Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015 God Loves Everyone

Hello Family,
This week has been a good week!! I usually write on a piece of paper the highlights of week and then bring it to the library so I know what to say but I forgot it!! So bare with me! The highlight of my week has been Charles Moody! He was the returning member we took to the temple last saturday! It was such a great experience! Charles Moody got baptized in 1999. And it's been sixteen years till last saturday he recieved his own endowment! What a glorious memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. He just needed a couple of missionaries to bring him up and to give him a little push and he was all for it! He was so ready to receive his endowment! I love him dearly, and my thoughts turned to my own endowment as I watched Charles at the temple! Brought me to tears as I pondered upon the time I was sitting in the Celestial Room with my mom and dad! I remember the spirit being felt so strongly. And though Charles Moody's parents weren't able to make it physically due to them passing away, they were for sure there spiritually. I could feel it, and that was the only thing that was on my mind while sitting with him in the Celestial Room. How great was my joy!!! This is why I'm out here, and why i'm a missionary!! haha well if you remember last week I was talking about an investigator that was at the library with us and he wouldn't stop talking. Well it turns out the people in his area were working with him, and he indeed less accountable. But one of the most spiritual experiences that I've had on my mission was here in this library with him. As we were walking away and as he followed and continued to talk to us, I had this impression to turn around and look at him. So I did so, and I could just tell that something was wrong. And as I was thinking that, he said, "Hey guys, is it ok if we can say a prayer real fast for me?" And I said of course, what's wrong? And with the conversation that we had with him before we left, we talked to him about the missionaries that he had met with and how there was someone there that he was scared of and that he didn't really like( I think it was a member that came with the missionaries), and he was really concerned that that same member would be there when the missionaries would come. So in the middle of the library, crowded library, the three of us stood and said a prayer for this humble Christlike guy, and as I closed the prayer and said Amen. I put my hands on the persons shoulders and said "Keron, there's nothing you need to be afraid of. You are a powerful son of God, and he loves you and cares about you. He wants you to pray to him and he wants to help you. Don't be afraid of anything." And he was astonished, it was as if he had no idea that things I was saying were true!! And he responded with a big grin on his face, "Really?? Thank you so much!!" And he was off! I know that the spirit was present in that public library, and that God loves everyone. Especially the little children and the less accountable ones cause they illuminate the love of God so strongly and they teach us all something important. We need to be like them! Humble, submissive, meek, and lowly in heart. I can't remember what scripture that comes from but I think it's in Matthew! :) Well I think Joe is missing in action. We went to bring him brownies and he wasn't home so we set them on the porch with a kind note saying how much we care about him and stuff. So we were expecting a text but we never got one. so we drove by to see if he got them, and they weren't there! So I think he got them. But we haven't recieved a text from him. So we texted him and he hasn't responded. This all happened in about two weeks and nothing has happened. So I don't know what the deal is with him. I'm quite sad about it, but we must move on. Patrick. I had a lot of time to ponder about his questions, and I feel to say that me and Elder Johnson know how to answer them. It's pretty much what you said Mom, which was amazing! Thanks for caring about the people I have been teaching! Pretty much the answer I could give him about the agency thing is that God may know what we are going to do and he may know what the map is for us all, but he didn't make that map. We made it ourselves. And it's up to us and our own choices to get to that buried treasure. He may know what we are going to do in the next five seconds but he has nothing to do with it. It's all us. So i'm grateful for the answer that I got, and it's another testament that prayer works!!! haha I love you guys so much!! B, I say go for it! Try out for the bball team. M, good job with basketball!! Don't be nervous, you play basketball to have fun! Keep practicing! My favorite pair of shoes are the slip on ones. They are the easiest to get on! haha and yes I will send the stamps to you. I'm glad that the ears are working! How is work? Are you overwhelmed? I know you and dad are busy so don't over do it. I will send a pic of me stretching dad hahah! It's not lookin so good, but I will be able to do it! I yes I think about the times that we spent togther all of the time. It's weird cause I get these random memories pop up in mind about the family and the past. It almost saddens me that we had such a great time, but they are happy thoughts too. It's weird to think that I'm grown up, but every one has to go through it. Dad if you could send me some of the experiences that you had on your mission and all the details in the mail that would be great! I want to know everything about it! Thanks so much for the letters and emails you guys send me!! I love them, I really do! I love you all. A, keep working hard! You are doing great! Mom, I love you so much. There isn't a day I don't think about you and the times that we had. One thing you guys ought to know is that a big chunk of the reason I'm out here is out of respect and honor for my family! It's hard, but once I think about the reasons I'm out here all of the negative thoughts go away! 
Love Elder Beddes 
Some of the excersises I've been doing are push ups sit ups, and jump roped. badminton and basketball too. I will do the scripture challenge too. I've been ponderizing a scripture every week! Also for Christmas, i could use a gps. For when I drive in the future! Thanks for all that you guys do! Thanks mom for the talks that you have been sending me! I absolutley love them!!!!! Keep sending the mail cause it makes my day happier and brighter!! I love you guys with all of my heart. I pray for you guys individually every day. Wish me luck this next week!!!
Happy Halloween!!!! Have fun!!!!!! B, I went tricker treating every year, you should do the same. ;) I love you guys so much, hopefully these last emails are up to your guys's satisfaction! If not let me know! oxxoxo

