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Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 Day by Day by Week

Hey Family!

This week has been pretty good and busy!! I'll start with the first appointment that we had with Aukje (the saved by grace investigator) and we taught her the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was so strong!! She didn't know what to say when we were talking to her about the after life. She was a little thrown off when we told her about the three degrees of glory. She was confused and was a little frustrated about the whole thing cuase she is so set on the fact that if you believe, then you will be saved. She said that she is going to do her homework and find some scriptures in the bible that prove her point, so we are going to be ready for them and have our own scriptures about faith and how it needs to be acted upon. SHe is such a kind lady and loves us coming over, she is just so nice. We really hope that we are planting seeds and that she will want to act upon her faith. We are going to bring up baptism to her next time! We had an appointment the next day with Michael Spenc (returning member) and we talked to him about the Plan of Salvation too. It was kind of sketchy cause we went to his apartment complex and we couldn't get in because the whole building was locked, so we went into the backyard where we usually have our appointments and stood there for a couple of seconds looking for him. And all of sudden he appeared out of nowhere and told us to wait for fifteen minutes so we went back into the car to wait and we looked back and he was talking to someone in this creepy car. Pretty sure it was a drug deal that just went down. Anyway he came got us and we had a lesson. In the past we thought he was just slower and had some type of mental disability but the more we have lessons with him the more we think it's drugs. He seemed higher than a kite this last time. We asked him some questions about the plan of salvation and he had no idea what to say. We asked if everything was ok and if there was anything we could do for him and he said, "Well.... uh....I'm just going.......toooo..... take things". hahahahah he was so out of it. All I said after he said that was "Yeah we do the same thing" hahahaha "take things day by week" hahaha it was a fun experience. We are going to keep working with him and talk about the word of wisdom with him so we'll see how that goes!!! Guess what??? On Tuesday I remember praying really hard for Joe Thistle cause I really didn't want to just drop him cause there's something in him that I can't just let go. THen the next morning we get a text from him saying, " Hey guys, I've been really sick with my Parkinsons lately and haven't been able to text you cause my hands shake and my eyes are blury." "But can you guys help me out with something. My car is fifteen minutes away and I can't get it." SO we had our mission president go and get him and he said it was a good talk. Joe said we can come back and teach him with the mission president. We went by the other day to hopefully talk to him and he answered the door and looked way tired, so he said that he was way tired cause his Parkinsons has been causing him not to sleep. His head was shaved cause of the doctors. He said we could come back in a couple of days though, so we are going to go by today and hopefully he will talk to us!! He's back on the map. He said he's taking some anti seizure medication and he said that it's making him stronger!! Something that Charles Moody said that was hilarious in the endowment room was when he stood up and there had to be other people that had to help dress him cause he was a larger fella. He said in a louder tone, "You can dress me up, but you can't take me home!" hahaha i was trying so hard not to laugh!! He's such a good guy and hilarious! On Thursday we were driving back to the apartment and we were on the bridge and we saw this police! SO we were wondering what happened, and we drove closer to the action and the guard railing was broken. A car went off the bridge into the river!!! It was crazy!!! I didn't here anything about it cuase we are missionaries and we don't know anything about the outside world, but did you guys hear about it at all? We have three new investigators that we found this last week!!! We are going to have an appointment with each one of them this week, so we'll see how that'll go. It's sweet how God just provides them for us!!! Little effort is made, God does the rest. SOmething sad happened this past week but it was also a spiritual experience. Our returning member (Jen H) father passed away unexpectedly. She was heart broken... she texted us saying that he passed away and asked when the soonest time was for her to baptisms for the dead for her father. But there is this rule where you have to wait a year to do it, so we had to tell her that and it broke my heart. She had the service for her father the other day and her husband called us and said to hurry cause she really wanted to see us. So we went and saw her dead father and she was balling. But I said can I say a pray for you sister hicks. And she wanted to. And so I asked God to bring peace to her and her family. And she felt a lot better and stopped crying. She had me getting a little teary eyed and when I said that prayer everything just felt better. That's been my week so far! I've been working really hard with studying the scriptures. There is a lot I don't know and i'm really studying!! Hope you guys had a awesome halloweeen!! You guys looked so awesome!! Dad you made me laugh so hard, you looked sweet!!!! hahaha I sure do miss you guys. Did M get her Ponyo picture? haha I love you guys so much and I pray for you everyday. I'm excited to learn more about your mission Dad!!! 

Love Elder Beddes 

Seneca, Missouri (actually Georgetown, lol)

I hope you are proud of me Dad... I'm experiencing pain like never before...... hahah ;) 

 Locked outside of our apartment the other day! hahaha

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