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Saturday, September 5, 2015

MTC September 5, 2015

Sept 5, 2015 (Email)

Dear Momma (And whoever you want to read this email),

I'm having such a great time at the MTC, I have learned so much and have grown in my spirituality, though I could not have done it without the Lord's help. In reality i am as the dust of the world in comparison with our loving Heavenly Father. I love this opportunity to be 100% humble and to have Christ work through me in bringing souls to him. This last week seemed so fast, probably because I have been enjoying the times I have had here with learning and with my group and companion. We had two teachers everyday, one in the morning and one at night. The morning one was Sister Harris, she's a bit cheesy when it comes to teaching almost to the point of me feeling uncomfortable but I still learn from her! The night teacher is Elder Mcginn, and he's probably the best teacher there is here. He is so cool, and I have learned so much from him. So I don't know If you know this Mom and Dad but Dallin H. Oaks talked to us last Sunday!! It only happens three times a year that an Apostle of the Lord comes and talks to us, and I'm truly blessed to have had him speak to us. He talked about how The Holy Ghost is such an essential role in our lives, especially teaching. He said two things that were really profound and that hit me hard. First he said that The Holy Ghost is the most important thing that we can have during this life. And as I thought about that, it really does make since because in order to learn more about our Savior and how he works and his teachings, the Holy Ghost needs to touch our hearts and testify to us that these things are true. That's why we need to be in tune with the spirit at all times because he can literally guide us throughout our lives. Second he said that we can't look past the needs of others. He told a story about how two missionaries were discussing to an investigator about the message they wanted to present to him or her, but the investigator brought up a completely different topic but instead the missionaries told what they wanted to tell and totally shut out her needs. This can apply to anything not just the people we teach but random people getting our of there comfort zone to try and seek peace and god's love. My companion is doing really well and he seems to enjoy the time he has had at the MTC but he can talk a lot more that's for sure! Tell the Larsen's thank you so much for the package that they sent me. That was so kind of Katelyn and tell her that I sent her a letter and she'll be receiving it soon. Thanks Dad for the tips, they definitely helped! I appreciated your guys's packages and letters that you sent me, it truly is heart warming reading them in bed after a hard day!! But NO PACKAGES TILL CHRISTMAS???? How am I going to survive momma??? hahaha I love you guys dearly and will be getting a call from me on monday so keep your phone close. Tell Gma (Berry) she will get my letter soon and tell her thank you so much and I loved it!! Tell Tara the same thing. You guys are in my prayers and will give you more info on the phone. 


Elder Beddes  

Thought of the week,

Watch "Bearing Our Burdens with Hope" on Mormon Messages. It's a beautiful video. I wish you would have checked your email from me three hours ago and responded! But I guess you guys are busy! I think about you guys often and love you so much. I've come a long way from day one at the MTC, and the support i'm getting from you guys is beyond kind so thank you. Momma, you can share with anybody you want on whatever you want. It's all up to you. Share my emails with Jakes parents and Chases though, I think you pretty much have been sharing with family so keep it up! Wish me luck in Toronto. 


Elder Beddes 

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