 "Look familiar???" (Colten has his own huge collection of various soda pop bottles)

Charles M

"Doesn't the guy on the left look like an oompa loompa from the charlie and the chocolate factory? hahahahaha"
Me and Elder K

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 19, 2015 Why did God give us our agency?

hey guys! 

Everything is going alright here! I'm going to answer your questions first momma so I don't forget. With kobe I think it was just a basketball card, a shirt, and a flag? Pretty much the lakers stuff. Grocery Shopping is going well! Lot's of macaroni and noodles but the ward has blessed us a lot with dinners and people love taking us out! For laundry we go to another set of elders house and they have a washing machine and dryer. And yes we are cleaning the apartment! haha it can be cleaner though. ;) We get up at and go to bed at. As soon as I wake up I go to take a shower. it helps me wake up. Currently I'm sitting with a guy that is a little handicapped in the library and he loves the missionaries and he wants to learn more. So he keeps asking questions and it's extremely hard to concentrate haha. We keep answering his questions and keep telling him that we can talk to him but he isn't comprehending the fact that we are in a hurry emailing you guys. ahhhh he keeps talking so if this email is hard to understand cause it's hard to type and to read and listen at the same time! haha so my week went something like this. We had dinner with a guy that's a member. He's like seventy years old and we had never met him in our lives, so we met him at a restuarant called swiss chalete. He was sitting in the back of the restaurant and he looked so cool with like a spy hat on and he had a long coat on and he totally looked like a spy! He was soooo awesome, he told us his conversion story and it was awesome. I'll tell you a little about it. When the missionaries came over, Bro Mclellan's wife was the only person that was home sooo she was the only person that listened. So when Bro Mclellan came home and found out that his wife and kids were listening to their message he told them that he will shoot them and the missionaries if they every came back. He said he didn't know what came over him, it wasn't normal that he said what he said. And he knew it wasn't true. But the missionaries rang on the doorbell a couple days later and he let them cause he couldn't say no for some reason. He was hard hearted and didn't accept the messages that they were teaching them, but he decided to pray about it and he got an answer and he couldn't deny it. :) There was more to it but that's the brief story. So he was a good guy and he was a stud, he looked so sweeett. Well nothing's come about with Joe Thistle. I don't know if I told you guys what he texted us when he asked if we could come over and teach a lesson. he said that he needs rest and if he were to listen to a lesson it would cause his head to hurt really bad so he's scared for us to come over cause he thinks that he will have bad migraines. He said that he has had 4 seizures from the time that we taught him for the first time. So hopefully he doesn't think anything negative about us. He straight up told us that he loves what we are doing and that he has this sincere desire to be baptized.... so I don't know what to do with him. I've been fasting for him and praying so much for him. Have any suggestions? We are going to go over and give cookies again and see how he's doing. We just wanted to give him a break and see how he's doing. We haven't seen him for three weeks I think. And it's soooo brutal. But Grandma Beddes sent me a letter that had a scripture in it that I really like. It's Alma 26:27 and it talks about patience! hahah it's so hard to wait!!! I bet you had a lot of disappointment on your mission Dad is that true? how many did you baptize? How many areas were you in? How many companions? So to tell you more about my mission and what we are doing, you probably have figured out that my mission is sorta different from others. We are working with returning members and New Converts a lot more. Something that will probably shock you is that 70% of converts go less active sometime in their life. And 50% of converts go less active in the mission specifically. So we are working really hard with those type of people and trying to get them to the temple. We are still working with investigators and getting them into the water but we are working a lot with less actives. Paul is not keeping his commitments...:/ we have told him pray about the things we are talkin about but he never has. We have called him to remind him about every other night, but we have asked him to pray several times. He said he will start reading the Book of Mormon again. He's read it already but he looks for the historical side of it. We are going to see how committed he is. I think he might be listening to us just to listen and learn. I Don't think he has that sincere desire which is sad. We are going to the temple!!!!!!!!!! Charlie Moody is receiving his endowment and we are excited for him!!!!! Transfer calls were yesterday! me and elder J are staying!! I was actually hoping we would stay. I can see a ton of potential in this area! It's actually kind of sad when we talk to people in the ward and people that are close to our area cause they say that they know that this area is a tough area, so it's kind of negative but It's motivation in a way for me just to prove them wrong. I could see Mumtaj going to do baptisms for the dead!!!!! and sister h doing baptisms for the dead and receiving her own endowment!!!!! And a baptism for Joe!!! So those are my goals for this transfer and I know that it's possible! Turns out Michael S is baptized!! We figured out his birthday and he was baptized in 1995! We met with a new investigator today! His name is Patrick and he is like 23 and he's way chill! He wants to learn about our religion. He knows a lot about the church but has his concerns. It was the most deep discussion I have ever been in, same with Elder Johnson. We were there for 2 and half hours!! he loves us though! One of the questions he asked was "Why god gave us our agency when he knows already what we are going to do?" He knows exactly what we are going to do and the choices we are going to make so why do we have our agency when he already knows what we are going to do? is pretty much the type of questions he was asking. So he would love us to come over again and to talk more about it. The stamps that you sent me momma don't work!! haha sorry
I sure do love you guys and love the emails that you have sent me. I am running low on time so I didn't have a lot of time to email. I miss you all and love you dearly. OHHH nooooooooo the computers here won't allow me to put pictures on the computer!! I'm so sorry, I will send you double the amount next week. I feel so bad
Love Elder beddes

