Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015 God Truly Does Care

Momma a missionary?? WOW, yes I want to hear what you said!! I know that you have planted a seed in her heart and now knows what the true Gospel is all about! WAY TO GO!!! :0 man that makes me so happy!!! How did you feel after? I bet you felt what I have been feeling for the past month, it's such a great feeling. Lots have happened in the past week and I don't know If i'll be able to talk about everything! We have been teaching a ton lately! The goal for the whole mission is to teach twenty lessons a week to investigators, new converts, less active, and part members families, and returning members. Apparently the mission president had changed the way we do things around here one week before I had arrived. The end goal is to have 1000 baptisms a year. 20 baptisms a week! With the new key indicators I truly believe that it is possible. Before the changes we were getting an average of eight baptisms a week, so we are experimenting right now. Found out recently that a racoon was in my apartment three weeks ago when the sisters were living there. They left out a pizza and there was this huge hole in the wall that the raccoon came in! haha they ended up trapping it and now we sealed up the big hole. They apparently caught a rat too that was the size of a small cat! hahah I'm sending you guys a letter that has a little bit more detail about it. I've gotten a couple of letters from you momma, I think just the conference talks though. I gave one of them to Joe Thistle the man who wants to get baptized. It was the talk on why anyone would want to join our church. I told him to ignore your writing on the back haha. But it was a perfect talk to give him so I didn't pass up the opportunity to do so. Joe T missed the last couple times of church!! It's required to go to church the three times in a row before he can be baptised. And he skipped both of them. First was because he couldn't find it, and yesterday we don't know what happened. We went by in the morning before church to see if he was attending. so we knocked and he opened the door just a little bit just enough to see his eye ball, and he said that he was getting his two daughters ready, and we said ok sounds good see you at ten! haha and he slammed the door, pretty sure he was undressed but who knows. But he didn't go church yesterday!!!!!!! Sooooo bummed.... so our plan today is to bake him cookies and stop by and say we missed you. We feel like we are being annoying cause we text him and call him and stop by all the time, but he says he loves it. So who knows what the problem is. He's such a cool guy. He's single and he has a 12 and 14 year old daughters. He stopped smoking, and stopped drinking coffee. He's definitely on the right path that's for sure! He's golden, he really is going to be baptised. I told him earlier when we were meeting with him that it would be so cool if we were to baptise him in the river that is right next to us. I'll show you a picture. He doesn't know yet, but he said he will let us know. Some other people that we are working with are Mumtaj and Ravi. Mumtaj is a less active member and Ravi isn't a member. Ravi says that he believes in Jesus Christ but doesn't believe in God. Mumtaj didn't really speak at all and we don't know why. Their English is pretty bad and I really couldn't understand a word they were saying. hahaha it was kind of one of those discussions when you just smile and nod. haha Elder Johnson seemed to understand them pretty well because he has been working a lot around india people. Anyway he doesn't want to be baptised because he's afraid that his indian friends will make fun of him. He smokes and drinks with them and doesn't want to be let out of his friend circle. So we are going to work with them. They are so nice and want us over for dinner some time. Paul, paul is the guy who is really slow at responding. We challenged him two times ago to pray about the scriptures to know if they were true and he said he never got around to it. So I really stressed the importance of praying because he isn't really looking for the spiritual side of what he's reading but the historical side he is. We have a great discussion with him though in the garage everytime and they are usually an hour and a half! He said that he will pray about it for sure this time. Oh mumtaj and Ravi came to church last time!! WHHOOOO WHOOOO! haha Charles Moody, we are working with him and receiving his own endowment. He's a really kind guy and took us to lunch. he's going to the temple in two weeks! YEEESSSS!! Sister Hicks, we are working with her and receiving her own endowment also. she's going in the middle of october!!!!!! It's so nice to see these guys going to the temple after how much work we put into helping them. Michael Spenc, Michael is a less active. Apparently he was baptised at age 8 (but we don't know that for sure haha) so we are going to find out. He's really slow at responding. He's around the age of 30 and he lives alone in a really ghetto apartment. I think he has a mental disability because he talks like a child but can still support himself. He's soo kind though. I couldn't help but start crying when I was talking to him about the restoration and prayer and how god loves him. It was all new news to him and you can tell that he was really interested in how God loves him. So the lesson took a detour and we talked about how we are here as guides and friends and you can just tell that he was so suprised that we wanted to become friends with him and how god knows him and loves him. He's a very lonely guy, and for me to talk to him about God and how he loves him and how we are here to love and care for him is the exact reason why I am on a mission. To have people know that God truly cares about you despite the loneliness you may feel at times. I truly care and love this guy so much because he is close to having nothing. GOD TRULY DOES CARE, that was the thought that was going through my head when I was talking to this gentle man who was looking for someone to come to him and talk about this gospel. I could see the eyes of my savior when I was talking to Michael, and the love in which the Savior has for him. It's a beautiful thing! We've had families ask us over for dinner. We average about three dinners with people a week. And yes dad I help with dishes! ;) But they always stop me. It's like illegal or something for me to do it despite me saying I promised my family I would do it. I try to help everybody and ask what I can do for them. hahahaha oh man you are going to love what I am about to say in the next couple of lines. :) Food that I like now: Coconut, sour sop, Tilipia(fish), Fajitas, plantanes, pie, and corn!! hahah just kidding about the corn. But amazing huh? Gift of tongues i'd say. ;) Brother Ayers has us over for dinner every friday and we have the most weird and exoctic stuff! haha it's an adventure! Back to Joe T, we wanted to have baptism at the 17th but i don't know if that'll happen. He will have to go to the next three church days but we are hoping and praying that he will. I have fasted many times for these people and have found success and little miracles happening. I will talk to you more about the other people that I have been working with in the next letter or email. I'm sending you guys a letter tomorrow so be expecting it. It takes about four or five days to ship. I haven't gotten the package yet.
Something that had the most impact on me this week:
"Each step forward always carries risks. We might trip, but if we don't take the step, we stay in the same place, and maybe Heavens around the corner. If you trip, you can get up, dust off your knees, and take another step. Change is hard, but it's the only way we progress." - Grandma Berry

