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Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015 BOOOMSHAKALAKA!

Well hello family!!

How's it going? First off I want to say thank you to my father. You are such an example to me and I think about what you would do in situations all of the time. I love the emails that you send me, they build me up just like you have been for the past 18 years of my life. I feel as if we are still living together even though I've been gone for a month and half. Same with you mom, I absolutely love the details that you put into your emails. It makes me feel accepted and loved!! Thank you so much for taking the challenge to pray on your knees and with dad. Have you seen a difference? Has your faith and testimony grown? Have you come closer to Heavenly Father and HIs Son Jesus? I have come to know that the more things that I do to come closer to them, the more I want to have more! haha it's like making that first basket in basketball. You think wow, I can do this, it feels good, people are cheering for me, I want more. Same applies to the gospel. Over the past couple of weeks i've really been thinking of things that I can improve on. I've been working really hard to make my weaknesses strengths. And it feels good!! Though I am not the perfect missionary, I do feel as if I am improving. I've set goals that can help me with teaching such as reading and studying the scriptures thoroughly. Really getting used to the discussions that we have with people so I can be used to what may come and questions that may be asked. I've also set a goal to read a talk everyday and how it can help me and my missionary work. Mom have you heard Elder Hollands talk on Mothers?? I couldn't get you out my head the whole time when he was talking. It brought me to tears. I can't remember who it was but there was a quote that really stuck out to me. He said, "We need to get good and at getting better." The person that I think of when I say this to myself is my dad. He's really good and getting better at all things that he puts his mind too. So i've really wanted to work on that, I've been told by many that I am very humble. And as I have thought about this, my thoughts turn to the Lord. He is the perfect example of being humble. He never was mad at anybody, he was kind to everyone. My heart is filled when I think of him on the cross looking down at the people who put him into the pain he was feeling and said God, Forgive them for they know not what they do." Who would say such a thing?? Especially after being whipped, spat upon, and bearing the sins of the world, and so on. This has hit me the hardest this week as I have thought about him. Joe Thistle. He is still a stud. But he is really sick. As I have told you in the past, he has parkinsons. He tried to make it out to church last week and he had a seizure on the way. He was driving with his two daughters and was sent to the hospital. We were wondering what had happened because he wasn't answering his phone the whole day. That monday we stopped by and he told us all about it. His head as been hurting him. The text we have recieved recently was "My head is on Fire" "I need rest". So we gave him a couple of days and followed up. We texted him yesterday about General Conference and all he said was "I just got back from the hospital again." and that was it. He needed to watch conference and to attend the next two weeks of church in order to be baptized the first transfer but I don't know if he did. We are going to give him a break today and see how he is tomorrow and follow up. We have stopped by many times and have given him cookies and he loves us. The discussions that we have had have been on his door step! haha he stopped smoking and drinking coffee and the doctors think that is what triggered the seizure. He told us that he thinks satan is working on him when he was going to church, this tells me that it's a good church! haha that made me laugh! He is going to get baptized. He keeps telling us that he wants to!! But I don't think it''ll be this transfer which is sad but it's not important. Hopefully next transfer. I had a spiritual thing happen to me the other day. I called this former investigator that was in the do not contact pile. ;) yeah it doesn't stop me for doing work. ;) anyways I called the woman named aukje and she was so nice. She saw us the other day tracking in the pouring rain and wanted to give us a ride but we were on the wrong side of the road. While I was talking to her and asking her if there was time we could come by and teach her a lesson she said well there is not a man in the house so we can't come and teach her when there isn't a third male or another women. So I was very saddened by this. A couple days later I felt inclined to call her again. And I was wondering why, and the Holy Ghost told me that we could talk to her in a public place or outside. So I called her back and we set up an appointment with her this tuesday!! BOOOMSHAKALAKA. She is a very kind lady and can't wait to talk to her. We went to an investigators house who is indian. His name is ravi, and he is a very kind fella. He made us dinner with out telling us haha! and apparently is going to every time we come over. Let me tell you, india food is spicy.... I was crying. He made fishchilli which is a dish from india and it was sooooo spicy I wanted to die. We then had some desert called rasmati..... I gagged. Man I don't know If I can do this any longer, trying new food and all. ;) haha Christmas presents.... some nice cds. Sweaters. Oh did I bring sweaters? haha I can't find them. I love this long coat that you got me!! It's good lookin! I got your package last thursday!! Thanks so much! It was perfect timing, so I brought all the candy to general conference. I will definately do the things which you have told me to do dad. I have been working out a ton more and it does feel good. I sent grandma a letter in the mail, hopefully she gets it soon. I wish I could tell you more but I will next week. I have a missionary next to me right now who is amazed at the length of my emails to you guys hahah he says that he writes about a little paragraph and that's it. So you guys better feel special. ;) I  need a hair cut bad, so I'll be getting one soon. hopefully today! I always feel like I'm forgetting to tell you guys something! Maybe you guys could ask three questions each and I will answer them. I forgot my camera!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh sorry mom. I will have aiden send a pic tonight! Sorrrrrryyy, I feel so bad. Speaking of Aiden, I challenged him to talk to couple of his good friends about the gospel and hopefully we can meet with them. And he was pumped!! aiden is such a good guy, he gives hugs to everybody in the ward and is so enthusiastic! He's going to be such a great missionary. He came to coordination with us, and that was when he sent that picutre!! Your guys's picture made me laugh soo hard. Keep sending them to him. Love you forever and always,

Elder Beddes

Picture from Aidan, a youth member from Georgetown

General Conference 2015 (picture from Sister Fischer)

Haircuts and dinner at Sister Sprickerhoff's home (picture from Aidan's family)

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