Spiritual Highlight of the week-
I was sitting down studying in the New Testament the other day and I got this prompting to check some notebooks full of potential investigators. So I reached out and got it and opened it! There were about 50 progress records full of names of investigators, so I flipped through them all. And I felt inclined to call this guy named Patrick!! And it turns out that he answered his phone and said yeah come on over! So we did! and it was great appointment! I also called a woman named Deborah and she said we could come over and teach her on Sundays!! The Holy Ghost is real!! haha it was really interesting cause the feeling and thought I got was so amazing and I knew exactly that the Holy Ghost was prompting me do what he told me to do! It was a great time and we found two new investigators!
I love you all

From Aiden, a youth member from Georgetown, Canada

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015 Seeing the Light of Christ in Others

(Due to the Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday, letters were postponed a day)

Well fam,

I hope you know that when I'm done with emails I send you guys, my fingers feel like they are going to fall off!! I try and put as much info in there as possible! This last week was a pretty good week!! We had zone football at Presidents house in the backyard and it was pretty fun. Pres told me I had a pretty good spriral on the football which surprised me because I have the hardest time throwing it but I did it somehow. Lots of missionaries were there. I socialized it up with a lot of them. The best friends that I have made so far on my mission is Elder Shaffer, and Elder Oldham. They are exactly like me. they are in my zone and we get a long so well, it's kind of nice to be around them every once in awhile. Did I tell you that we went bowling last Monday with the zone? I'll send a pic. I'm standing right next to Elder Shaffer, it was blast!! We do zone service for Salvation Army every Tuesday morning, that's why I'm sending you this email right now. We basically go and do garden stuff. Pick the peas, do carrots, tomatoes, and other garden things, not fun but I get a good feeling after. The Sprikerhoffs had us for Thanksgiving on Saturday and Sunday! They are so kind, I love them so much. We baked cookies. Have you been talking to Sister Sprikerhoff at all? She reminds me a lot of you! She loves the missionaries because she has one out the same time as me. :) Oh, I had this amazing idea to bake cookies for everyone that we are working with, so investigators, less actives, returning members, part member families and even active members and families. They love it! Joe Thistle said that he needed time to rest, so that's been his excuse for the past couple of times that we have called him, texted him, and went over. Everytime we go over he answers the door, he looks pretty rough and sick. I really do think that his parkinsons is doing bad stuff for him. I've never fasted and prayed so much for anyone, and I hope it's working. I gave him the uchtdorf talk that you sent me mom about why anyone would join our church. he really enjoyed! But we have been giving him space for the past week, so hopefully he feels better by tomorrow. We have thought of everything we could do to help him. Offered a priesthood blessing but he said he needed rest that's all. Gave him cookies. Asked if theres anything we can do. Been nice to him, fasted and prayed for him. Any others suggestions? It's kind of sad to think that he was going to have his baptism the other weekend and then this past weekend but they both got dropped... but oh well I really do envision this guy in white clothing getting baptised. :0 We found a couple of new investigators. Patrick and Sajeena, going to meet with them this week and talk about the gospel with them!! Aukje is a hardcore bible fanatic. She's a die hard been saved by grace type of person. I don't think she'll budge... haha but I challenged her to pray and read the book of Mormon. We have an appointment with paul tonight, last time we challenged him to pray everyday even though he said he didn't even pray the last time we asked him to, so it's a big jump for him haha but we call him every other night to pray! lol gave him cookies and really enjoyed it! I went on exchanges last Tuesday with an Elder named Elder Monson. He has adhd. So my companion exchanged with his companion and I exchanged with his. I drove for the first time, they live in downtown Brampton and it was crazy! Tons of traffic but it was a cool experience. I don't know how Elder Monson's companion has done it for the past couple of transfers with him!  