I love you guys so much, I think of you guys and the memories that we have had. Remember to be kind to one another, to have other people in your thoughts. 


Elder Beddes 

One more thought and this is from my Loving Aunt Jeridawn-
"Years later, I realized how much this relationship is like our Savior's relationship with us. He trusts us and knows how great we can be and even when we pound our fists and swear we are not good enough, He does not take no for an answer. And even when we miserably fall on our faces, He knows we can be better. He wants us to just keep getting up and keep trying because He trusts us and He sees just how much potential we have. Even though we cannot even begin to fathom our true potential—He does! And so He keeps pushing us and loving us and encouraging us." Tell her how profound I thought that was and tell her how I love her. She's such an amazing person.

Ask father to make me a work out routine that I can do inside the house. And I will follow it. ;) Gotta go, talk to you next week. The only advice I can give to you regarding your friend who wants to know about the church is to bare your testimony. your testimony momma is like thunder from the skies. it does things to people that make them want to learn more about the gospel and to experience the same joy in which you feel. Keep praying at night. I encourage you to pray with dad, kneeling down like he does. I sometimes had the opportunity to pray with the Mordue's. They would kneel together in a circle holding hands, and it was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. Just a thought though ;) 

Love you more than anything,

Elder Beddes
M's picture

'One of the streets in Georgetown"

Downtown Georgetown

Georgetown river

'We go to this fish and chips place every Wednesday 
and the owner takes our tab!! sweet guy!'

"Georgetown kind of reminds me of Kansas"

Elder K from the MTC

September 27, 2015 Sister Fischer's comments/pictures

Sis. Beddes,

My name is Sis. Fischer and I had the privilege of having your son over for dinner. He is a part of our ward and he's a wonderful missionary. He bore his testimony to us tonight. He is a wonderful young man who's working hard by serving The Lord and our ward.
Thank you for sharing him with us.

Sis. Fischer

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 Getting Lost in the Work

Hey Family!!

