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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 19, 2015 Why did God give us our agency?

hey guys! 

Everything is going alright here! I'm going to answer your questions first momma so I don't forget. With kobe I think it was just a basketball card, a shirt, and a flag? Pretty much the lakers stuff. Grocery Shopping is going well! Lot's of macaroni and noodles but the ward has blessed us a lot with dinners and people love taking us out! For laundry we go to another set of elders house and they have a washing machine and dryer. And yes we are cleaning the apartment! haha it can be cleaner though. ;) We get up at and go to bed at. As soon as I wake up I go to take a shower. it helps me wake up. Currently I'm sitting with a guy that is a little handicapped in the library and he loves the missionaries and he wants to learn more. So he keeps asking questions and it's extremely hard to concentrate haha. We keep answering his questions and keep telling him that we can talk to him but he isn't comprehending the fact that we are in a hurry emailing you guys. ahhhh he keeps talking so if this email is hard to understand cause it's hard to type and to read and listen at the same time! haha so my week went something like this. We had dinner with a guy that's a member. He's like seventy years old and we had never met him in our lives, so we met him at a restuarant called swiss chalete. He was sitting in the back of the restaurant and he looked so cool with like a spy hat on and he had a long coat on and he totally looked like a spy! He was soooo awesome, he told us his conversion story and it was awesome. I'll tell you a little about it. When the missionaries came over, Bro Mclellan's wife was the only person that was home sooo she was the only person that listened. So when Bro Mclellan came home and found out that his wife and kids were listening to their message he told them that he will shoot them and the missionaries if they every came back. He said he didn't know what came over him, it wasn't normal that he said what he said. And he knew it wasn't true. But the missionaries rang on the doorbell a couple days later and he let them cause he couldn't say no for some reason. He was hard hearted and didn't accept the messages that they were teaching them, but he decided to pray about it and he got an answer and he couldn't deny it. :) There was more to it but that's the brief story. So he was a good guy and he was a stud, he looked so sweeett. Well nothing's come about with Joe Thistle. I don't know if I told you guys what he texted us when he asked if we could come over and teach a lesson. he said that he needs rest and if he were to listen to a lesson it would cause his head to hurt really bad so he's scared for us to come over cause he thinks that he will have bad migraines. He said that he has had 4 seizures from the time that we taught him for the first time. So hopefully he doesn't think anything negative about us. He straight up told us that he loves what we are doing and that he has this sincere desire to be baptized.... so I don't know what to do with him. I've been fasting for him and praying so much for him. Have any suggestions? We are going to go over and give cookies again and see how he's doing. We just wanted to give him a break and see how he's doing. We haven't seen him for three weeks I think. And it's soooo brutal. But Grandma Beddes sent me a letter that had a scripture in it that I really like. It's Alma 26:27 and it talks about patience! hahah it's so hard to wait!!! I bet you had a lot of disappointment on your mission Dad is that true? how many did you baptize? How many areas were you in? How many companions? So to tell you more about my mission and what we are doing, you probably have figured out that my mission is sorta different from others. We are working with returning members and New Converts a lot more. Something that will probably shock you is that 70% of converts go less active sometime in their life. And 50% of converts go less active in the mission specifically. So we are working really hard with those type of people and trying to get them to the temple. We are still working with investigators and getting them into the water but we are working a lot with less actives. Paul is not keeping his commitments...:/ we have told him pray about the things we are talkin about but he never has. We have called him to remind him about every other night, but we have asked him to pray several times. He said he will start reading the Book of Mormon again. He's read it already but he looks for the historical side of it. We are going to see how committed he is. I think he might be listening to us just to listen and learn. I Don't think he has that sincere desire which is sad. We are going to the temple!!!!!!!!!! Charlie Moody is receiving his endowment and we are excited for him!!!!! Transfer calls were yesterday! me and elder J are staying!! I was actually hoping we would stay. I can see a ton of potential in this area! It's actually kind of sad when we talk to people in the ward and people that are close to our area cause they say that they know that this area is a tough area, so it's kind of negative but It's motivation in a way for me just to prove them wrong. I could see Mumtaj going to do baptisms for the dead!!!!! and sister h doing baptisms for the dead and receiving her own endowment!!!!! And a baptism for Joe!!! So those are my goals for this transfer and I know that it's possible! Turns out Michael S is baptized!! We figured out his birthday and he was baptized in 1995! We met with a new investigator today! His name is Patrick and he is like 23 and he's way chill! He wants to learn about our religion. He knows a lot about the church but has his concerns. It was the most deep discussion I have ever been in, same with Elder Johnson. We were there for 2 and half hours!! he loves us though! One of the questions he asked was "Why god gave us our agency when he knows already what we are going to do?" He knows exactly what we are going to do and the choices we are going to make so why do we have our agency when he already knows what we are going to do? is pretty much the type of questions he was asking. So he would love us to come over again and to talk more about it. The stamps that you sent me momma don't work!! haha sorry
I sure do love you guys and love the emails that you have sent me. I am running low on time so I didn't have a lot of time to email. I miss you all and love you dearly. OHHH nooooooooo the computers here won't allow me to put pictures on the computer!! I'm so sorry, I will send you double the amount next week. I feel so bad
Love Elder beddes

Spiritual Highlight of the week-
I was sitting down studying in the New Testament the other day and I got this prompting to check some notebooks full of potential investigators. So I reached out and got it and opened it! There were about 50 progress records full of names of investigators, so I flipped through them all. And I felt inclined to call this guy named Patrick!! And it turns out that he answered his phone and said yeah come on over! So we did! and it was great appointment! I also called a woman named Deborah and she said we could come over and teach her on Sundays!! The Holy Ghost is real!! haha it was really interesting cause the feeling and thought I got was so amazing and I knew exactly that the Holy Ghost was prompting me do what he told me to do! It was a great time and we found two new investigators!
I love you all

From Aiden, a youth member from Georgetown, Canada

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