You probably know somewhat about adhd. He gets sidetracked a lot, talks to himself, walks back/forth, if you say something to him and it triggers something in his mind, he'll start yelling what you just said maybe like a song or a quote or like a movie. It was an interesting night hahha but I have the highest respect for him! He's got heart, and he is an inspiration to us all! President called to do weekly planning with us, so that was interesting. He was impressed with me though, the way I did the whole thing and the things I said. He's a very nice man, I love him! I thought I had some like hoodies for the winter, did I not bring any? haha I have the sweaters! The jackets are awesome by the way thank you so much! So the highlight of my week is Charles Moody!! We got him to his next saving ordinance!!!!!! He is going to get his temple endowment next week!!!!!! We have been working with him to get him ready for the temple, he was baptised only last year, and he had his bishop interview this last sunday!! I'm so pumped for him!!!!! He's a great guy, he's taken us out to a place called Harveys. It's a hamburger place, it's alright. We went to place called Tokyo Macky, it's buffet sushi and chicken. I don't like the sushi but I love the chicken!! It's kind of pricey but so worth it!! I love the letters that you guys have been sending me!!  I love them! Still trying to work with Michael Spenc and Sister Hicks. We are meeting with them this week. We go on walks with Sister Hicks and we are working with her in receiving her own endownment too! She's almost there!! Michael Spenc says that he was baptized at age eight in the church but I don't know about that, so we are working with that and trying to figure out if he really was! hahaha I've been doing a lot more working out that's for sure!! I found a jump rope in the apartment and I have been jump roping a lot lately! I have been reading in the new testament, and love the stories of jesus!! I feel the spirit so strongly when I hear about Jesus Christ and what he did for us. He did so much for the people, and its so heartwarming. A couple of people really reminded me of Jesus a couple of days ago. We were in the Relief Society Room on sunday looking at dinner appointments and I was eavesdropping on a couple of sisters in the ward. One of them asked if she was ready to go home because it was the end of church. And this lady, who was blind and very elderly, asked if the Elders are doing alright and if there's anything that she could do to help us. And the lady said everything was ok and that we were doing alright, and I turned back around after hearing that and went straight to the tissues because she was so Christlike. I felt the spirit so strong, I knew the Savior was so proud of this blind elderly lady. Man I'm tearing up just emailing this to you. :) haha she was kind, I can't tell you the feeling I have for such a kind selfless woman. She has impacted my life, and she doesn't even know. Another experience I had was during sacrament meeting. I was sitting there pondering the week I had and the role the savior played in it. I looked up and I saw this cute boy with downs syndrome passing the sacrament. And after he was done with his section, he stood in line and began to hug every other deacon and teacher who was standing in it. I saw Jesus once again. This cute down Sydrome boy probably of the age of 14 loved what he was doing and loved the people he was with. I will never forget these experiences nor the experiences that Jesus had because the experiences that I had with these two great saints reminded me fully of the times of Jesus Christ and his mortal ministry. We must not forget what he did for us!! :) Remember to pray and give thanks and to also poor out your concerns to Heavenly Father and to Jesus, because they want to know about the things you are going through. I testify that they are there, and they do listen to your prayers. Whenever I hear an investigator pray momma, I think of us singing our song at my baptism. "Heavenly Father are you really there? And do you hear and answer every childs prayer? Suffer the Children....." "Pray he is there, pray he is listening....." I love you Mom, you play such a big chunk of my life and I owe so much of it to you. My dear sisters... I can't tell you how much I love you guys. Some of the memories I remember with you guys are when I was lying in my bed, thinking about the next day, and I remember each of you walking into my room on separate days saying" Coco its time for prayers" and out of frustration and anger I got up grumpy as I was, and I tried to show it too, just to make you guys feel bad. I can't tell you how much of a mistake that was and how sorry I am for doing it. You guys have blessed me so much, and I thank you so much. If I had a choice now and had realized my mistakes earlier, I would have gotten out of my bed, kissed each of you, and said "Thank you for getting me because family prayer is one the most important things I could be doing."

