that I am no longer going to be in Georgetown anymore! hahah elder j is staying in georgetown and is getting a new missionary. I'm going to be in stoneycreek!! Hamilton zone! hahahaha i'm going to be with a missionary who's name is Elder Diddy. Apparently he's pretty cool. Elder De Pieza my zone leader said that I'm going to like him a lot. He loves sports and he called him white lightning for some reason, so i'm going to be calling him that from now on! haha he's only been out for 5 transfers so we are both fairly new!!! But we are going to get it done!! I loved Georgetown. It will always have a special part in my heart since I was born and raised there. Though we didn't baptize anyone, I still had the chance to help many people out come closer to God and the Savior. Some of the highlights in Goergetown include: Helping Charles Moody receive his endowment. Helping Sister Tapley turn her life around. Helping Joe Thistle. And giving priesthood blessing to those who need them. I loved my companion Elder Johnson. I honestly didn't think we would get a long at all in the beginning of my mission but now we are really good buds. We had a good time and will miss him. A lot of our appointments were bombed which is quite disappointing but that's ok. I really wanted to see our new investigator Graham with the really nice backyard but he was busy apparently. I'm excited to see if Elder johnson and his new companion baptize anyone I taught in Georgetown!! That would be sweet!! thanks for all of the packages you have been sending me guys! I greatly appreciate it!!! and yes i'm keeping a journal. I write in it as often as possible. pretty much everyday!! So i have a couple of things to say just real quick. I'm pretty busy today with the move and all so this is going to be a short email. Where has Tara and Dan been???? I haven't heard from them at all on my mission? I mean I understand if they hate me and all but I guess it's cool. ;) hahah also I wanted to say something to meggin. if you could send me her address I would love to write her a letter. :) thanks so much for everything you have given me!! I love you so much guys and I think about you and pray for you all of the time. Hopefully everything is going alright. 
Forever and Always,
Love Elder Beddes/Beddis

P.S- B, you look pretty good out there!! I see you have Steph Curry's shoes on. ;) keep up the good work!! I love you 

P.P.S- M, I love you so much. I miss you so much and wish you were here with me doing missionary work. Everyone would be converted to the gospel if they just listened to you!! I think about you all of the time and love the pictures you have drawn for me. I keep them and hang them up!! Keep up the good work and be nice to everybody. Remember the special powers I gave you alright! xoxo love you

Doing indexing in the ward!!!

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