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Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015 Typical Day in the Life of a Missionary

Thanks for the emails guys!
B, the plays have always been the hardest part for me in school ball. I remember messing up so much with the plays in practices, and the coach and the players would get frustrated and mad. Just remember that players get mad at you cause they want to look goood in front of coaches. It's messed up but it's true. Coaches get mad because they think they are the Cleveland Cavaliers coach. In moments of frustration just remember that it doesn't matter, at all.... that's something I would have wished I'd known a  long time ago. People forget why they play sports, FOR FUN OF COURSE. Have fun, laugh when you do something wrong. That's something Momma taught, when people get frustrated or mad just laugh. Shrug it off and try again. Never be nervous. Learning the plays will come over time. If you are really struggling, go to coaches office and have him or her draw them out for you. That's my advice for you. CONGRATS by the way, I knew you'd make it. I can't believe you met Thearl that is so cool!! Is M flashing me a gang sign?? I'm going to miss have thanksgiving dinner with you guys at our house that's for sure! I do remember Matt! He was a cool guy, is he still in the ward? I'm glad that everything is going alright with you guys!! My typical day looks something like this. Wake up at 6:30, work out, shower, lay in bed for a couple of minutes, personal study, companionship study, Blue Book study (which is a book for new missionaries), call or go by investigators for a couple of hours, lunch for an hour, go track or appointments till like five or five thirty, dinner for an hour, do the same thing after dinner, so track(lots of going to houses and finding all of the less actives in the ward. 15% of the ward directory are active, the rest aren't, so lots of working with them! Then we go back into the apartment at nine. Do daily planning, then that's down time till ten thirty. I usually work out, write in my journal, read scriptures, read letters. :) So yeah that's pretty much my typical day!! I read some of your Thai stories when I printed them outlast Monday!! They are hilarious!! Shotguns and poisoning people!! hahah that's awesome, when did you get your first baptism?? So someone in my District went home early. :( I talked to his companion to get all of the details and pretty much said he was going insane. He felt like his endowment didn't count and that he wasn't worthy to hold the priesthood. He would go in the middle of the night to a different room and pray and shout for forgiveness. He said some pretty funky stuff apparently and said he wasn't a missionary when he was talking to the Mission President. President tried to keep him out but he was just going insane and nobody really knows why. He was a cool dude, wouldn't have expected him to do some of the things he did. He was 14 months out. 
We got Paul to go to church with us!!! It was a good experience, I was hoping there would be speakers, but it was the primary program. But it was equally just as spiritual. I love listening to the little children sing, it automatically brings the spirit in and it made me cry. They are so innocent and pure, and though they may not know fully what they are singing and talking about, they truly are trying to be like Jesus. :) I don't know what Paul thought of it and we are going to talk to him more about it in our appointment with him tomorrow. I really liked the letter that you sent me mom about Grandpa. I laughed so hard when those incidents happened to him and he kept cool and calm. It's all about attitude and I really needed that letter so thank you. Come what may, and love it. Jen Hicks hasn't been doing so well. She apparently ended her relationship with her mother and sister because of the death. She is doing day care also, and her husband is always working. I feel really bad for her, but I had the privilege to give her a blessing of comfort. We gave her a blessing in 30 degree weather outside which was freezing, but she said she wasn't cold at all when I was giving the blessing and as soon as the blessing ended she was freezing! haha it was kind of funny, but a really spiritual moment for me. She said that she has been feeling a lot better. I also had the opportunity to bless Sister Sale, the blind lady, she has not been feeling very well. I feel bad every time we go over cause she is always so generous. I love her dearly, the missionaries went to her house fifty years ago and converted her so she loves the missionaries. haha I love the Priesthood!!!!!!!!! We also had an unexpected family come to church.  returning member ronald fox and his family came to church!! Random Miracles!! We are going to meet with them soon, they are so cool!! We have appointments with two new investigators that we found this past week. Graham and Ryan. Graham is a nice guy that has met with the missionaries before and wants us to come back!! Ryan who is a preacher/minister for a church. An "ordained deacon" is what he said so we are excited to meet with him, he is a nice guy, but interested for what happens! hahah we tracked in Glen Williams the other day! It's quite creepy but it was fun!! You guys should check it out on google maps, it has a ton of trees!!!! Creepy at night. Anyway that was pretty much my week, working hard, and keeping my head up!! I love you guys dearly. 
Elder Beddes

Me breaking my hamstrings trying to reach for my toes. :)

 Creepy Glen Williams area

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