I'm doing much better! Your emails have helped me a ton and I know you guys are supporting me fully! I recongnized that I was being a little selfish my first week. I wanted to feel comfortable, I wanted to feel loved, I wanted everything to go the way I wanted it to be, I wanted to have fun and I realized that joy doesn't come from that. It comes from other people and having them receive joy from the Gospel. I really wanted to get lost in the work this past week and I did just that! We did a lot of everything, Tracking, talking to Investigators, Potential Investigators, Members, Part member families, less actives, and return members! Lots of lessons and lots of talking. But I love it! I really have experienced joy and I am a ton less home sick. I have learned to look for the good in all things and to keep positive just like you said mom and dad. Your emails really did help me a lot. It's nice to have someone who has gone on a mission to know exactly how I feel about companions not being the same so I'm grateful for your words of encouragement! Mom thanks so much for giving me the encouragement also, those traits are exactly something that I need and I know that it can help me! I didn't realize that letters take that long to be shipped so tell everybody sorry for not replying to them last time. I'm not sure who is on that blog but thanks mom for making one and helping me out. I finally met the ward! Oh by the way i'm going to try and fit as much information as possible in this email! The ward is great, there is only like 60 people in the ward though! And it's pretty much covering all of Brampton which huge! The areas that the missionaries in my district cover are pretty big! Elder De Pieza, Elder Patrick, Elder Johnson, SIster Paxman, and Sister Anderson are all in my district. Elder De Pieza and Elder Patrick are zone leaders and they are pretty cool. Sister Paxman is new like me and I'm pretty sure she has a crush on me... which is really weird. Sister Anderson is almost done with her mission but she is awesome and a hard worker! We play badminton on wednsdays and saturday nights with whoever wants to come in the ward regardless if they are active or non active! It's ran by the second counselar Brother Neketia!! He's so awesome! He's so nice, he got fourth in the Olympics for Badminton. SO I look forward to badmintons nights cause I really enjoy the sport so much! Basketball saturday morning! Same applies to the people that come. IT is pretty much streetball in the gym HOLY!! They are not nice when it comes to fouls!! But if that's the way they want to play I'll play that way! ;) Bishop plays too, he's old but he's ok. I've gotten to know him a little bit more and am gaining a relationship with him. He's pretty cool! We have zone meetings on friday nights to go over the progress of each of our areas! The ward mission leader is so cool too!! We go over to his house and eat dinner and it's DELICIOUS!! He's from Trinidad and he's so nice! He was a convert in the Church and he's so cool! We have met a lot more people in the ward that I wish I could tell you about but it's to many. We've gone to dinners at peoples houses and I guess so far so good. We've had steak and potatoes. Rice and curry. and sandwiches and so on. The bad has been Brocolli casserole.... yuckkkkkkkkk yeah I didn't eat it. I didn't want the table covered in my puke, so I just had the rice that they provided. Georgetown is beautiful!! Theres a river that runs through it and it's amazing! Pretty ghetto town but I've learned to love it! Theres a downtown shopping street that's pretty cool when it's lit up at night. ON that street is a Fish n CHips place that a member owns so we go there once a week and he pays for us which is cool. I get chicken strips and french fries! Everything is so over prices here! It's crazy! I can't remember what I told you about the difference from this country and the US. But a big difference is the quantity of the food here. It's less and smaller. They have Tim Hortons which sooooo popular here. Ok whats next.... i'll talk about the people we are teaching. SO far we are working with Paul.
