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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MTC September 1, 2015

Sept 1, 2015 (Handwritten)
Hey Guys, I'm going to try and write as small as possible to try and write to the each of you!
Thanks so much for thinking about me and writing me so many letters and sending me that package, I can't tell you how nice it is to get stuff from you guys after a long hard day! I feel loved and appreciated, so thank you. That last letter made me a little sad when you said Maleah was asking to see me at Harmon's! I hope she's doing alright. Grandma (Berry) sent me such a kind letter. I loved it! I'll be writing her soon. It's just so time consuming to write everybody especially with the mission rules being applied. Hopefully you get my emails today and have gotten my 2 letters that I have already sent. I hope everything is going alright at home! It's weird to think that we were just playing basketball! Jody sent me a nice letter too! Apparently she's sending me a package also so I can't wait! We have a daily schedule that we have to follow that consists of ton of classes so it can be very boring sometimes. I just need more breaks or something. Anyway, I love you very much and hope all is well.
Hey Dad I sure do miss you and it is weird not playing basketball and baseball with you! I always think about the times we played and how much fun we had. The food here is pretty good! They change it up everyday which is nice and the cafeteria area  is pretty nice. There's about 2200 missionaries at the MTC right now so I see a ton of people I don't know, but I'm making a ton of friends! I've seen and talked to Drew, Tyler, Tanner, Nate, Ethan and  Conner. Oh and I've seen Aubrey from our Ward too. Jake seems to be enjoying his time on his mission. You'll have to ask Mom to show you the email and pictures he just sent. The showers here are pretty good, they’re ghetto though. They're just individual showers but they have constant hot water. I get along so well with my companion! It can be a little frustrating when he doesn't say anything in  a discussion so I'm trying to ease him up a little bit. I love you Dad so much and think about you all the time. Write you later!
 Thanks so much for that awesome kind, long letter! Thoughtful of you! I sure hope all is well at High School because I know how hard it can be. It brought a lot stress to me and in the end of it all I really just hated school. But my attitude was awful, so I challenge you to have a better attitude than I did and your experience will be a ton better. Help Atom out a ton cause I can't imagine how tough it is for her  not knowing English or anybody, so be a constant friend to her! Also, high school work can be difficult! So don't procrastinate and you need to give it your all cause those grades determine what college you are going to and how much money you will spend out of your own pocket, so try your best to get the best of grades. My mission experience so far is great! I'm loving it! Doesn't mean it's not hard though! It's definitely taking me out of my comfort zone, but that's life. I love you and I'll talk to you soon.
Your handwriting isn't all that bad! I think you have better handwriting then I did when I was your age. You're also more athletic that I was when I was your age! So keep it up and you'll be so good that I won't be able to best you. MADE THE VOLLEYBALL TEAM! Wow! I had no doubt  you'd make it though. You're just too good. It's weird not getting my back scratched every day and not being able to spend time with you and it has kind of been sad at times. But it won't be long until I come back and you will be able to scratch me for a couple of hours! There has been one thing that has been on my mind when writing you and that is how much M looks up to you. You are her big sister and she needs you! You need to be a good example to her cause in this part of her life she's learning and she needs to follow someone who is nice and follows the commandments so you play a big role in her life. You are doing so good so far. Keep it up! Love you dearly.
M (have her try and read this)-
I love you so much! I hope you are doing good. I miss you a lot. I am learning so much here. I loved the picture you drew me. It looks so pretty! It is hanging up right next to my bed and I sleep with it! I hope you are being nice and sharing because that is what Jesus wants you to do. He loves you so much! I loved the letter that you sent me, That was so kind! I can use more letters and pictures from you sweet girl! I love them! If you are reading this, you are so smart! You are getting to be so grown up! I always think about you and all the adventures and games we used to play! I love you!
Your missionary brother

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