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Monday, October 12, 2015

October 7, 2015 Canadian Life! (handwritten)

Dear Family,
A lot has happened ever since I stepped onto Canadian ground! The mission home is beautiful and we had dinner there and it was a good time! I think I sent you a picture of it and 15 others about different things, so I hope you got all of them. Elder Johnson. is doing well. He knows his scriptures pretty well and his memory is amazing. If I ask him for an address of a certain family or investigator, he'll tell me! Very impressive! He participates in the discussions which is nice and I'd say we're doing really well for being white washed in the area! We're actually impressing everybody with the amount of lessons we're giving to investigators, returning members, active members, less actives, and part member families! The goal for every companionship is to teach 20 lessons each week. Lots of talking, but its great. The apartment is holding up which is great! We have a bedroom, bathroom, office, kitchen, and a dressing room. Apparently it's pretty nice compared to the other apartments Elder Johnson has been in. Elder Johnson has been out for 16 months I believe. The church we go to is about 15 minutes away from where we live. We are suppose to drive under 2600 km a month. We live right next to the Jehovah's Witness Tower too! It's huge!! There's also a little downtown area where all the stores are and it's beautiful at night! It seems like everybody smokes here! You know I kind of came in with the mindset that Canada was going to be pretty much the same as Utah, but it's not! A ton less members, a lot more drinking and smoking, and a lot more worldly stuff. It was kind of a shocker, but it's given me the motivation to work harder to make the Ward not only bigger, but closer friendship-wise. I'm meeting a ton of people here!
I've really fallen in love with the people here! I truly care about them. We have a district meeting every Wednesday at the church with the other two companionships and talk about the progress of our areas, and we role play discussions. We have Zone Conference every three months and I had the opportunity to attend my first one a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing! It was 8 hours! Talked about goals, practiced teaching, and talked about the Gospel. I'm sure you've seen the picture! Uhhh, what else haven't I talked about? haha I have family dinner an average of 2-3 times a week. And yes, Dad, I've been trying to do the dishes for everyone but they stop me, everyone of them! It's like illegal or something it seems like! I've been averaging 5 boxes of macaroni a week which is a dream. We've also been having a lot of chicken and rice lately too. I made it a tradition that we go out to the convenient store right next to us every Tuesday and Saturday night to get a drink! Christmas gifts I want? Well, we do spend a lot of time in the car and the six cd's that we have are getting really old haha, so some nice music on Cd's would be great! Money I guess? Haha, I don't know, it's kind of hard to know what you want on a mission! It's hard to believe that I'm on a mission right now! It's like a dream almost. Or like I'm on a really big Camp Helaman! It's great, I love it. I sure do miss you guys! There isn't a day I don't think about you guys! But I'm not homesick anymore which is good. Your encouragement really helped. I do have memories that flood my mind often though, but that's because you guys are my bestest friends. I love you guys more than anything. Keep up the encouragement! I love the talks you send me Mom, keep it up!
Dad, are you planning on playing Volleyball? I say go for it! I think that's a great idea! I played a ton of volleyball with Elder Kohl at the MTC and he taught me a couple of things. I'm getting better at spiking and I'm pretty perfect at setting. Mom have you started work yet?? I think that's so crazy you're working! I sure hope you are going to enjoy it! B, how's school? Lots of homework yet? Haha I sure hope you're doing alright. A, how's school going? Sports? Keep practicing, you're going to be the Ascent superstar! M, how is school? How is Spencer? What movies have you watched? I miss you! How is Atom doing? Is she making friends at school? How's homework going? I bet Mom and Dad are busy with trying to help with homework! Haha I was looking at the big dipper in the sky the other night and it reminded my of sleeping in the backyard with you guys. Sure do miss some of the things we used to do! Well, I'm working hard, that's for sure! It's keeping me busy! General Conference is this weekend. Whoowhoo! Haha I love you guys! Keep the mailing up!

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