Paul is a cool man who is in is fifties. He works on old old cars in his garage. He has read the Book of Mormon but only reads it cause he likes the history in it. So we talked about the spiritual side of it. I told him to read and pray to know if it's true. I do most of the talking when it comes to discussion but Elder Johnson does his part. Paul has met with the Missionaries for awhile and he believes in God so we are working with him and how he can gain faith. So I turned to Alma 32 and we read how faith is like a seed. He gets so off track. I ask simple questions like Do you believe the Book of Mormon to be true? "Well, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, when I was a little lad......................... my father............................ I grew up....................... I've read the bible............................... and on and on and on, sometimes I find myself thinking about Charlie Brown when he's sitting in class and all he hears from the teacher is "wahh, wahh, wahh, wahhhhhhhh" SOOO was that a yes or a no paul??????? hahahaha!!! so we are working on that and I have learned to be extremely patient with him but I can see potential in him. 
Sister Hicks,
SHe was the only baptism this last year. She is a less active now. She has two little daughters that she basically raises herself cause her husband (which an investigator and not a member) works night shifts. She's so cool and nice and we go on walks with her often and we teach her the gospel. SHe's working on receiving her own endownment!!! Which is awesome, she's done baptisms for the dead in the past and she loved it. So we have been talking to her about the temple and she wants to recieve her own endownment which is superb!! IT's just as important as a baptism!! We are going to work on her husband charles and see what his deal is. SIster hicks says he believes but he has his negatives about the church so we are going to resolve them and hopefully see him to the waters of baptism. 
Brother Moody,
He is working on recieving his own endowment too!!!!!!!!!!! He is an awesome old man we just need to work with a little bit and how we can improve his church attendance. 
Joe Thistle,
Joe was someone that was in the stack of potentetial investigators! We went over to his house and he was sitting outside of his porch. He's a way cool man who was a boxer and a cop. He's retired now and he's looking for the good in the world cause he has seen a lot of bad so far. He is way humble and has been reading the bible and is way in tune with the spirit. He was telling a lot of stories about how he saw the bad in the world and all of his life he was searching for the good. SOme of his questions were Why isn't there prophets on the earth today? And we were like welll.... actuallly there is one! I'm like theres five things that we can come closer to Jesus Christ Joe. He asked what they were. I said well first is faith, and I'm like you have faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, don't you? He said oh yes I do. Second repentance. "Oh I've repented of my sins." And you can tell he was being honest and genioune by the conversation that we were having with him. He was being up front and honest. I'm like third is baptism. "I dont know what Baptism is." The Sister Missionaries asked me to be baptized but I didn't know what it was. Well Joe let me tell ya!! He has a sincere disire to be baptized!! So he's going to be baptized on October 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been meeting with him a lot lately and getting him prepared and he is doing really well! He is a stud and has found the True Church! and he knows that too! He is single and raaises his two daughters alone so we are going to try and get them in the waters of baptism too. 
There's a ton more but not as big as the ones that were stated. I see potential in each of them and are going to be working with them to have them recieve there next ordinance like Brother M, Sister H, and Joe T. I have never prayed this hard in my life than what I have been doing on my mission. I have put my full trust in him and blessings are being poured down on G town! People say it's one of the hardest areas in the mission, and it's tough but we have been trusting in God and have full faith in him and so far so good! Hooorah for Israel. I love you guys, thanks for the support so far. I can feel the power of your prayers, I really can. If you were to get one spiritual thing out of my email today, have it be prayer. Prayer is such a powerful tool. It's been tear jerking as I hear the prayers of investigators that Have never prayed in there lives and I see something in them. I see a snippet of God's love in the eyes of those who are finding the truth. 


