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Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 Getting Lost in the Work

Hey Family!!

I'm doing much better! Your emails have helped me a ton and I know you guys are supporting me fully! I recongnized that I was being a little selfish my first week. I wanted to feel comfortable, I wanted to feel loved, I wanted everything to go the way I wanted it to be, I wanted to have fun and I realized that joy doesn't come from that. It comes from other people and having them receive joy from the Gospel. I really wanted to get lost in the work this past week and I did just that! We did a lot of everything, Tracking, talking to Investigators, Potential Investigators, Members, Part member families, less actives, and return members! Lots of lessons and lots of talking. But I love it! I really have experienced joy and I am a ton less home sick. I have learned to look for the good in all things and to keep positive just like you said mom and dad. Your emails really did help me a lot. It's nice to have someone who has gone on a mission to know exactly how I feel about companions not being the same so I'm grateful for your words of encouragement! Mom thanks so much for giving me the encouragement also, those traits are exactly something that I need and I know that it can help me! I didn't realize that letters take that long to be shipped so tell everybody sorry for not replying to them last time. I'm not sure who is on that blog but thanks mom for making one and helping me out. I finally met the ward! Oh by the way i'm going to try and fit as much information as possible in this email! The ward is great, there is only like 60 people in the ward though! And it's pretty much covering all of Brampton which huge! The areas that the missionaries in my district cover are pretty big! Elder De Pieza, Elder Patrick, Elder Johnson, SIster Paxman, and Sister Anderson are all in my district. Elder De Pieza and Elder Patrick are zone leaders and they are pretty cool. Sister Paxman is new like me and I'm pretty sure she has a crush on me... which is really weird. Sister Anderson is almost done with her mission but she is awesome and a hard worker! We play badminton on wednsdays and saturday nights with whoever wants to come in the ward regardless if they are active or non active! It's ran by the second counselar Brother Neketia!! He's so awesome! He's so nice, he got fourth in the Olympics for Badminton. SO I look forward to badmintons nights cause I really enjoy the sport so much! Basketball saturday morning! Same applies to the people that come. IT is pretty much streetball in the gym HOLY!! They are not nice when it comes to fouls!! But if that's the way they want to play I'll play that way! ;) Bishop plays too, he's old but he's ok. I've gotten to know him a little bit more and am gaining a relationship with him. He's pretty cool! We have zone meetings on friday nights to go over the progress of each of our areas! The ward mission leader is so cool too!! We go over to his house and eat dinner and it's DELICIOUS!! He's from Trinidad and he's so nice! He was a convert in the Church and he's so cool! We have met a lot more people in the ward that I wish I could tell you about but it's to many. We've gone to dinners at peoples houses and I guess so far so good. We've had steak and potatoes. Rice and curry. and sandwiches and so on. The bad has been Brocolli casserole.... yuckkkkkkkkk yeah I didn't eat it. I didn't want the table covered in my puke, so I just had the rice that they provided. Georgetown is beautiful!! Theres a river that runs through it and it's amazing! Pretty ghetto town but I've learned to love it! Theres a downtown shopping street that's pretty cool when it's lit up at night. ON that street is a Fish n CHips place that a member owns so we go there once a week and he pays for us which is cool. I get chicken strips and french fries! Everything is so over prices here! It's crazy! I can't remember what I told you about the difference from this country and the US. But a big difference is the quantity of the food here. It's less and smaller. They have Tim Hortons which sooooo popular here. Ok whats next.... i'll talk about the people we are teaching. SO far we are working with Paul.
Paul is a cool man who is in is fifties. He works on old old cars in his garage. He has read the Book of Mormon but only reads it cause he likes the history in it. So we talked about the spiritual side of it. I told him to read and pray to know if it's true. I do most of the talking when it comes to discussion but Elder Johnson does his part. Paul has met with the Missionaries for awhile and he believes in God so we are working with him and how he can gain faith. So I turned to Alma 32 and we read how faith is like a seed. He gets so off track. I ask simple questions like Do you believe the Book of Mormon to be true? "Well, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, when I was a little lad......................... my father............................ I grew up....................... I've read the bible............................... and on and on and on, sometimes I find myself thinking about Charlie Brown when he's sitting in class and all he hears from the teacher is "wahh, wahh, wahh, wahhhhhhhh" SOOO was that a yes or a no paul??????? hahahaha!!! so we are working on that and I have learned to be extremely patient with him but I can see potential in him. 
Sister Hicks,
SHe was the only baptism this last year. She is a less active now. She has two little daughters that she basically raises herself cause her husband (which an investigator and not a member) works night shifts. She's so cool and nice and we go on walks with her often and we teach her the gospel. SHe's working on receiving her own endownment!!! Which is awesome, she's done baptisms for the dead in the past and she loved it. So we have been talking to her about the temple and she wants to recieve her own endownment which is superb!! IT's just as important as a baptism!! We are going to work on her husband charles and see what his deal is. SIster hicks says he believes but he has his negatives about the church so we are going to resolve them and hopefully see him to the waters of baptism. 
Brother Moody,
He is working on recieving his own endowment too!!!!!!!!!!! He is an awesome old man we just need to work with a little bit and how we can improve his church attendance. 
Joe Thistle,
Joe was someone that was in the stack of potentetial investigators! We went over to his house and he was sitting outside of his porch. He's a way cool man who was a boxer and a cop. He's retired now and he's looking for the good in the world cause he has seen a lot of bad so far. He is way humble and has been reading the bible and is way in tune with the spirit. He was telling a lot of stories about how he saw the bad in the world and all of his life he was searching for the good. SOme of his questions were Why isn't there prophets on the earth today? And we were like welll.... actuallly there is one! I'm like theres five things that we can come closer to Jesus Christ Joe. He asked what they were. I said well first is faith, and I'm like you have faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, don't you? He said oh yes I do. Second repentance. "Oh I've repented of my sins." And you can tell he was being honest and genioune by the conversation that we were having with him. He was being up front and honest. I'm like third is baptism. "I dont know what Baptism is." The Sister Missionaries asked me to be baptized but I didn't know what it was. Well Joe let me tell ya!! He has a sincere disire to be baptized!! So he's going to be baptized on October 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been meeting with him a lot lately and getting him prepared and he is doing really well! He is a stud and has found the True Church! and he knows that too! He is single and raaises his two daughters alone so we are going to try and get them in the waters of baptism too. 
There's a ton more but not as big as the ones that were stated. I see potential in each of them and are going to be working with them to have them recieve there next ordinance like Brother M, Sister H, and Joe T. I have never prayed this hard in my life than what I have been doing on my mission. I have put my full trust in him and blessings are being poured down on G town! People say it's one of the hardest areas in the mission, and it's tough but we have been trusting in God and have full faith in him and so far so good! Hooorah for Israel. I love you guys, thanks for the support so far. I can feel the power of your prayers, I really can. If you were to get one spiritual thing out of my email today, have it be prayer. Prayer is such a powerful tool. It's been tear jerking as I hear the prayers of investigators that Have never prayed in there lives and I see something in them. I see a snippet of God's love in the eyes of those who are finding the truth. 


Elder Beddes

Lost in the work

Chicken and Rice by Chef Beddes

Mulk in a bag!

Georgetown, Canada

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