Love you forever and always,

Elder Beddes

Dear M, you are so kind and I love you so much! I am talking to people about jesus and god. I wish I could take you with me on my mission and I would have you say "I want you to be baptized" and then they will, cause they can't say no to you. ;) I love you lele I will be a good missionary, only because you told me so.

Zone Football

 Sister Sprickerhoof and Fam



After tracking in the pouring rain Haha!

Posted by the mission Pres. "Happy Day after Canada Thanskgiving Day! We had Weston and Brampton Zones over for our second annual Turkey Bowl! Great fun to see their enthusiastic play!"
Can you see Elder Beddes???

Monday, October 12, 2015

October 7, 2015 Canadian Life! (handwritten)

Dear Family,
A lot has happened ever since I stepped onto Canadian ground! The mission home is beautiful and we had dinner there and it was a good time! I think I sent you a picture of it and 15 others about different things, so I hope you got all of them. Elder Johnson. is doing well. He knows his scriptures pretty well and his memory is amazing. If I ask him for an address of a certain family or investigator, he'll tell me! Very impressive! He participates in the discussions which is nice and I'd say we're doing really well for being white washed in the area! We're actually impressing everybody with the amount of lessons we're giving to investigators, returning members, active members, less actives, and part member families! The goal for every companionship is to teach 20 lessons each week. Lots of talking, but its great. The apartment is holding up which is great! We have a bedroom, bathroom, office, kitchen, and a dressing room. Apparently it's pretty nice compared to the other apartments Elder Johnson has been in. Elder Johnson has been out for 16 months I believe. The church we go to is about 15 minutes away from where we live. We are suppose to drive under 2600 km a month. We live right next to the Jehovah's Witness Tower too! It's huge!! There's also a little downtown area where all the stores are and it's beautiful at night! It seems like everybody smokes here! You know I kind of came in with the mindset that Canada was going to be pretty much the same as Utah, but it's not! A ton less members, a lot more drinking and smoking, and a lot more worldly stuff. It was kind of a shocker, but it's given me the motivation to work harder to make the Ward not only bigger, but closer friendship-wise. I'm meeting a ton of people here!
I've really fallen in love with the people here! I truly care about them. We have a district meeting every Wednesday at the church with the other two companionships and talk about the progress of our areas, and we role play discussions. We have Zone Conference every three months and I had the opportunity to attend my first one a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing! It was 8 hours! Talked about goals, practiced teaching, and talked about the Gospel. I'm sure you've seen the picture! Uhhh, what else haven't I talked about? haha I have family dinner an average of 2-3 times a week. And yes, Dad, I've been trying to do the dishes for everyone but they stop me, everyone of them! It's like illegal or something it seems like! I've been averaging 5 boxes of macaroni a week which is a dream. We've also been having a lot of chicken and rice lately too. I made it a tradition that we go out to the convenient store right next to us every Tuesday and Saturday night to get a drink! Christmas gifts I want? Well, we do spend a lot of time in the car and the six cd's that we have are getting really old haha, so some nice music on Cd's would be great! Money I guess? Haha, I don't know, it's kind of hard to know what you want on a mission! It's hard to believe that I'm on a mission right now! It's like a dream almost. Or like I'm on a really big Camp Helaman! It's great, I love it. I sure do miss you guys! There isn't a day I don't think about you guys! But I'm not homesick anymore which is good. Your encouragement really helped. I do have memories that flood my mind often though, but that's because you guys are my bestest friends. I love you guys more than anything. Keep up the encouragement! I love the talks you send me Mom, keep it up!
Dad, are you planning on playing Volleyball? I say go for it! I think that's a great idea! I played a ton of volleyball with Elder Kohl at the MTC and he taught me a couple of things. I'm getting better at spiking and I'm pretty perfect at setting. Mom have you started work yet?? I think that's so crazy you're working! I sure hope you are going to enjoy it! B, how's school? Lots of homework yet? Haha I sure hope you're doing alright. A, how's school going? Sports? Keep practicing, you're going to be the Ascent superstar! M, how is school? How is Spencer? What movies have you watched? I miss you! How is Atom doing? Is she making friends at school? How's homework going? I bet Mom and Dad are busy with trying to help with homework! Haha I was looking at the big dipper in the sky the other night and it reminded my of sleeping in the backyard with you guys. Sure do miss some of the things we used to do! Well, I'm working hard, that's for sure! It's keeping me busy! General Conference is this weekend. Whoowhoo! Haha I love you guys! Keep the mailing up!

Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015 BOOOMSHAKALAKA!

Well hello family!!