Elder Beddes

Lost in the work

Chicken and Rice by Chef Beddes

Mulk in a bag!

Georgetown, Canada

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015 Adjustment

Well hello Beddes Family!

Let me tell you, it has been a big week haha. Lots have happened and i'm going to try and email all of it but If I don't... don't get mad at me! So had to say goodbye to Elder Kohl. He was such an awesome guy we got a long so well! We read on the airplane together and just talked about the mission and what are companions are going to be like. We both assumed that the companion that we are about to get is going to be a challenging one because God blessed us with a great one in the mtc. And sure enough we were on the right track haha! My new companion is Elder Johnson. He's nothing like me haha and our personalities are completely different. It's been hard, i'll be honest. I mean i've been trying to have a good attitude about all things but i find myself a little homesick. Everything is different, it's so diverse here! Tons of people from india walk around the streets and i've met so many people that have a different race! It's interesting and i'm going to be pretty good at understanding people and the way they talk by the end of my mission haha! The food is different. There are stores and restaurants that I haven't even heard of! The majority of it actually is different. The money is different and the they don't do miles here they do kilometers! The sizing of food is less than the US! Milk comes in bags here which is really strange. The candy is a lot different, lots of different types of cadbury candy here that you would like dad! I'll have to send you some of the stuff! Ketchup chips... which are actually kind of good! It's been a bit lonely, i mean me and my companion talk but we're are nothing a like. We get a long just fine though and we both work really hard! The apartment is so ghetto! haha but it's a place to sleep and shelter right!? Another reason it's been so hard is becasue we were white washed into the area. Oh by the way, i'm serving in Georgetown!! It's a little town outside of Brampton! Really pretty place can't wait to show you pictures. Anyway, white washed means that the companionship before us that served in Georgetown didn't get a long and they had to be split and sent to a different area. And all we were left with was a note on a mirror saying goodluck and we trust in you Elders! haha so we didn't get any information really about the area of the people. So we are starting from scratch. Haven't met the ward really yet cause we had Stake Conference yesterday. But I have met with a couple of members there and they are way nice! I'll try and talk about a couple of them. Brother Nketiaha is from Africa I believe and he's way cool. He was Fourth in the Olympics in Badminton! haha so we play with him two days a week at the gym in the church. We've been invited over for dinner a couple of times by families, and i've enjoyed their food so far! Way nice people! I don't know how I feel about Bishop, he's definitely more of a serious guy that a laid back mellow guy like Bishop Larsen so we'll see how that goes. We have three companionship's altogether in the Brampton Zone. And they are pretty cool I guess.. i'm trying to get to know them better but I think everything will turn out the way I like it. The first day I went to Georgetown I wanted to go by some Investigators so we went by one and he let us in. We had a pretty good discussion about the Book of Mormon, I did most of the talking which was pretty cool but I want my companion to talk a lot more. He's cheezy, which really gets me annoyed but God's sent him to me for a reason. We've been talking to less active families and recent converts and investigators all of last week. Good practice! I've learned that baptisms are important but not as important as people stress them to be, In the Toronto Mission it's all about getting that person to their next ordinance and that's just as important as a baptism! So we are working more with recent converts and less actives rather than investigators. Also we look for referrals. The mission is doing this thing where we ask for referrals from families and that seems to bring most successful in the past to bring people into the waters of baptism. It's like a 1/7 chance that the referrals that people tell us will be baptized rather than the 1/50 chance of people being baptized by just tracking. So there won't be as much tracking but more teaching the families. I don't think i've ever ridden in a car so much in my life in the past week! We drive everywhere for everything! We have the most cars in our mission than any other missions out there! I think it's like 80 cars in the Toronto mission! It's pretty cool but i have to stand outside everytime Elder Johnson backs up so it's annoying. I've been home sick. Not as bad as you think though. It's just all of the changes that have been happening to me lately. I just want you guys to know how hard it is to leave you guys after growing up together and being so close. It's such a sacrifice. I find myself thinking about home and you guys often and brings me down. I was playing basketball with some less actives and it just reminded me of playing with mom and dad on the court and how much fun we had together. I think about the sisters often. Can you please tell M why i'm out here. I don't want her confuse cause I can't tell you how hard it is to leave a young sister for two years. So i haven't had the same appetite lately but i haven't been sick which is good. I haven't had a good laugh and really haven't been able to be myself lately which has been a real let down. Got any tips? Elder Johnson said that it's normal to be homesick for the first couple of weeks, but he said that I'm handling it well cause other missionaries get so depressed. So I just want to tell you guys how much I love you and how hard it is to you leave you, but I'm doing it because other families need to be as close as we are out here in Georgetown. Another part of our area is Acton! So beautiful, tons of trees! Look both these places up on google maps! I felt like I was in the wilderness when tracking and driving in Acton! Haha i have found that when I am getting lost in the work all of my home sickness goes away and though I still think about you guys i'm not sad. So i'm trying hard to get lost in it. We have had pretty good success so far. We have lots of appointments this coming week with three new investigators!! And more appointments with less actives and recent converts and so on! So we are working so hard! Elder Johnson and I are becoming better friends and we get along just fine so don't worry about that. I could use some confidence boosts from you guys though! I love the letters and emails that you send me so keep them positive! I love my mission so far and it's requiring a ton of work! In a way I think i'm learning more than any others missionary has in the first week out because of all of the new things that have been happening and the white wash! I'm being humble and trying to be like clay in the hands of the potter-er. Oh by the way, thanks momma for the quotes in my shirts! I love them! Glad to hear that everything is going smoothly at home! Saw the pictures! There awesome! Glad to see that you had Spanky's dad! you like it?? My address is 18A Riverview Crescent
                                                             Georgetown, ON        
                                                             L7G 3K3
I love the Spirit that is constantly around me when I study, teach, and ponder. I love the feeling I get when teach people about the gospel. Not only does it take my mind off home but it makes me want to do more. I'm working extremely hard and hope that we will see miracles in G town. Though it's hard right now, it only gets better from here. Getting lost in the work is a feeling I cannot describe. It's like that scripture that says how great will be your joy when you bring one soul unto me. I miss you guys sooooo much. I love you guys soooo much. Thanks dad for the email you sent me it really did help me out. I need stuff like that more. I want to tell you guys that i am not depressed though it may have seemed like it, i am just going through a hard time and it's different. The feelings that i have been getting are a lot like eighth grade when we first moved in! But I got through that trial, I'll will get through this one. I sure hope I'm not leaving anything out. Ohhh yeah, Do I have any solid big coats at home. It just has to be solid and conservative and I can wear it when it gets freezing. So send it up here so we can save 400 dollars! haha

