Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015 God Knows us Individually, He Really Does

Today was one of the best weeks i've had so far! Things seemed to just fall in place and miracles were happening! We had a great lesson with paul our investigator who is a very slow mover but seemed like he was happier when he said that he prayed and when he read the scriptures! So that's good, we also brought a member to come and teach with us and his name is Jeremy. He was less active for most of his life and just barely started to come back to church with his mom but the rest of the family doesn't go. He is 22 and he is a great guy. He is really debating whether or not to go on a mission. He just seems scared and just afraid of the future. So we talked to him for awhile about a mission and said why he should go on a mission. We built his confidence up and told him how missionary work isn't about you it's about others. He always was a little frightened about not knowing enough and how he doesn't feel like he qualify's but we told him otherwise. He said that he really needed to talk to us about it cause he was leaning towards not going but now he said that he is going because of the influence of me and elder j! we are so proud of him and his decision to go cause he would make a great missionary!! He was soooo excited too when he talked to him about what we do on a daily basis, some of the miracles and cool experiences that we've had! And he decided he is going to go! He's putting in his papers soon! WHOOOO!!! We also had a lesson with the philosophy minor... when we went inside his house we were thinking about dropping him if the lesson didn't go anywhere cause the past lessons haven't been going anywhere really. But we were going pretty hard with teaching, so we get in and he has a list of topics he wants to discuss! hahahah some of them were like why we wear magic underwear, turning our skin from white to black, tithing, law of chastity(that one got really deep and I wish to not talk about that one hahaha), and like other stupid false stuff people put on the internet!! Anyway it turns out that he prayed to know if there is a God a couple of times!! Which was really cool but he said nothing happened! SO we said that answers sometimes don't come all at once but they do come if we have a sincere enough heart having faith not only in God but in ourselves! SO we are going to continue to teach him cause he's somewhat going somewhere! haha We also found two new investigators this week!!!!! One's name is Graham and he has a gorgeous backyard. I show you a picture. He's met with the missionaries in the past and he is christian so we are going to work with him and hopefully get him the water. :) such a nice guy, he gave us cookies and drinks and loves to talk so we are excited to meet with him this week. Dave is also another investigator. He was a miracle actually. We were walking to his house which was like five k's away and a member pulls up in his jaguar and says hey do you need a ride? We were like heck yeah we do!! we didn't say that but we were pumped. so he drove us to dave's house and we were going to see if he was home cause he was taught in the past by missionaries and he had in old teaching record. So we get there and he's like "just intime. I needed you guys" we were like sweet whats up? He needed help putting something heavy on top of his roof which required three people!! He said I was praying for a miracle to happen cause there was no way that I was going to lift this by myself and you guys showed up!! There's a god huh? hahahaaha we said yup and that's why we are here! lol so that was pretty sweet! If we hadn't gotten a ride from that member and gotten there right on time he could have hurt himself trying to do it by himself. Also he said he had to put that up at a certain amount of time cause he something going on that was important! so he's excited for us to come and teach him more about the Gospel!! Miracles do happen!!! We also had the opportunity to go to our mission conference! Elder Perkins of the 70 talked to us!! It was so spiritual and I loved it!!! I got revelation not only for myself and how I can improve as a missionary but also for my area!! It was pretty sweet, he's a good teacher and knows the scriptures like the back of his hand. I want to get as good as he is with the scriptures and have been studying them with every opportunity I can!! I read them a lot in the car! hahah .We met with Sister Hicks!! She is the one who's father died and the family relationships were falling apart. :( she seems a lot happier though when we met with her. We have been dropping off cookies and letters to her and sending her daily scripture texts to gain her confidence and to lighten her up a little bit. we went on a walk with her and it was a very spiritual walk. we talked about the plan of salvation and also baptisms for the dead. she says that she wants to come back to church and once she starts to get back into it she want's to receive her patriarchal blessing also go do baptisms for the dead. we were like those are great goals and we'll be there every step of the way! she was actually going to go to church yesterday with her non member friend!! But it was the Montreal temple redidication! so the church was reserved for those who have temple recommends. it was a good thing we told her last saturday cause she was going to bring her as a surprise!! Sister Hicks is doing a ton better though. She said that we have played such a big role in her life. She has so much on her hands and it must be so hard for her with her two little kids and non member husband not doing anything. hahaha she's a trooper. One of my favorite experiences happened a couple of days ago. So we were going over to less active members houses(which are a TON) and we stopped by a woman who has been less active for quite some time. She opened the door and started laughing at us cause she new exactly why we were there. hahah she's like look i'm never coming back to the church. there's some things that I don't agree with and i've just decided not to go anymore. thanks for coming by but no thanks. Three days later we get a call from her. She was crying. She said Elders I need you to come over right now so i can talk to you. I hate to do this to you guys since you are so young but I need help. So I said of course we are coming over we are missionaries!!! We go over and she starts talking about her problems. She's been an alcoholic for a long while and it's been messing up the family relationship and she's going downhill because of it. She is married to a non member and everything is not going so well for her. She said that she NEEDS to come back to church and completely change her life around. She said if we had not been at her doorstep when we were she could have gone down a path she no longer wanted to take. She wants to change and will start to take addiction recovery classes. SHe set up a time to meet with the bishop and is very dedicated in changing!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow what a cool thing!!!! We are soooooo happy for her!!!!!!!! God loves all of his children and wants the best for us and wants to help us!! He may not show it the way that we want it to, but he truly does. People like that lady is the exact reason why i'm on my mission!!!! I love helping people change their lives!!!! Such a great feeling and want more of it!!!! hahaha I'll tell you one more story cause my fingers are about to fall off typing this much. we were at subway and the cashier was like "hey, you guys have a really pretty temple over there. I want to go in someday. Will you teach me more about it?" hahahah even though this guy wasn't in our area it was soooooo awesome to see how god prepares his children to except the gospel!! God knows us individually, he really does. Life may not go the way we want it, or maybe it's going the way we want and we feel like we don't need him, but I do know that he wants us back with him in the Celestial Kingdom. And he's trying his hardest to do so. He has people like me who are simple and weak and are nothing compared to the glory of him that are trying to proclaim the gospel to those that need it. and we all have that opportunity, it just takes faith. Alma 32 :) xoxox love you guys so much. 

Elder Beddes

'One of my favorite pictures so far. How great is the Temple of God!!!!'

Gingerbread cookie Ice Cream sandwiches!

'My friends'

Short cut to one of our areas. :0

Graham's backyard

Visit from Elder Perkins of the Seventy

Seems like yesterday at the mtc

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