How's it going? First off I want to say thank you to my father. You are such an example to me and I think about what you would do in situations all of the time. I love the emails that you send me, they build me up just like you have been for the past 18 years of my life. I feel as if we are still living together even though I've been gone for a month and half. Same with you mom, I absolutely love the details that you put into your emails. It makes me feel accepted and loved!! Thank you so much for taking the challenge to pray on your knees and with dad. Have you seen a difference? Has your faith and testimony grown? Have you come closer to Heavenly Father and HIs Son Jesus? I have come to know that the more things that I do to come closer to them, the more I want to have more! haha it's like making that first basket in basketball. You think wow, I can do this, it feels good, people are cheering for me, I want more. Same applies to the gospel. Over the past couple of weeks i've really been thinking of things that I can improve on. I've been working really hard to make my weaknesses strengths. And it feels good!! Though I am not the perfect missionary, I do feel as if I am improving. I've set goals that can help me with teaching such as reading and studying the scriptures thoroughly. Really getting used to the discussions that we have with people so I can be used to what may come and questions that may be asked. I've also set a goal to read a talk everyday and how it can help me and my missionary work. Mom have you heard Elder Hollands talk on Mothers?? I couldn't get you out my head the whole time when he was talking. It brought me to tears. I can't remember who it was but there was a quote that really stuck out to me. He said, "We need to get good and at getting better." The person that I think of when I say this to myself is my dad. He's really good and getting better at all things that he puts his mind too. So i've really wanted to work on that, I've been told by many that I am very humble. And as I have thought about this, my thoughts turn to the Lord. He is the perfect example of being humble. He never was mad at anybody, he was kind to everyone. My heart is filled when I think of him on the cross looking down at the people who put him into the pain he was feeling and said God, Forgive them for they know not what they do." Who would say such a thing?? Especially after being whipped, spat upon, and bearing the sins of the world, and so on. This has hit me the hardest this week as I have thought about him. Joe Thistle. He is still a stud. But he is really sick. As I have told you in the past, he has parkinsons. He tried to make it out to church last week and he had a seizure on the way. He was driving with his two daughters and was sent to the hospital. We were wondering what had happened because he wasn't answering his phone the whole day. That monday we stopped by and he told us all about it. His head as been hurting him. The text we have recieved recently was "My head is on Fire" "I need rest". So we gave him a couple of days and followed up. We texted him yesterday about General Conference and all he said was "I just got back from the hospital again." and that was it. He needed to watch conference and to attend the next two weeks of church in order to be baptized the first transfer but I don't know if he did. We are going to give him a break today and see how he is tomorrow and follow up. We have stopped by many times and have given him cookies and he loves us. The discussions that we have