I love you guys,

Elder Beddes 

SO hard to email everybody! Tell family and friends that I have no time! haha please send me mail saying what your thoughts are. Thanks so much momma...... I love you

Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015 Transfer to Toronto, Canada, Labor Day

Colten and his roommates overslept! They were suppose to catch an early morning bus to the airport at 430 am and at 445 the intercom came on asking the Toronto, Canada missionaries to call the office. Luckily they were all packed, so they ran down to the waiting bus. They had plenty of time once at the airport. We were able to talk to Colten during his layover in Minnesota (where a nice, kind man bought them lunch and shared his phone). It was so good to hear Colten's voice and chat! We sure miss that boy! He's doing great and loved the MTC, but he's so ready to serve the people of Canada!

Brother Manual Martinez buying lunch and sharing his phone at the airport.

Mission President and his wife

Saturday, September 5, 2015

MTC September 5, 2015

Sept 5, 2015 (Email)

Dear Momma (And whoever you want to read this email),

I'm having such a great time at the MTC, I have learned so much and have grown in my spirituality, though I could not have done it without the Lord's help. In reality i am as the dust of the world in comparison with our loving Heavenly Father. I love this opportunity to be 100% humble and to have Christ work through me in bringing souls to him. This last week seemed so fast, probably because I have been enjoying the times I have had here with learning and with my group and companion. We had two teachers everyday, one in the morning and one at night. The morning one was Sister Harris, she's a bit cheesy when it comes to teaching almost to the point of me feeling uncomfortable but I still learn from her! The night teacher is Elder Mcginn, and he's probably the best teacher there is here. He is so cool, and I have learned so much from him. So I don't know If you know this Mom and Dad but Dallin H. Oaks talked to us last Sunday!! It only happens three times a year that an Apostle of the Lord comes and talks to us, and I'm truly blessed to have had him speak to us. He talked about how The Holy Ghost is such an essential role in our lives, especially teaching. He said two things that were really profound and that hit me hard. First he said that The Holy Ghost is the most important thing that we can have during this life. And as I thought about that, it really does make since because in order to learn more about our Savior and how he works and his teachings, the Holy Ghost needs to touch our hearts and testify to us that these things are true. That's why we need to be in tune with the spirit at all times because he can literally guide us throughout our lives. Second he said that we can't look past the needs of others. He told a story about how two missionaries were discussing to an investigator about the message they wanted to present to him or her, but the investigator brought up a completely different topic but instead the missionaries told what they wanted to tell and totally shut out her needs. This can apply to anything not just the people we teach but random people getting our of there comfort zone to try and seek peace and god's love. My companion is doing really well and he seems to enjoy the time he has had at the MTC but he can talk a lot more that's for sure! Tell the Larsen's thank you so much for the package that they sent me. That was so kind of Katelyn and tell her that I sent her a letter and she'll be receiving it soon. Thanks Dad for the tips, they definitely helped! I appreciated your guys's packages and letters that you sent me, it truly is heart warming reading them in bed after a hard day!! But NO PACKAGES TILL CHRISTMAS???? How am I going to survive momma??? hahaha I love you guys dearly and will be getting a call from me on monday so keep your phone close. Tell Gma (Berry) she will get my letter soon and tell her thank you so much and I loved it!! Tell Tara the same thing. You guys are in my prayers and will give you more info on the phone. 


