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Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015 God Truly Does Care

Momma a missionary?? WOW, yes I want to hear what you said!! I know that you have planted a seed in her heart and now knows what the true Gospel is all about! WAY TO GO!!! :0 man that makes me so happy!!! How did you feel after? I bet you felt what I have been feeling for the past month, it's such a great feeling. Lots have happened in the past week and I don't know If i'll be able to talk about everything! We have been teaching a ton lately! The goal for the whole mission is to teach twenty lessons a week to investigators, new converts, less active, and part members families, and returning members. Apparently the mission president had changed the way we do things around here one week before I had arrived. The end goal is to have 1000 baptisms a year. 20 baptisms a week! With the new key indicators I truly believe that it is possible. Before the changes we were getting an average of eight baptisms a week, so we are experimenting right now. Found out recently that a racoon was in my apartment three weeks ago when the sisters were living there. They left out a pizza and there was this huge hole in the wall that the raccoon came in! haha they ended up trapping it and now we sealed up the big hole. They apparently caught a rat too that was the size of a small cat! hahah I'm sending you guys a letter that has a little bit more detail about it. I've gotten a couple of letters from you momma, I think just the conference talks though. I gave one of them to Joe Thistle the man who wants to get baptized. It was the talk on why anyone would want to join our church. I told him to ignore your writing on the back haha. But it was a perfect talk to give him so I didn't pass up the opportunity to do so. Joe T missed the last couple times of church!! It's required to go to church the three times in a row before he can be baptised. And he skipped both of them. First was because he couldn't find it, and yesterday we don't know what happened. We went by in the morning before church to see if he was attending. so we knocked and he opened the door just a little bit just enough to see his eye ball, and he said that he was getting his two daughters ready, and we said ok sounds good see you at ten! haha and he slammed the door, pretty sure he was undressed but who knows. But he didn't go church yesterday!!!!!!! Sooooo bummed.... so our plan today is to bake him cookies and stop by and say we missed you. We feel like we are being annoying cause we text him and call him and stop by all the time, but he says he loves it. So who knows what the problem is. He's such a cool guy. He's single and he has a 12 and 14 year old daughters. He stopped smoking, and stopped drinking coffee. He's definitely on the right path that's for sure! He's golden, he really is going to be baptised. I told him earlier when we were meeting with him that it would be so cool if we were to baptise him in the river that is right next to us. I'll show you a picture. He doesn't know yet, but he said he will let us know. Some other people that we are working with are Mumtaj and Ravi. Mumtaj is a less active member and Ravi isn't a member. Ravi says that he believes in Jesus Christ but doesn't believe in God. Mumtaj didn't really speak at all and we don't know why. Their English is pretty bad and I really couldn't understand a word they were saying. hahaha it was kind of one of those discussions when you just smile and nod. haha Elder Johnson seemed to understand them pretty well because he has been working a lot around india people. Anyway he doesn't want to be baptised because he's afraid that his indian friends will make fun of him. He smokes and drinks with them and doesn't want to be let out of his friend circle. So we are going to work with them. They are so nice and want us over for dinner some time. Paul, paul is the guy who is really slow at responding. We challenged him two times ago to pray about the scriptures to know if they were true and he said he never got around to it. So I really stressed the importance of praying because he isn't really looking for the spiritual side of what he's reading but the historical side he is. We have a great discussion with him though in the garage everytime and they are usually an hour and a half! He said that he will pray about it for sure this time. Oh mumtaj and Ravi came to church last time!! WHHOOOO WHOOOO! haha Charles Moody, we are working with him and receiving his own endowment. He's a really kind guy and took us to lunch. he's going to the temple in two weeks! YEEESSSS!! Sister Hicks, we are working with her and receiving her own endowment also. she's going in the middle of october!!!!!! It's so nice to see these guys going to the temple after how much work we put into helping them. Michael Spenc, Michael is a less active. Apparently he was baptised at age 8 (but we don't know that for sure haha) so we are going to find out. He's really slow at responding. He's around the age of 30 and he lives alone in a really ghetto apartment. I think he has a mental disability because he talks like a child but can still support himself. He's soo kind though. I couldn't help but start crying when I was talking to him about the restoration and prayer and how god loves him. It was all new news to him and you can tell that he was really interested in how God loves him. So the lesson took a detour and we talked about how we are here as guides and friends and you can just tell that he was so suprised that we wanted to become friends with him and how god knows him and loves him. He's a very lonely guy, and for me to talk to him about God and how he loves him and how we are here to love and care for him is the exact reason why I am on a mission. To have people know that God truly cares about you despite the loneliness you may feel at times. I truly care and love this guy so much because he is close to having nothing. GOD TRULY DOES CARE, that was the thought that was going through my head when I was talking to this gentle man who was looking for someone to come to him and talk about this gospel. I could see the eyes of my savior when I was talking to Michael, and the love in which the Savior has for him. It's a beautiful thing! We've had families ask us over for dinner. We average about three dinners with people a week. And yes dad I help with dishes! ;) But they always stop me. It's like illegal or something for me to do it despite me saying I promised my family I would do it. I try to help everybody and ask what I can do for them. hahahaha oh man you are going to love what I am about to say in the next couple of lines. :) Food that I like now: Coconut, sour sop, Tilipia(fish), Fajitas, plantanes, pie, and corn!! hahah just kidding about the corn. But amazing huh? Gift of tongues i'd say. ;) Brother Ayers has us over for dinner every friday and we have the most weird and exoctic stuff! haha it's an adventure! Back to Joe T, we wanted to have baptism at the 17th but i don't know if that'll happen. He will have to go to the next three church days but we are hoping and praying that he will. I have fasted many times for these people and have found success and little miracles happening. I will talk to you more about the other people that I have been working with in the next letter or email. I'm sending you guys a letter tomorrow so be expecting it. It takes about four or five days to ship. I haven't gotten the package yet.
Something that had the most impact on me this week:
"Each step forward always carries risks. We might trip, but if we don't take the step, we stay in the same place, and maybe Heavens around the corner. If you trip, you can get up, dust off your knees, and take another step. Change is hard, but it's the only way we progress." - Grandma Berry

I love you guys so much, I think of you guys and the memories that we have had. Remember to be kind to one another, to have other people in your thoughts. 


Elder Beddes 

One more thought and this is from my Loving Aunt Jeridawn-
"Years later, I realized how much this relationship is like our Savior's relationship with us. He trusts us and knows how great we can be and even when we pound our fists and swear we are not good enough, He does not take no for an answer. And even when we miserably fall on our faces, He knows we can be better. He wants us to just keep getting up and keep trying because He trusts us and He sees just how much potential we have. Even though we cannot even begin to fathom our true potential—He does! And so He keeps pushing us and loving us and encouraging us." Tell her how profound I thought that was and tell her how I love her. She's such an amazing person.

Ask father to make me a work out routine that I can do inside the house. And I will follow it. ;) Gotta go, talk to you next week. The only advice I can give to you regarding your friend who wants to know about the church is to bare your testimony. your testimony momma is like thunder from the skies. it does things to people that make them want to learn more about the gospel and to experience the same joy in which you feel. Keep praying at night. I encourage you to pray with dad, kneeling down like he does. I sometimes had the opportunity to pray with the Mordue's. They would kneel together in a circle holding hands, and it was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. Just a thought though ;) 

Love you more than anything,

Elder Beddes
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Downtown Georgetown

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'We go to this fish and chips place every Wednesday 
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"Georgetown kind of reminds me of Kansas"

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