had have been on his door step! haha he stopped smoking and drinking coffee and the doctors think that is what triggered the seizure. He told us that he thinks satan is working on him when he was going to church, this tells me that it's a good church! haha that made me laugh! He is going to get baptized. He keeps telling us that he wants to!! But I don't think it''ll be this transfer which is sad but it's not important. Hopefully next transfer. I had a spiritual thing happen to me the other day. I called this former investigator that was in the do not contact pile. ;) yeah it doesn't stop me for doing work. ;) anyways I called the woman named aukje and she was so nice. She saw us the other day tracking in the pouring rain and wanted to give us a ride but we were on the wrong side of the road. While I was talking to her and asking her if there was time we could come by and teach her a lesson she said well there is not a man in the house so we can't come and teach her when there isn't a third male or another women. So I was very saddened by this. A couple days later I felt inclined to call her again. And I was wondering why, and the Holy Ghost told me that we could talk to her in a public place or outside. So I called her back and we set up an appointment with her this tuesday!! BOOOMSHAKALAKA. She is a very kind lady and can't wait to talk to her. We went to an investigators house who is indian. His name is ravi, and he is a very kind fella. He made us dinner with out telling us haha! and apparently is going to every time we come over. Let me tell you, india food is spicy.... I was crying. He made fishchilli which is a dish from india and it was sooooo spicy I wanted to die. We then had some desert called rasmati..... I gagged. Man I don't know If I can do this any longer, trying new food and all. ;) haha Christmas presents.... some nice cds. Sweaters. Oh did I bring sweaters? haha I can't find them. I love this long coat that you got me!! It's good lookin! I got your package last thursday!! Thanks so much! It was perfect timing, so I brought all the candy to general conference. I will definately do the things which you have told me to do dad. I have been working out a ton more and it does feel good. I sent grandma a letter in the mail, hopefully she gets it soon. I wish I could tell you more but I will next week. I have a missionary next to me right now who is amazed at the length of my emails to you guys hahah he says that he writes about a little paragraph and that's it. So you guys better feel special. ;) I  need a hair cut bad, so I'll be getting one soon. hopefully today! I always feel like I'm forgetting to tell you guys something! Maybe you guys could ask three questions each and I will answer them. I forgot my camera!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh sorry mom. I will have aiden send a pic tonight! Sorrrrrryyy, I feel so bad. Speaking of Aiden, I challenged him to talk to couple of his good friends about the gospel and hopefully we can meet with them. And he was pumped!! aiden is such a good guy, he gives hugs to everybody in the ward and is so enthusiastic! He's going to be such a great missionary. He came to coordination with us, and that was when he sent that picutre!! Your guys's picture made me laugh soo hard. Keep sending them to him. Love you forever and always,

Elder Beddes

Picture from Aidan, a youth member from Georgetown

General Conference 2015 (picture from Sister Fischer)

Haircuts and dinner at Sister Sprickerhoff's home (picture from Aidan's family)