Elder Beddes  

Thought of the week,

Watch "Bearing Our Burdens with Hope" on Mormon Messages. It's a beautiful video. I wish you would have checked your email from me three hours ago and responded! But I guess you guys are busy! I think about you guys often and love you so much. I've come a long way from day one at the MTC, and the support i'm getting from you guys is beyond kind so thank you. Momma, you can share with anybody you want on whatever you want. It's all up to you. Share my emails with Jakes parents and Chases though, I think you pretty much have been sharing with family so keep it up! Wish me luck in Toronto. 


Elder Beddes 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MTC September 1, 2015

Sept 1, 2015 (Handwritten)
Hey Guys, I'm going to try and write as small as possible to try and write to the each of you!
Thanks so much for thinking about me and writing me so many letters and sending me that package, I can't tell you how nice it is to get stuff from you guys after a long hard day! I feel loved and appreciated, so thank you. That last letter made me a little sad when you said Maleah was asking to see me at Harmon's! I hope she's doing alright. Grandma (Berry) sent me such a kind letter. I loved it! I'll be writing her soon. It's just so time consuming to write everybody especially with the mission rules being applied. Hopefully you get my emails today and have gotten my 2 letters that I have already sent. I hope everything is going alright at home! It's weird to think that we were just playing basketball! Jody sent me a nice letter too! Apparently she's sending me a package also so I can't wait! We have a daily schedule that we have to follow that consists of ton of classes so it can be very boring sometimes. I just need more breaks or something. Anyway, I love you very much and hope all is well.
Hey Dad I sure do miss you and it is weird not playing basketball and baseball with you! I always think about the times we played and how much fun we had. The food here is pretty good! They change it up everyday which is nice and the cafeteria area  is pretty nice. There's about 2200 missionaries at the MTC right now so I see a ton of people I don't know, but I'm making a ton of friends! I've seen and talked to Drew, Tyler, Tanner, Nate, Ethan and  Conner. Oh and I've seen Aubrey from our Ward too. Jake seems to be enjoying his time on his mission. You'll have to ask Mom to show you the email and pictures he just sent. The showers here are pretty good, they’re ghetto though. They're just individual showers but they have constant hot water. I get along so well with my companion! It can be a little frustrating when he doesn't say anything in  a discussion so I'm trying to ease him up a little bit. I love you Dad so much and think about you all the time. Write you later!
 Thanks so much for that awesome kind, long letter! Thoughtful of you! I sure hope all is well at High School because I know how hard it can be. It brought a lot stress to me and in the end of it all I really just hated school. But my attitude was awful, so I challenge you to have a better attitude than I did and your experience will be a ton better. Help Atom out a ton cause I can't imagine how tough it is for her  not knowing English or anybody, so be a constant friend to her! Also, high school work can be difficult! So don't procrastinate and you need to give it your all cause those grades determine what college you are going to and how much money you will spend out of your own pocket, so try your best to get the best of grades. My mission experience so far is great! I'm loving it! Doesn't mean it's not hard though! It's definitely taking me out of my comfort zone, but that's life. I love you and I'll talk to you soon.
Your handwriting isn't all that bad! I think you have better handwriting then I did when I was your age. You're also more athletic that I was when I was your age! So keep it up and you'll be so good that I won't be able to best you. MADE THE VOLLEYBALL TEAM! Wow! I had no doubt  you'd make it though. You're just too good. It's weird not getting my back scratched every day and not being able to spend time with you and it has kind of been sad at times. But it won't be long until I come back and you will be able to scratch me for a couple of hours! There has been one thing that has been on my mind when writing you and that is how much M looks up to you. You are her big sister and she needs you! You need to be a good example to her cause in this part of her life she's learning and she needs to follow someone who is nice and follows the commandments so you play a big role in her life. You are doing so good so far. Keep it up! Love you dearly.
M (have her try and read this)-
I love you so much! I hope you are doing good. I miss you a lot. I am learning so much here. I loved the picture you drew me. It looks so pretty! It is hanging up right next to my bed and I sleep with it! I hope you are being nice and sharing because that is what Jesus wants you to do. He loves you so much! I loved the letter that you sent me, That was so kind! I can use more letters and pictures from you sweet girl! I love them! If you are reading this, you are so smart! You are getting to be so grown up! I always think about you and all the adventures and games we used to play! I love you!
Your missionary brother