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Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015 Adjustment

Well hello Beddes Family!

Let me tell you, it has been a big week haha. Lots have happened and i'm going to try and email all of it but If I don't... don't get mad at me! So had to say goodbye to Elder Kohl. He was such an awesome guy we got a long so well! We read on the airplane together and just talked about the mission and what are companions are going to be like. We both assumed that the companion that we are about to get is going to be a challenging one because God blessed us with a great one in the mtc. And sure enough we were on the right track haha! My new companion is Elder Johnson. He's nothing like me haha and our personalities are completely different. It's been hard, i'll be honest. I mean i've been trying to have a good attitude about all things but i find myself a little homesick. Everything is different, it's so diverse here! Tons of people from india walk around the streets and i've met so many people that have a different race! It's interesting and i'm going to be pretty good at understanding people and the way they talk by the end of my mission haha! The food is different. There are stores and restaurants that I haven't even heard of! The majority of it actually is different. The money is different and the they don't do miles here they do kilometers! The sizing of food is less than the US! Milk comes in bags here which is really strange. The candy is a lot different, lots of different types of cadbury candy here that you would like dad! I'll have to send you some of the stuff! Ketchup chips... which are actually kind of good! It's been a bit lonely, i mean me and my companion talk but we're are nothing a like. We get a long just fine though and we both work really hard! The apartment is so ghetto! haha but it's a place to sleep and shelter right!? Another reason it's been so hard is becasue we were white washed into the area. Oh by the way, i'm serving in Georgetown!! It's a little town outside of Brampton! Really pretty place can't wait to show you pictures. Anyway, white washed means that the companionship before us that served in Georgetown didn't get a long and they had to be split and sent to a different area. And all we were left with was a note on a mirror saying goodluck and we trust in you Elders! haha so we didn't get any information really about the area of the people. So we are starting from scratch. Haven't met the ward really yet cause we had Stake Conference yesterday. But I have met with a couple of members there and they are way nice! I'll try and talk about a couple of them. Brother Nketiaha is from Africa I believe and he's way cool. He was Fourth in the Olympics in Badminton! haha so we play with him two days a week at the gym in the church. We've been invited over for dinner a couple of times by families, and i've enjoyed their food so far! Way nice people! I don't know how I feel about Bishop, he's definitely more of a serious guy that a laid back mellow guy like Bishop Larsen so we'll see how that goes. We have three companionship's altogether in the Brampton Zone. And they are pretty cool I guess.. i'm trying to get to know them better but I think everything will turn out the way I like it. The first day I went to Georgetown I wanted to go by some Investigators so we went by one and he let us in. We had a pretty good discussion about the Book of Mormon, I did most of the talking which was pretty cool but I want my companion to talk a lot more. He's cheezy, which really gets me annoyed but God's sent him to me for a reason. We've been talking to less active families and recent converts and investigators all of last week. Good practice! I've learned that baptisms are important but not as important as people stress them to be, In the Toronto Mission it's all about getting that person to their next ordinance and that's just as important as a baptism! So we are working more with recent converts and less actives rather than investigators. Also we look for referrals. The mission is doing this thing where we ask for referrals from families and that seems to bring most successful in the past to bring people into the waters of baptism. It's like a 1/7 chance that the referrals that people tell us will be baptized rather than the 1/50 chance of people being baptized by just tracking. So there won't be as much tracking but more teaching the families. I don't think i've ever ridden in a car so much in my life in the past week! We drive everywhere for everything! We have the most cars in our mission than any other missions out there! I think it's like 80 cars in the Toronto mission! It's pretty cool but i have to stand outside everytime Elder Johnson backs up so it's annoying. I've been home sick. Not as bad as you think though. It's just all of the changes that have been happening to me lately. I just want you guys to know how hard it is to leave you guys after growing up together and being so close. It's such a sacrifice. I find myself thinking about home and you guys often and brings me down. I was playing basketball with some less actives and it just reminded me of playing with mom and dad on the court and how much fun we had together. I think about the sisters often. Can you please tell M why i'm out here. I don't want her confuse cause I can't tell you how hard it is to leave a young sister for two years. So i haven't had the same appetite lately but i haven't been sick which is good. I haven't had a good laugh and really haven't been able to be myself lately which has been a real let down. Got any tips? Elder Johnson said that it's normal to be homesick for the first couple of weeks, but he said that I'm handling it well cause other missionaries get so depressed. So I just want to tell you guys how much I love you and how hard it is to you leave you, but I'm doing it because other families need to be as close as we are out here in Georgetown. Another part of our area is Acton! So beautiful, tons of trees! Look both these places up on google maps! I felt like I was in the wilderness when tracking and driving in Acton! Haha i have found that when I am getting lost in the work all of my home sickness goes away and though I still think about you guys i'm not sad. So i'm trying hard to get lost in it. We have had pretty good success so far. We have lots of appointments this coming week with three new investigators!! And more appointments with less actives and recent converts and so on! So we are working so hard! Elder Johnson and I are becoming better friends and we get along just fine so don't worry about that. I could use some confidence boosts from you guys though! I love the letters and emails that you send me so keep them positive! I love my mission so far and it's requiring a ton of work! In a way I think i'm learning more than any others missionary has in the first week out because of all of the new things that have been happening and the white wash! I'm being humble and trying to be like clay in the hands of the potter-er. Oh by the way, thanks momma for the quotes in my shirts! I love them! Glad to hear that everything is going smoothly at home! Saw the pictures! There awesome! Glad to see that you had Spanky's dad! you like it?? My address is 18A Riverview Crescent
                                                             Georgetown, ON        
                                                             L7G 3K3
I love the Spirit that is constantly around me when I study, teach, and ponder. I love the feeling I get when teach people about the gospel. Not only does it take my mind off home but it makes me want to do more. I'm working extremely hard and hope that we will see miracles in G town. Though it's hard right now, it only gets better from here. Getting lost in the work is a feeling I cannot describe. It's like that scripture that says how great will be your joy when you bring one soul unto me. I miss you guys sooooo much. I love you guys soooo much. Thanks dad for the email you sent me it really did help me out. I need stuff like that more. I want to tell you guys that i am not depressed though it may have seemed like it, i am just going through a hard time and it's different. The feelings that i have been getting are a lot like eighth grade when we first moved in! But I got through that trial, I'll will get through this one. I sure hope I'm not leaving anything out. Ohhh yeah, Do I have any solid big coats at home. It just has to be solid and conservative and I can wear it when it gets freezing. So send it up here so we can save 400 dollars! haha

I love you guys,

Elder Beddes 

SO hard to email everybody! Tell family and friends that I have no time! haha please send me mail saying what your thoughts are. Thanks so much momma...... I love you


  1. Great letter! I chuckled at his comments: the food is different- the money is different - mile are in kilometers - milk comes in bags!! LOL! I like salt and vinegar chips the best. Tell him he will have to try poutine - french fries, topped with motzeralla cheese and smothered in gravy! Yummy! Canada is diverse - more so than when and where I grew up. Thank you for sharing his letters! Aunt Sharon

    1. Change is hard, but he'll get use to it once he gets into a routine. I'll ask him about the poutine!